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-私の人生に色を追加!Ft: Glory Of Vanity: Vivid & Story Line

04/November/2009 | A Little More Personal, Daily Things, Everydays, Give-aways, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain


i know i know. i heard so much complains… that my blog is becoming super commercial and super impersonal… i m really sorry, these advert are making me do still wanna blog recently, especially when i m super busy with my school, this is last semester of my school things are really getting spicy lately.

frankly speaking for the past 2.5 years in poly i never felt so stress before, guess, its true, the last year of every studies level is always the most tough… if there’s not thesse much endorsements, you think there will be a pic a day project? i rather just update my facebook page! at least i still get to know who is in my friends list, and roughly know who is viewing my page, rather than here! as always, high blog hits, no comments, its rather really freaky when u have so much blog hits, AND NO RESPONSE. i do not even know you people hating or loving my blog…

just this afternoon i decided to read some of my archive… omg. the for the past 5 months, my blog entires were mainly adverts and movie test screen reviews, which is also, a form of advert… i did not produce much quality post like what i used to have long long time ago.

i guess, the passion and interest slowly burnt out! but dun worry, i m not giving up blogging.. cos your blog hits did not give up on me. i will post more quality posts soon! but right now, still stick to the a pic a day project 1st, school’s schedule might burst me any time! so a pic a day is at least better than no update right.

guess by the time a finished school. i will have a long long holiday. that’s when i upload all my pics all the way from july until now. i have around 2k pics… hahahhaha. shocking hurh! pics just kept growing in size, i have 3 birthday party pics, from grethy to erica and last week’s siyoun’s!! and in between many shopping pics, dine outs and clubbling pics! countless.

but dun worry, u will get to see them all eventually.

here’s the pics for the starhub advert, which is also the GOV of Nov, VIVID.

its something refreshing and colorful this time. more lively, as compared to my older GOV sets, mainly dull and frozen. this set is inspired by korean’s hottest boy band right now, BIG BANG! they are famous for their colorful outfits and the men headband is inspired by the 1960’s vintage hippies!

this colorful top is from depression people @ Far east!


talking about colorful, check out my new netbook.

the samsung NC310!

super handsome!

&& its baby blue, adds colors into my life.

my fav color, now my boy vaio is my home laptop, and boy sam is going with me to school everyday..

its uber small and light, only the half size and weight of my previous sony laptop!


i recently addicted to a brand…

yes, they sell super cute guy clothes and shoes. and all England style!!

check their official site out:

girls mostly love their cutie brand, juicy couture.

and guys. paul smith is for you.

i’ve got a pair of their classic Rabbit Trainer shoes From a online Vintage shop!

its pure love at 1st sight, loving its small details on the shoes. like there’s a “paul” slogan on left shoe bottom, and a “smith” on the other, super detailed and handsome! there’s floral printes interior of the shoes! and rabbit trainer logo on shoes tongue!


the second phone that i got free from blogging.

the HTC MAGIC from starhub.

ITS pretty easy and user friendly, the interface of the phone is amazing, but just that its a 2g phone and the camera build-in is lousy, which is ok, its been years since i actually do camwhore with a mobile phone.


my order of my sexy gucci sneakers is finally here as well.

its crazy sexy, and unqiue!! absolutely not selling in Singapore.


Daily essentials,


hair spray,



Boss perfume,


Samsung DVD drive,


Apple Itouch,

my cheap shades

and Lumix LX-3.

cant go to school without these!


anyway, since many of you were asking,

my recently blog pics were taken my relatively new semi-pro camera,



GOV oct…


relatively low production of oct.


remember the amazing bubble color hair dye?!

this well done advert post :

my current hair color:

its currently selling at 19.90 at watsons!

but the blog shop that i advert for, is bringing their price down!!


$16 per bottle!



&& in singapore’s that prettia hair bubble hair dye (name as liese in Sg.) only have 10 colors! but the blog shop selling directly imported prettias (still prefer calling it prettia, sounds more atas and cute. wtf is liese this lousy name come about!?) from japan, they have instock all 21 colors! full range! and all IN STOCK!

no need to wait! get your boring hair color a change now!





watch the latest brit brit music vid!!


just cant stop loving her..

the dance was soso, still her imma slave 4u’s dance is the best.

but at least she looks skinny and fab in this vid.

&&& before i go.


p/s: a giant size collage of me, in case you forget my face. save this as wallpaper!

hahahahha kidding.


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