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11/November/2010 | Feeling Lucky, Holiday, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts



OS: this above pic is a wallpaper for fans of AR, pls click on to the thumbnail to view in full HD size.



IF you are not regular facebooker or twitter user, u have not been following my updates on those social media sites. you might not know about this.. but u might have already read it from somewhere, like i-weekily, or the news paper or zaobao… and other mags/papers. i m proud to say…
i am a butler for this year’s AFAX event!
along with 4 other absolute charming young men.
above were the their short intros, and mine. five of us will be in suits and tuxedos this is Japanese theme cafe, which will serving light refreshments and some light dishes, and to our customers, who will be addressing all of them as “my lord” and “my lady”. yes, i will be yours own private servant for approximately an hour.
this is huge chance for those readers who been wanting to meet me in person. cos this is 1st time, i m engaging in such a public event, which will meet all of you in person, so you all could satisfied your curiosity, how i really look in person. haha! its 1st time in history! ( 4 years of blogging la )
not only that, u could take pics with me, get them printed and keep them! instantly~~
and those readers who been following me up for years… here’s a token of appreciation! me as your personal giant poster and ezlink flash nets card!!! i can be in your wallet! how cool right! i m super excited too! i will autograph them as well!!
so bring yourself and your best girl frens, to treated like a princess or a queen, this coming sat and sun!


more imformation or for ticket booking,

check out AFA X official site:




don’t miss this chance for u and me to come to face to face!
here’s some pics taken during our butler’s photoshoot! just one or two, to view the entire album of hightlights and behind the scene photos
view them @

atelier royale’s facebook page:

not only that, also many of  our training session pics are in that page as well!

&& atelier royale’s official site:




cute pics taken during private party with the maid’s cafe girls and AR’s boys! check out the maids’ blog post on the party…

miyake’s blog post on the event:

&& jasmine’s blog post on the event:

i dun have pics that i took during the event. rmb, i lost my memory card? =(




check out our sibling cafe, the MMK maid’s cafe!
here’s the pretty and kawaii maids:


here’s their official site :


MMK maids cafe’s official facebook page :




BEFORE i go, here’s a live interivew with the 5 butlers! i m inside too!!! click to stream!
気をつける, see you all this coming weekend! =)




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7 thoughts on “-アトリエ.ロワイヤル~公爵夫人の執事~”

Kristin | November 11, 2010

You are the most outstanding ones among the rest =D

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doreen | November 16, 2010

Stumbled upon your site from someone’s. You truly have talent in photography and photoshopping. And you look…….very manga-ish. Anyway, I am sure you will go a long way (^_^)

jonas | November 16, 2010

Omg!! I saw yutakis james!!!!! Guess what? I was there!! The afa x butler cafe q was super long!!!! Ridiculous! Like the attraction of the whole event!!! I heard all the girls screech in low volume, whenever yutaki look out or he peek out!!! Gosh, he is so much better than wad I imagine u look like in real life!!! I always tot his pics were overly photoshopped, but no, he look the same, and even better cos he is mad tall!! Like 190? Gosh!!! He is the attention of the whole butler cafe, all the girls seems to know his name, gossiping non stop, even know where he live or study!!!!!

And all the girls all trying hard to be as normal when they are inside, cos a few girls was so excited when they were q ing, but once entered, they so quiet!!! Gosh, me and my gf was super shocked to see yutaki!! in person!!!! But too bad, I got serve by haru, sorry, other butlers are not even worthy mention, its japanese animation theme butler cafe for god sake, why choose those who dun even look japanese and walked out from manga? They all soso average singaporean looking, only yutaki look like a real life walking boy sd doll!!!! We love u!!!

kaitlin | December 1, 2010

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

X | December 5, 2010

Irrelevant to the entry but, do you realise that you’ve always spelt Lena Fujii’s name wrongly?
Its Lena Fujii not Lena Fuji…

Werner | March 17, 2012

Thx alot for the guide and also thx to Neville, I had the same problem as you did and formatting the RAW hard drive in the command prompt before copying the installation files solved it. Now it all works perfectly

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