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-1日1画像は PROJECT — 精彩完結篇

28/December/2009 | Personal, Personal Thoughts


1日1画像は PROJECT



click on the above thumbnail to see all the ORIGINAL 1日1画像は PROJECT] details and pic captions !

-Eric’s 18th birthday

Met/hangout/clubed/chilled with :

Eric + Wendy + Siyoun + nicole


-Sandy’s 20th Birthday

Met/hangout/clubed/chilled with :

Sandy + Wenting + Wendy + Eric + Luting + Siyoun



Met/hangout/clubed/chilled with :

Vicky + Siyoun + Nicole + Melissa + Eric


Met/hangout/clubbed/chilled with :

Siyoun + Nicole + Eric + Wendy + Wenting



Met/hangout/clubed/chilled with :

Nicole + Eric + Erica






Met/hangout/clubbed/chilled with :

Celeste + Nicole + Eric + Wendy + Faith + Siyoun + Mellisa + James





i had made it people!!i’ve made it! you know, readers i kept neglecting my blog and all, i spent my 3 effing days in bed editing my pics, no, i did not go out, but eric and wendy did came and visit me.. some of these pics are more than 5 months overdue, pics some were taken back in June this year! i was still complaining that i might not able to post all these pics by 2009, as a few more days, 2009 is over, and i seriously do not wanna drag these 2009 pics to 2010, i want new start. so here’s all! all!! concentrated, i picked only the best pics, not even much those 6 X 6 collages, as i really had too much pics to settle, almost a thousand! now i’ve finally finally finally get them post, i felt so burden free,


– I FUCKING DUN OWE U ANYTHING ANYMORE! i m free blog man now. ha!

From : owner.

Pic of the Years : Classic Diamonds taken back in 2008, the most memorable moment yutakis’ life.

love, diamonds



thanks for the amazing 2009, i have gain so much readers in 2009, its been a rough year for me, but its been a fantastic year for my blog and online activity, so much attention and positive response from all of you, hope in 2010, you guys could continue to support my blog and come back reading! see you guys in next year!


On my way home after work an hour ago…

i was on the train, a group of four friends, two guys and two girl was making a huge scene on the train, screaming and laughing no one is around. the world seems to be entirely their’s everyone in the train was throwing them stares, passing judgments… but i was not.. i envy them.

a year ago, gretchen, eric, wendy and me were the ones doing the exact same thing on the train, practically everywhere..and sadly now, one of us left… gretchen, in japan now… only left the three of us…


we wish you good, best of luck. we miss you to the core.

things never change a bit. in my heart, no one else could be compared to the 3 of them..

wendy the princess,

eric the old man,

gretchen the bitchass,

me the ****

haha, we had to move on,

but i swear, a huge piece of me is standing at where we were,

never move a single bit.

never will.

i love diamonds,

i love gretchen,

i love eric,

i love wendy.

merry X’mas.

this group photo is taken when gretchen is back in august… we used to able to take so much pic of the four of us… but now, this is only recent one i had.

haha! its vintage period of the year, and i decide to refresh my readers. this how i look when i 1st started blogging. back in 2006! wheee.

guess who?! its yutaki when he is 12? or 11…. i cant remember, but i clearly remember, this was my 1st photo i ever posted on the internet! haha, time flies, its been 10 years! i was a big britney fan then already!

miss me everyone?

last night, when i was taking bath…i took unknowningly used conditioner to wash my face… blame it on M, i was thinking about her… D=

also, recently, i was busy working!! and also busy doing blog shop!! ermmm, i ate too much shaker fries… i m sick… sore throat.. when could my throat spare me alive and leave me alone?? fuck shit.

anw.. merry Xmas everyone… another xmas alone. seriously, which xmas i was attached? erm, yes, last year… well… let’s not talk about that horrible exprience.. =X

alright, here’s my light update… see ya! i m off to bed and watch some GG before that.


guess who? Siyoun baby is a regular reader! are you?


flower &&..

i miss M. alot.

life is so bored without M.

Britney’s latest ELLE magazine spread Scan, grab from:

in 2006, 2007 Britney had a really public breakdown.

breakdown, everyone has. it’s just that she’s a public figure, an icon, it make her drop to the bottom, rock bottom in the public’s eye.

tabloids and headlines every week,

Britney gone mad, Britney gone crazy, Britney shameless, Britney the fall of a stardom, Britney the fat failure…

she had to face her failures and lost in life, other than that she had face the public, calling her a loser everyday…

breakdown, we all had, the darkest moments of one’s life. just like gossip girl, chuck had his own infamous breakdown when bart bass passed away in the car accident, he overdose on drugs, flew from country to country and abuse on prostitution.

that’s something we all would have to experienced one day. what matters is not the break down, what matters is could you walk out?

i think so far, Britney had done her best. she been through a tragic divorce, HALF of her fortune are given to his sugar husband Kevin, not only that, the court given the custody of his two angels to her ex husband, and she was only allowed to see them once a week, a few hours.

losing her right to control everything in her life, the court also given the all rights to control Britney to his dad… any of us who could walk a moment in her shoes. will feel hurt.

i will remain as a huge fan of her, irregardless of her flaw, failures and falls.

that’s a true fan.

the one and only pop princess.


-- letter removed --
p/s: wendy is right... i will never know who's reading my blog, i
have too much publicity, its best to keep personal letters low
too bad, u did not visit my blog regular! u missed it!!


RECENTLY, i've been letter alot with sandy on email, i really miss her.. so
much, so much that i wish i could fly to japan and see her EVERYDAY!! now school
suck, frens suck, love suck, my live basically suck balls.

wendy just got back frm from her hong kong trip, she went travel alone!! oh yeah,
she's probably starting work, so taking this as her last long vacation, so she

sandy's life... ermmm, from wad u had read from above.. not quite well too..

eric's life... he had totally gave up on love, totally, he had been hurt too many
time, he told

"i really hope i could put as much hope as i did, when i was 14."
how many heart breaks could our heart take?

as for me?
just said goodbye to miss m, she's flying away tml... to a far far place, and not ever
coming back again, there goes my another relationship... how many relationship could
i have?? i only want one and that could last forever.. is it that hard??
and school is full politics, make me really sick, people seems to clinch on grudge
forever, no matter how much good times they used to share, they will all vanish when
comes to just one mistake u made. this is how cruel human could get. looking into
someone's hatred eyes, just the moment i rmb, she/he used to be staying by my side
smiling like an angel, it just hurts me so badly... could we just go back the old
not possible.
just let time erase all this bad memories away..
& i will only remember the one good ones.

i love nobody.
only diamonds, granny , mum and M.


latest GOV, the last GOV set of the year preview.
Memories of missy Missing.

dedicated to miss M. =)

This two Pic of the day, its the far my favorite, i like it, cos its huge and very clear. super HD! && not much photoshop!

awwww… M is going to bye bye soon… ermmm i m out of words and don’t know how to express my deep sorrow… this 1st time a relationship had to come to an end and both of us don not wish to end it. that is why it hurts so much… last night, due to my sudden freak’out-ness, i threw some small temper.. and made some small mess everywhere… i m so sorry. after claiming down and think, sseriously there’s no time for temper! we only leave with 6 days to see each other…

bad news.. M is leaving for Spain on 3rd of dec… oh man, didn’t expect it to be so soon. ultimate =(

Party pics on Halloween! 1st time in a long i celebrated Halloween, and it was Siyoun’s birthday!

this is what yutaki do whenever class get TOO BORED. these webcam pics are super fresh, taken at 3pm 24/11/09 today! super Pic of the day! M just complain that i such argue monster boyfriend, i love to argue.. hee hee, that’s how i show i care. hur hur… ^^”

A without fancy Photo Effects outtake from Shishedo mask blog Ad pics, taken by eric! not myself! hee hee,

“i send her 12 roses, 11 real, 1 fake,n i told her, i will love you till the last dies.” — try it out dudes, your girl will melt.

this is the outfit i wore for this year’s Halloween! i m suppose to be myself, a prince! HAHAHAHA! more Halloween part pics coming up!

party with nicole, and some new frens! they are so much fun!!! =D

a lazy afternoon sitting around the town shopping malls, and enjoying a cup of coffee, looking at people walking by, wasting time, checking on my mobile for smses from M, makes my day. nothing comes easy with her… its not easy to get her, not easy to make her say she miss me, not easy to get her say sweet things, not easy to make her say she loves me… she’s not that easy, that made her special.

nah! here’s Erica and me, he’s been complaining that blog is low on his appearance, i was like, where got!? always got his face! one more his face to prove my point right. here it is!! haha, and my face too.


i m back after neglated my blog for 7 fucking days, sorry sorry, i should been updating my a pic per day! the reason being i was so emotionally occupied that i left my blog empty, i spent too much time missing M. hee hee.

a crazy crazy night out with the gang, nicole, wendy, siyoun, erica and ME! actually Daphene was there too, shall upload the whole set of pics soon~

recently was quite dark period of my life, though i m lucky to have found M, but my school sucks, friend sucks also a great relationship having a deadline… SUCKS TOO! grr, hope 2009 faster bygone. let me have a fresh start in  2010! i want to be outta all this shit!

another way home cab camwhore pic, so typical.

the most sexiest thing on earth beside my baby M! hur hur, i love cheese cakes.

taken during a shopping session with ERICA! pics pics pics coming coming.. have stupid encounter that day, shall share with you all soon!

Me & the sexy hot pretty lena fuji, she’s so so so pretty, aside from leah dizon, angela baby and janice man! when my holiday starts, i will blog about this four super pretty asian girls, promise!

p/s: be sure to come back tml! i will continue updating a pic a day!


good news, to those who are NOT my facebook and twitter, u might not know.. M said YES! && i m attached! i know, she will be leaving in 2 months time, but, does does that expiry date given stop me from falling in love? no. i will make sure i blog about my MOST romantic love i ever had, soon. now, she’s out of town, went to thailand… i miss her already… =( come back soon! i miss you dearly!

tú eres mi vida,

FYI, yes, she’s not asian, that explains all the spanish appearing on blog recently… she’s spanish, from barcelona. & she’s hot.



me, nicole and faith…

long long longt time ago, back in july~~

was a fun party night though~


New hair color, if u did notice, i also did a hair cut, but not much change, just more layers and more life to it. its the LIGHT BEIGE from bubble hair dye! support my client’s blog shop!!

cheaper than the regular price selling outside! @$16!


2009年3月、遂に全米ALBUMリリースを果たし、日本でもBEST ALBUMとDEBUT ALBUMを1つにパッケージした『BEST&USA』をリリースし、軌跡と未来を同時に提示したBoA。 その流れの中、満を持してドロップする本作はVERBAL(m-flo)によるプロデュース作品!!! 前作SINGLEである「永遠/UNIVERSE feat.Crystal Kay & VERBAL(m-flo)/Believe in LOVE feat.BoA」での共演等、 過去に様々な繋がりのあるVERBAL(m-flo)がいよいよBoAを全面プロデュース!!! 本作はBoAのスキルを知り尽くしているVERBAL(m-flo)が、アッパーなダンス.チューンでBoAならではの持ち味を最大限まで引き出しています!!!


picture of the day is not dead! back for more!!


the new starhub mobile tv advertorial still, and also the GOV for nov! stay tune! more coming up!! =)


i know this is no longer “IN” anymore, but still, this is my big head portrait!!


My Fav fast food, MOS burger! also, yoshinoya~~ sorry late update, no update = good thing, as i m preparing for a huge update. coming soon.


yes some of these pic of the day were taken on the same day. hahah, i m not a camwhore everyday, it depends on mood. hahah.


flower, me traveling. window.


the tie that i m wearing is a vintage real school tie, given by my wife, gretchen. that tie goes with any outfit and never go out of date.


after a long long day, minutes before sleep.


night out, traveling.. this taken in july! when my hair still black and short.. i really need to hurry on my pics. hahaha.


Traveling in the rain.


close up.

a guest collage from ERICA’S 18TH birthday!! theme: cartoon! cant read mine, cant read mine..

cartoon face!


seeing myself in a good friend’s phone.on the way home.


my picture taken with Korean super star, Lee Minho~~ he is super popular right now in korea~~


-A collage frm grethy’s 18th bday celebration post! its black party!


o man. i know i know. u re complaining. everyone is complain-ing yutaki always never keep promises. like i said i always wanted to blog regularly. but recently being really busy with school… unable to do so.

but i do not want my blog to go down down down. never. so i came up a brilliant ideal. which is named as the 1日1画像はproject. which means, “A picture A day” keep u coming everyday. always some little thing new.

i will update EVERYDAY. a picture or a small collage, till i m done with the full post, i will re-arrange pictures in this post into one major post follows with event sequence.

there will be pics from random outings, clubbling nights, be it a camwhore pic or a group or even a picture with no face, or face only of my friends! cos i half done with alot of events pics and camwhore pics here and there…

sounds good! yes. so come back tomorrow, i’ve new surprises for u everyday.

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80 thoughts on “-1日1画像は PROJECT — 精彩完結篇”

Angie | October 18, 2009

where u take tis pic??

yutaki | October 19, 2009

etude, @orchard mrt area!

Angie | October 24, 2009

MinHo will come to Malaysia at 25 until 27 tis month~!~!~!
Nid exam cant see he~!~!~!

lenglui | October 28, 2009


u so 87


u also


Angie | October 29, 2009

Sry tat’s my stupid friend~!~!~!

yutaki | November 4, 2009

nah, nice to know u all.

yutaki | November 4, 2009

he is super popular in malaysia too?

Angie | November 13, 2009

I think yes~!~!~!
At least my friend is his super fans~!~!~!

Johnny | October 19, 2009

wa !! actually ii found your email at newspaper !! u damn popular lorr… haha =D anyway, you’re handsome how your pic took until so nice and your face texture …

yutaki | October 19, 2009

email on newspaper?
do they really have?
email or my blog address?

Oink Monster | October 19, 2009

aye…it’s on the way to school…not after school that pic taken -_-” OLD liao..wahaha!

yutaki | October 20, 2009

whoa, isit?? i tot its after school, didn’t know i m look good even in early morning… HAHAHA!!

sha | October 21, 2009

hi, wat model is the LG phone? look nice 😛

aemon | November 12, 2009

the phone is
LG Viewty KU990

jm | October 22, 2009

no nd say
camwhore king u top of the list cfm alrdy

Benjamin Tan | October 27, 2009

Hii Yutaki!!! Will support you forever 😀
Don worry..There might be a day when you might be as famous as XX!!!

yutaki | October 30, 2009

not as XX la, she’s incredibly famous.

Oink Monster | October 28, 2009

=_=…. early morning when u are like Always late for school! hahah! so where’s all the pic we took? i see none! grrrr!

yutaki | November 4, 2009

soon soon
will update la!

uberVU – social comments | October 29, 2009

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by Yutakis: – the right one. pic of the day….

ViVa | October 30, 2009

— comment deleted by yutaki —

yutaki | November 4, 2009

shut the fuck up, and fuck off.
yes, i dun need need to know.
why should i?

sp* | October 31, 2009

maybe you can put the date on each new pic that was posted? just a suggestion (:

yutaki | November 4, 2009

but the date of the pics not the day post it, u see, some pics are taken back in july!

Delphine | November 5, 2009

Hi Yutaki! 🙂
Just read your blog recently and i find it interesting. 😀
Must update often yea!
Anyway, i knew that i got the same name as one of your friend. LOL.
Seem weird for me to see my name up there. LOL. xD

yutaki | November 9, 2009

keep reading, like that name! super cute.

Delphine | November 12, 2009

Alright, but you have to update often. 🙂
Anyway, my name is WenTing which is same as one of your friend. Haha.

C | November 9, 2009

Hope u will enjoy the videos mos-burger boy 🙂

yutaki | November 9, 2009

thanks! the 1st vid is nice!

C | November 9, 2009


Raven | November 11, 2009

Heys man…… your singaporean??? Not jap or korean wow an you look alittle like my little bro jungmin ^^ By the way I am Yukiko L nice to meet you as you can see I am hong kong/ Singporean lol… so yup can you kindly teach me or tell me how to do a blog like yours its amazing I thought you were a star in korea you must be haha try JYP like my bro… so yup hwaiting an your kawaii…. ~!!! >.< take care….

yutaki | November 20, 2009

i m half chn jap, not local~~ hee hee, blogging with nice pics, u need a good cam, LX3 is not a bad choice!! =)

Xavier | November 11, 2009

Smile more! Like it when you smile. 😀 All the best (:

Joan | November 12, 2009

Happen to see u at Tabs some time ago. Shall approach u if i see u again. 🙂

yutaki | November 20, 2009

see you there next time~~ its a so so club la, but my frens love it~ hee hee

wanjack | November 13, 2009

— comments deleted by yutaki —

yutaki | November 13, 2009

watever fatherfucker,

such loser douche bag.
still more girls likes me than you do, and i fuck more hot chick than u too, so in conclusion, u re just being sour grape, and fucking big time loser!
so, why don’t get your loser ass n..
back the fuck off.

Angie | November 23, 2009

Sorry,I have copy your word~!~!~!
Coz I’m angry just now~!~!~!
Juz sorry~!~!~!

Delphine | November 14, 2009

Alright, but you have to update often. 😀
Anyway, my name is WenTing which is same as one of your friend. Haha.

mingz | November 15, 2009

just wanted to ask you for the….
hw are you able to shop when their word they they are like:»Ç ¼ ± ÇÏÀÌ ³ Ø ½ à º ¸ ¸ ® JK ???
totally clueless……..

yutaki | November 20, 2009

i will be soon selling clothes from and the other girl korean sites!! do support! all the clothes are available!! =)

Angie | November 22, 2009

can the parcel send to Malaysia??

ming zhen | November 16, 2009

hey! do post some pictures of your gf soon! (:
im sure many of your readers would want to see pictures of both her and you!

Pu3 | November 18, 2009

@_@ Wow~….

kahman. | November 19, 2009

Hey, may i know what camera are you using for now? The quality was good aye? And you’ve got good photography skills. 🙂

yutaki | November 19, 2009

very good recommendation!!

kahman. | November 19, 2009

Hahah, thanks 🙂 But then, i just got mine this tuesday. And it was like !#@%$^%&) hahaha, sony’s isn’t gd. :/

STEFFY | November 19, 2009

Hey yutaki(:

Always enjoy ur pics….& u photoshop them really well!
maybe u should do a version of ur photoshop style like
how xiaxue did(: teach us!!!! im sure lots of ppl wanna
learn too(:

n may i ask how did u add in those pics…(of cups, wine bottle,
food) beside ur pasta deli pic???? brushes or u drew them?

much love,

Cass | November 24, 2009

O.O you’re in RP? Didn’t know. Ahaha.

yutaki | November 24, 2009

how do u know? hee hee

Cass | November 24, 2009

I’m in RP, and recognizes the background. Hah.

D | November 30, 2009

hey yutaki,
i saw you and eric last saturday at a club!

you look awesome, as always, cos you’re my all-time favourite blogger idol.

and my friends who were with me kept complimenting about your good looks (:
h yeah, i was the one holding a LX3 too, wanted to say hi to you, but i didn’t dare to do so.

please continue to infect the cyber world with your GOV entries!
looking foward to it! (:

yutaki | November 30, 2009

AWWWW!!!~~~ i seriously out of words man!! i need u~~ i need readers who could give me nice encouragements like this, i think this is wad needs the most, i rarely gets compliments at all, all my readers are just too shy…. thank u so much, i really wan to know who you girls were, but i think i was too drunk and busy entertaining my gay friends!!! see you guys again if we have the chance, i met some girls and guys who knew my blog before i met them that night too, so dun worry, i m really friendly, just say some say hi!!=)

D | December 1, 2009

wow yutaki!
thanks for the reply! 🙂
haha, btw i’m a dude, and the girls i was hanging out with were my friends.

my girl friends were going gaga over you, kept on saying “wow, yutaki is so handsome, korean-ish and good looking!”
and you’re super duper tall!!!!!!!!
i think you own the whole dance floor with your height!
so peeps, stop saying he’s short, cos i saw it with my own eyes that yutaki is super tall!

i think i was awfully lucky to bump into my blogger idol! 🙂
ok, in future if i bump into you, i’ll say hi!

joanne | December 3, 2009

i totally agree. the school is full politics, even i am sick of it. (im from the same school as you) anyway, keep blogging. (: will support.

see you in school next time. 😀

virginia | December 3, 2009

Hey Yutaki …
OMG..I always admire of you’r photos..its jus awesome >.<
and you;r blogs..woww…2 thumbs for you ^^.'
i just want leave comment here ^^,,,, I also add you'r Facebook…but nvr talk tho…

Hope | December 3, 2009

Just thought you wanna know, Britney’s on the cover of Elle ^^;

Anyway, don’t be sad about you & M! If there’s a will, there’s a way, jiayou alright ^^

mochan | December 4, 2009

i like u’r blog and your all picture.
are you model???


in your music box i like 2 song..
doushite by tohoshinki and confension..

Angie | December 11, 2009

I like tat black grey light pic~!~!~!
A feeling dunno how to say~!~!~!
Juz super like it~!~!~!

hunnehbunneh | December 12, 2009

(: i think britney’s kids look super cute & handsome! <3

caio garcia | December 15, 2009

same cellphone as me hahaha
very good photos @_@

Jenny | December 22, 2009

hello x3 r u interested in modeling for an asian community? well don be afraind, its not really modeling but ur pic would be the cover of it for … like one month:D theres
a new challenge now and were searching more for more ppl, so if u like u can take a pic , write on it..
asiansoul4ever or <3asiansoul♥ stuff like tha…t. u can write it on a piece of paper or on ur
cheek or hand :Dmaybe ull win the challenge 😀 im joining that too for the "female-usesrs" i posted my pic on ur facebook site u can check it out (Jenny Chen) haha im not a stalker or anything like that. so if u wanna try just tell me 🙂 ♥ ♥

yutaki | December 23, 2009

currently, i m kinda busy, but after this period, maybe i could help… so sorry… i will contact u on facebook when i m less busy… is it ok?

Jenny | December 23, 2009

aww thats cute x3 yeah of course no stressin, the challenge takes a long time 😀 and there r more than one krkr
so well talk another time (: mwhuah :*

ming zhen | December 23, 2009

the picture effects in adayoutwithvicki is v nice.
especially the 2nd and 3rd picture.

marvelous job in picture editing!

Jessie Yinz | December 24, 2009

ur pic so handsome neh~

kichirou | December 25, 2009

Merry X’mas u look more n more handsome already hahaha

Kristin | December 26, 2009

Haha. In the past ur hair looks so funny =P

Qiuting | December 26, 2009

OMG you seem so upset about Miss M leaving for Spain!!! You’d be okay okay!!! Jiayou!!! When i had to leave my boyfriend (nvm) and my puppies for Hong Kong for 2 months, I ALMOST DIED!!! But you’d have to be strong okay!!! JIAYOU!!! ^.^

veeta | December 27, 2009

I love ur pics ^^
U look a lot like lee jun ki
r u japanese?

Kirei | December 28, 2009

LOVE the 2nd picture (and the 12th!)
hereby i declare you have a new fan.
lolzzzzzzzzz ~

Twitted by Yutakis | December 28, 2009

[…] This post was Twitted by Yutakis […]

Benjamin Tan | December 28, 2009

Hi there Yutaki! A dude here! Always been admiring how you actually blogged etc. it is just so…unique and has its own style and character! Totally idolised you 😀 Not that I am gay!

Just hope that you will continue blogging forever, cos that is the most beautiful thing….

Hope to be friends 😀

yutaki | December 30, 2009

! you re already a fren! whoever bothers about my life and my blog, is a fren of mine! thanks for the constant comments, really sweet!! =)

D | December 30, 2009

another dude fan reporting in too, and i’m not a gay!
i totally idolize yutaki.
and my all-time favourite blogger idol has completed the 1 day 1 picture project!
yutaki, you own the world with your awesome blog man

CC | January 8, 2010

your friend si youn is really pretty 😀 is she korean??

ganar ruleta | January 17, 2010

This brings me to an idea:…

roleta | January 22, 2010

Great idea, thanks for this tip!

Lexi | October 25, 2012

Wow, it’s nice to see and read about something from your “early” beginnings. ^^
Thanks for referring to this post in your latest scrap blog book. 😉

yutakis | October 28, 2012

I just realized that’s 3 projects. Forget to link the 3rd one. Shall update it when I got the chance! Yeah. I look really Asian back then. I guess I have even smaller eyes? Lol! Thank you Levi, thanks for the constant support!

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