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18/March/2011 | A Little More Personal





here are some preview pics! for upcoming posts!! major! sorry, i m flying off again in 1 day time! so i m again kinda rush, gotta rush out to get the instant mini films!! yeeah!!! if u guys do not know, i tweet many times that i will be going to paris!! also rome & venice! so, see u guys in apirl wish me nothing but camwhore luck! so i will be back with crazy loads of chio pics!!! miss ya all! take care!


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2 thoughts on “-プレビュー”

Nani | March 18, 2011

WOAHH you are SOO photogenic! : D I’m excited for Miyake to publish HER photos too! You guys are so pretty! D:

candice | March 21, 2011

what camera are you using here?

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