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-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語

11/January/2012 | Daily Things, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain, Welcome To My World


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ヽ@(^ェ^*)@ノ☆.。.:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.。.☆ヽ@(*^ェ^)@ノ
(i know i m 11 days late)
Omg…. its already 2012, ( we are all gonna die!!! the 12/12/12 apocalypse!! lol) In a blink of an eye, 2011 is gone!!! It seem so short, yet i accomplished many important dreams in this year. one of the major thing was i finally visited Paris, graduated from poly, after 4.5years of studies in Republic Poly, i could hear the school wanna get rid of me badly already. lol.
also travel alot in 2011, went to 7 different places, yet i only blog about 2 places… yes, i m such a scumbag blogger. 
I also finally fulfilled one of my biggest dream in 2011, not gonna share now, maybe i will, in the future, maybe not… still considering.. but i tell u! its a life changing experience, where i put my life at risk!! now that i think about it. i wonder where all that guts all came from? i m such pussy that i even close my eyes during roller coaster rides, i was a huge laughing stock of kaykay, miyake and sandy ever since we visited USS (Universal studio).
actually there’s a biggest announcement i wanna make in this blog post:
i wanna come back to blogsphere.
thou i never left, just really really inactive, i miss the attention, the encouraging comments, the readers. if u follow my blog long enough, u should know i used to be someone who blog a lot, like really a lot.. i still remember i used to have a lot of blog comments, i interact with my readers. blogging was never all about posting my uber unrealistic narcissistic pics back then. I rmb i blog about my ceebee failure relationships, complain about my studies (always not working out. lol  likewhenitdidworkedout? ) b*tch about my friends who betrayed me… also! if u really follow long enough… i used blog A LOT ABOUT…
yes, britney spears!!!
do you even remember? i felt really regret as i am sure aware that i already lost ALL my loyal readers with my half f*ck blogging attitude, no reply on comments…one pic updates — what was i thinking? 
what really spark me into wanting to be back actively in the blogsphere was i see a lot new face bloggers.. they blog everyday! 2 to 3 posts a day! that seriously reminds of myself when i was younger… poly year 1, full of blogging passion… now i even felt ashamed to be introduced as a blogger… cos i clearly aware that my blog is so so so neglected and i put in no efforts..
i rarely pour my true emotions on this blog anymore, maybe on or even yes.. i do. but here, u know, just my face in HD at different outfits and angles. lol.

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i wanna confess.. what really made me gave up on blogging… (being lazy was a lie) i was taken a back becos i lose in that OMY blog awards, 2 years in a row and the 3rd year, i wasn’t even nominated…  (●´・△・`)はぁ〜  i was not devastated, not heart broken either… just felt my efforts wasn’t recognized.
i was disappointed with myself. “was i not good enough?” “how come they win?” (did they pay the judge? tsk, if so, i should have too. lol) my passion for blogging burns out when i lose… if you have notice, my blog wasn’t properly updated ever since…
This is my proper apology to my loyal readers, those i used to have back then… those who rush back home from school just to check out my updates, those who will refresh my page everyday to look out for updates, those who followed me through the 5 years of blogging, those who didn’t gave up on me (also to those who did gave up on me)… i m so sorry that i gave up on you guys….
i failed to realised that you guys are the best recognition, far better than that stupid award. sorry i took 1 year to realised that.. m( ̄− ̄)m ゴメン i will blog as if i m a newbie, a hardworking one. win back my loyal readers one at a time.

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In this korea blog post, i wanna mention briefly about my friendship in 2011.. i dont want this blog post to be an old yutakis style picture spam. like it or not, i m gonna write, a lot. yes, my english is still f*ck up. yes f*ck you very much, i will still continue to blah blah blah with my broken english.
in the year of 2011, i lost a few important friends… that few matters a lot to me, as you know, i m always single, friends are a single man’s everything… but in return i did gain a few new friends… like kaykay and miyake.
One of which was one pretty close friend of mine, let me name her as N. ok. N and i are really close at certain point of time, like phone call every night, she will tell me all her relationship problems, i will tell silly jokes to make her lol non stop. meet up every week. but slowly her career took off, she become more famous than she already is… she didn’t forget me at all. just that maybe her priority changed or she is too busy, she’s flying everywhere.. and 40% of the time she wasn’t in singpaore. the distance between us drew bigger. misunderstandings occurred, especially when i made new friends. i dont wanna go into details how we flip face. cos it will made her look bad…
but when all that anger and hatred cool down after few months after that big drama. i started thinking… is it worth it? that one little misunderstanding caused the entire boat to sink… really worth it? honestly no.
But there’s nothing i could do about it. cos we both know each other well, once enemy, its really hard for us to be friends ever again. honestly i missed her somehow. as i value every single friend i have, even if we end things ugly. but the friendship we had was true, we had more good memories together than the bad ones.
I am never a person who bare grudge forever.. frankly speaking i despise people who f*ck friends off easily, like as if friends are disposable… unless its really a horrible friend la… or else i dont see why you cant give that friend, whom you had good times with a second chance.
this is a huge lesson for me to learn, never make decisions purely based on other’s influence or when you are angry. u will be sibei regret later.


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We met one of my reader in korea, she is Eda! omg…. how fortunate i was to meet her! she’s like a life saver, without her, i think we will die!
she brought us to the BEST camwhore spots in korea, best local food, bargain non stop for us…! cant believe i had such a fantastic n helpful reader in korea! she’s Singaporean btw but studying in korea. i just totally love her.

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We had a small birthday celebration for miyake at this kawaii madness cafe with Eda.. we got there at the very last stop of the day, we were totally exhausted…. or else, do u think u will just see so little pics of me and miyake? obviously no. lol..
but i tell u, i could stay there the entire day just to take pics, look how kawaii the setting of the cafe is!

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twinie miyake gave me this pancake lens for canon cameras, close-up shots and pics on food are incredibly chio!
love it! thanks miya~

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happy birthday miya! life changed after we become bffs! may all your dreams come true! n of cos… last long long with nottigwee~ lol

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The Korea trip was surprisingly fun, i am also amused that my wifey sandy got along real well with miyake.. u can check out the blog post, previous time i visited korea, in 2010. when i look back… i think my photo editing skills improved a lot!! lol, and of cos i also become better looking also… LOL.. — shameless level 10.
Its really nice to be friends with miyake, a friend who like the same things as me. in this blog post, unlike my previously blog pots, u can not only see yutakis’ shameless camwhoring pics, now here you could see hers too…. lol.
Do you know my wifey super dont give a shit about camwhoring? the last time we went to korea, i had to force her to dress up the same color clothings as me, force her to put on make up, force her to pose for the camera with me?! FML, i tell u!
but with miyake… vanity god broke loose at our hotel room… we basically dress up everyday to match each other’s outfit, we buy matching accessories, we went to shop for winter clothes together, even fought over the same muffle or gloves, ok la, in the end we came in compromise to buy one and wear it on different days.
She could be such good travel buddy, cos we like to shop, we love boutique cafes, we love sit n gossip. lol… of cos dont even have to mention, we both looooooove to camwhore, and we are both good at it, she is good at it, i m better.. lol… ♪♪(((@°▽°@)八(@°▽°@)))♪♪仲間!!
This trip, did u notice i didn’t take much picture with my wifey? GUESS WHAT?! it was such a relief to her that i never pester her to take pics non-stop, cos miyake was so on and kept me busy with taking pics with her! LOL. its not that we are not close or what f*ck, we are still super close! なかまっ♪(゚◇゚人゚◇゚)  just that camwhore (n technology) is just so not her thing!


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Did you notice we all wearing check fabric shirts underneath our denim top? matchy much?


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Depart gift from bff eric, it looks normal, but once the iphone is in it, any phone notification comes in, the AX will “light up” super chio! mad love it!
thanks ericaaaaaa~~

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afterall the the 2nd korea trip was far better than the 1st. the 1st trip made me never wanna go back to korea again… but the 2nd one… I WANNA GO KOREA AGAIN!!! but again, without Eda, none of these fantastic things will happen!
i wanna thank her again here! she’s definitely reading this! lol.
I m gonna sign off this long blog post without another fakeass empty promise ” i will update my blog often blah blah blah” lol, but since i announced that i will be back into the blogsphere (watch out bloggers, i m really your biggest competition… LOL — shameless level 20)
If u survive reading this blog post without any lagging… well, u should  have notice i made my blog more readable. i had tons of complains that my blog took forever to load, but i found a new way to resolute my pics, still in HD, but much much smaller size, i cap all pics are viewable pixels width and length.  more reasons for you to come back to visit my blog now. ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”
bye, update more tomorrow! ☆~~ヾ^-^) マタネッ♪
anw, don’t just love my major act cute Japanese emojis? ♪(*●´▽)ノ行ってらっしゃぃ


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25 thoughts on “-第陸章 – 雪ワンダーランドの韓国物語”

Thekife | January 11, 2012




yutakis | January 11, 2012

you have a super nice site yourself!! thanks!!!!

jehlei | January 11, 2012

Hi ! 😀 i love this post !
i’m a new reader (found you from xiaxue) !
i love all your photos and also what you wrote about.

yutakis | January 11, 2012

thanks!! love that bunny on your site! hope u will be back on my blog again!

Qian | January 11, 2012

Love it!! and yeah, more reasons to come and check this blog more often xD Glad that your site is not lagging anymore! I should learn a lot from you~!! Jiayou! 😀

yutakis | January 11, 2012

thank you so much! i m so glad that i inspired to start blogging! and thanks for the awesome mention of me on your site! thanks!!

Nani | January 12, 2012

I love these picture-biographies. You look stunning.. the pictures of you and Miyake are beautiful. Ahh the life of a gorgeous human being must be so wonderful (^3^)/ hohoho. You and Miyake almost look like siblings in those pictures.. and man, is your skin really that flawless? Or did photoshop help you out a bunch? My skin’s been awful over Christmas :C and I didn’t even eat that bad. Maybe cause I had chocolates and porridge and a lot of cheese.. eating that with lactose intolerance isn’t the best of ideas :C
omg long-ass comment. I’m so excited to go to Korea this year : D Can’t wait! Going there for an entire year for school! Weee!

Anthony M. | January 12, 2012

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yutakis | January 12, 2012

lol already making small bucks from blogging already!

Vienni | January 12, 2012

I’m glad you update your blog again, Yutaki. =)
It’s very nice to see your update & these beautiful pics!
Wish one day you release photo book. =3
Waiting for more update from you~

yutakis | January 12, 2012

having a photobook is a big camwhore like me biggest dream! lol, mayb my dream come true.

Kiera Tisher | January 12, 2012

oh cool ! I really love this one 🙂

yutakis | January 12, 2012


Exuvalia | January 13, 2012

How do you make your pictures load so fast?
And by the way, I’m loving your return to the blogsphere + latest blog entry. 😀

yutakis | January 13, 2012

size is really important, i used to have huge ass pics, like 1000pixels, which is huge in file size, most importantly, all pics are “saved for web” it makes pics loads 7 to 9 times faster than the actual HD pics. hee hee thanks!
nice blog u have too! =)

Exuvalia | January 13, 2012

Wow, thanks for the compliment on my blog. You are an inspirational blogger to me.
Oh, and thanks for answering my question – it was really helpful.
Have a good weekend! 😀

Shyr | January 13, 2012

Hi Yutaki!
I love this post!
Welcome back I guess.
I wouldn’t have known you were actually gone for a while since I just started reading your blog. And this is my first time commenting.

I really love the way you take pictures and edit them. They’re always so stunning. 🙂
And I love your blog design and all the typography you do. How do you do that!?!? lol
Anyway, just letting you know that I’ll be following your blog as I already am following you on twitter and Instagram. 🙂

Oh yeah and thanks for recommending Olympus pen over GF3 before. I got the E-pl3 in the end, so glad didn’t get the gf3. It’s kinda fugly. lol


yutakis | January 13, 2012

OMG!! your comment here is so appreciated!!! and of cos i always notice u liked my pics on instagram!!! thank you so much!!! and i tell u Ep13 is so chio!
pic quality was good too, anyway was planning to write a camera blog post, on which cameras to buy!!! thanks again!!!!

My Homepage | January 16, 2012

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[…] Read More here: […]…

David | January 17, 2012

Hey Yutaki !! 😀

I have been following you on twitter and facebook for quite some time already! 🙂 I was so happy when I heard you have your first give-away and my favorite korean band SUPER JUNIOR!! I really love this blog post, my personal FAVORITE because you put in so much effort and took so many chio photos in Korea! I especially love the photo with the one you hold your pink color Yutaki book, with your super nice curly hair!! You really fit in every single style. I am always amazed by your photos. I hope I can win this give-away ! I am your loyal reader always! 🙂


Lucia | January 17, 2012

Happy belated new year, Yutaki!
May all your dreams come true this year 😉

I’m happy to see you back to the blogosphere, and I’m even happier to know that we will be able to finally READ more. I love your pictures for sure, but I love it even more when you share a word or two with us, so yay to that 🙂

Oh and I know exactly what you mean when you say that Miyake is a great travel buddy when it comes to camwhoring. None of my friends like camwhoring and I have to bribe them everytime I want to take at least one group photo, sob. We have been friends for 20 years now, and we don’t have more than 50 pictures taken together. 50 photos is 20 years, that’s kind of sad, right? Well at least we still have our memories 🙂

Lots of love from Slovakia

えりか | January 20, 2012


去年シンガポールに引越して今はここで勉強をしています。 (●´∀`●)


友達から聞いたどうり、イケメンですね~ 笑

韓国のセレブ見たい! (*´▽`*)


yutakis | January 23, 2012

( ´ ▽ ` )ノありがとう!ご意見は私に多くのことを意味します!私はあなた、通常のリーダーとして保つことを願って!続きを読むに戻ってくる!

Saya | March 27, 2012

this is my favorite post of yours <3

i love korea that's why and you also! i'm inspired to blog again, so i'm trying to learn things like editing and stuff which i missed a lot. once i saw your photos i was jelly XD haha now i'm definitely determined to make a nice blog like you do!

i regretting not taking chio photos when i went to korea! lol

i love you and your blog <3

love, saya-chan ^^

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