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-Pop that virgin toxic drug.

22/October/2009 | Daily Things, Holiday

last Sunday i was invited to net friend’s party! its the pop the music drug party for jeremy, who i know for a long long time, we’ve been cyber friends since 2006! that’s how long! i knew him when he was still very fair~ haha. i went to the party with another blogger X-tin! she’s so tiny and cute! really adorable in person.

its jeremy’s friend who host the party for him, in his new shop! the Xsquad,

check their facebook page out:

they sell super gorgeous clothes all the way from taiwan!

here’s the interior design of the Xsquad, its like a mini disco that sells hot clothes! with beverages and finger foods, the shop turns into a party ground instantly.

here’s the pop the music drug pics!

get intoxicated!

also, i met jeremy’s hot friends, like ducan, felix, sherlyn, ben and many others!

they are totally colorful and friendly~

here’s the uber nice pics stolen from X-tin’s and other party goer’s Fb page/blog:



uh huh! i promised jeremy to post these pics ASAP, so that’s i m posting this party event pics earlier than other parties, its not other parties pics are not important… tsk, i will! ASAP! eric just nag at me over late and overdue pics on the phone the other day. he say i m such a cunt friend, have not even posted his birthday pics which is almost 2 weeks ago.

not only that, i have pics taken IN JULY!! not even posted!! hahaha, shall keep updating one pic per pic until i have fully get everything edited, maybe with this two weeks? i will try my best. mainwhile, my blog is still updated everyday, with the a pic a day project. i have accept another blog advert, so most probably will update more, still have not get the full details yet.

so stay tune.



-101 About Yutaki’s Skin 2

01/October/2009 | Advertorial

Sponsored Advertorial

On the topic of complexion, i have to be up front about it, i never had perfect complexion, i remember back in my middle school days, i used to have acne problems, i have a lot of them on my fore head. and i always used my fringe to cover them up! but it did not do much help than hiding them.

i was in really low self esteem back then, and always complains that why do i such stupid and annoying problems! then it suddenly dawn down on me, that complaining will not fixed the problem, sitting down there and cursing and swearing will not make those zits magically go away!

then i start to take actions. after a year of hard work. i have the one best complexion among all my peers. i have no worries at all!

if u have same problems like what i used to, i think its time to get your ass up and do something about it!

months ago, i shared with the world, some of my secret to great complexion.
which made that two shiseido black and white mask sold like hot cakes online.

and today. i shall share u another two complexion boosters which gets you that perfect complexion.

as we all know.
the shiseido white mask’s main purpose is to:
helps in firming, reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

the shiseido black mask’s main purpose is to:
helps in remover of black heads and white heads.

but what if we have other concerns?

in need of deep cleansing, having large pores, and stubborn spots, freckles and pimple marks? these are really headaches! how to get rid of them?!

in this new Sheseido Advertorial, 2nd time working with

u re saved. by me. obviously.

b’cos, i gonna introduce u the ultimate weapon to
minimize your pores!
& reduce the appearance of your pimple scars and dark spots!

Shiseido Hydrotherapy Mask.

This hydration mask will help brighten uneven skin tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars and discolorations from the sun. Skin lightening, Re-hydrates delicate face area skin as soften the appearance of fine lines and other visible signs of fatigue. Reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and promotes optimal radiance , also contains Phyto-vitalizing factor and exclusive Shiseido ingredient.

Non-clogging to pores

why do u need it?

have those dark spots and pimples marks been there for way too long? i used to have this pimple mark above my left upper lips, makes me look like some busybody uncle for at least 4 weeks. that’s how irritating it is! but the with this brightening mask, it help to speed up the recovery and reduce the appearance of those unwanted marks and scars! so within one or two weeks, they are completely GONE!!! good job!


after applying the mask, for 20 to 30 mins, you could discharge the paper mask, but you could actually use the “left over” mask essence moist which tingling on the paper mask to apply over your body marks or scars that u have, or over on the neck, it helps to brightening and lightening them as well!

# leave on for 20 to 30 mins!





Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask

Originate from deep sea mud, include rich minerals & natural essence. Able to clean pores thoroughly, balancing oil secretion, suppress and lighten pigmentation, achieving whitening effects. Long term usage promotes skin revitalization.

It has the benefits of deep pore cleansing, removing dirts and impurities, minimizing breakouts, whitening and lightening pigmentation.

The mask contains a compound LAG Revitalizer which has whitening, revitalizing and anti-aging effects.The LAG Revitalizer can penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing the skin to maintain moisture and nutrients.It fights against dark spots, sun spots, black heads & Whitehead, and pimples, reducing pore size, reducing wrinkles, enhancing skin collagen regeneration, renewing elasticity, resulting in soft and smooth skin.


Suitable for sensitive skin.
Removes dead skin and leaves skin extremely smooth and soft.
Controls oil and sebum secretion. Suitable for oily – combination skin.

why do u need it?

large pores are worst than pimple marks. because they will not ever go away if u do not anything about it! they will be there as long as u stay alive. the appearance of those large pores could become too noticeable if you do not treat them! it ‘s totally not presentable, nothing better than pimples. so with the help of the Shiseido Naturgo Mud Mask, they will help u clean off the dirt and oil in the open pores and eventually helps you to close them up. after 1 to 2 month of application the appearance of the large and open pores will be significantly reduced!


before using the Black shishedo mask and the Naturgo Mud Mask always used warm water to rinse or steam your face! it helps to open up your pores, so when such mask helps to extract the dirt and oil out from your pores, by opening up them firstly, it actually speed up reaction and you will have better results!

# apply at target areas or the whole face, but as for me, i only apply on the cheek and nose area, personally that’s where my obvious pores lives.






well, i strongly advise you all to get from this reliable blog shop AGAIN,

that specifically selling masks. cos, this product been selling online like hot cakes, & me personally tried getting it from many other blog shops. but the quality were never as good as the ones i got from beauty queen closet, sometimes i compared the price, there so seriously sites selling as low as 50 cent per piece, but the product they sell it’s either a few weeks to expiry date or and they r fake one, not original. so i suggest you better spend a few more cents rather get your skin saved than ruined. buy cheap, you’ll definitely get cheap. let me warn you for the last time, face is some where that you could NEVER messed with some fake or low quality product.

so get it here:

with the reudction of appreance of pores and pimples marks, i m not afraid of Ultra close shots.

Word count: 1030

enjoy your mask shopping @





p/s: more updates coming your way! school is reopening… =( tml’s erica’ birthday celebration then i realized i have not even blog about gretchen’s birthday!! i m so late! gosh… will speed up my blog speed!



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