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-Pop that virgin toxic drug.

22/October/2009 | Daily Things, Holiday

last Sunday i was invited to net friend’s party! its the pop the music drug party for jeremy, who i know for a long long time, we’ve been cyber friends since 2006! that’s how long! i knew him when he was still very fair~ haha. i went to the party with another blogger X-tin! she’s so tiny and cute! really adorable in person.

its jeremy’s friend who host the party for him, in his new shop! the Xsquad,

check their facebook page out:

they sell super gorgeous clothes all the way from taiwan!

here’s the interior design of the Xsquad, its like a mini disco that sells hot clothes! with beverages and finger foods, the shop turns into a party ground instantly.

here’s the pop the music drug pics!

get intoxicated!

also, i met jeremy’s hot friends, like ducan, felix, sherlyn, ben and many others!

they are totally colorful and friendly~

here’s the uber nice pics stolen from X-tin’s and other party goer’s Fb page/blog:



uh huh! i promised jeremy to post these pics ASAP, so that’s i m posting this party event pics earlier than other parties, its not other parties pics are not important… tsk, i will! ASAP! eric just nag at me over late and overdue pics on the phone the other day. he say i m such a cunt friend, have not even posted his birthday pics which is almost 2 weeks ago.

not only that, i have pics taken IN JULY!! not even posted!! hahaha, shall keep updating one pic per pic until i have fully get everything edited, maybe with this two weeks? i will try my best. mainwhile, my blog is still updated everyday, with the a pic a day project. i have accept another blog advert, so most probably will update more, still have not get the full details yet.

so stay tune.



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