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-Yutaki’s on Razor.

18/September/2009 | Personal, Personal Thoughts


A interview with Razor TV, Click & watch!

-Summer Storm

16/September/2009 | Daily Things, Holiday, Truth About Diamonds

Summer, beach, with Gretchen.

As most of you all know from twitter that my lovely wife had come back to see me from japan, for a week!! i miss her super much! she become more prettier! more skinner and longer hair, she’s having a very handsome korean boyfriend in japan, but the languages barriers she had in japan made her suffer very much, but i do have confident that my top student bff could make it through, here’s a welly behaved afternoon chilling session at sentosa with her and our really close friends. her mom was there too~


i love my 7 years best fried, my wife, my only anly true bff. GRETHCEN LIN YUCHUN SANDY.

Group shot with Grethy’s mom and darling:


there are lots more pics taken during the one week holiday grethy had in Singapore, like her 19th birthday re-celebration and many more! i’ll update each event by each post, by that i could earn more blog hits as well~~



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