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-2010 Calendar

04/December/2009 | Monthly Special, Vanity Vain

-its like a tradition on, that i will make a camwhore calender by the end of every year, some how to conclude my best photos i took within the year, and here it is! the 2010 calender, actually, if you are interested, u can take look at my 2008 and 2009 set of calender, i personally find them quite entertaining to see them, after so long! in some ways, i did not change much, in some ways, i changed ALOT! hahhaha.

2009 calendar

2008 calendar


to start off a new year? People will come up with brilliant plans, new year wishes and set up new goals.. but wonder how does those plans work without a Calendar!? & yes! I D.I.Y. a 2009 calendar myself! this is the 2009 calendar and 2008 calendar i made in previous years, was a blast, received uncountable positive remarks and inspired a lot of my fellow mates to followed up with the same trend. this calendar consisted a collection of my 2009’s favorite cam whore snaps, of cos some never published photos, re-edited, mostly picked out my 2009 GOV sets, and even the latest December 09’s (Glory of vanity) pictures, and i made my own 3rd D.I.Y. calendar! & of cos its printable size! (of cos i going to print it out.) i spent the 3 days to choose suitable pictures, then i realized, how much pictures i took within 2009! really uncountable, maybe near a million? so it was really having a hard time choosing the best out of the best pictures, and finally i came up with 24 pictures, and edited them, and DA-TA! my 2009 calendar to ready to use!

the ultimate difference from my previous years calendar, my latest set is more matured, and clean, neat and presentable. unlike to previous set, more kiddish and more vibrant. entering to growing up stage. 2010, i will be 22.

Among this 12 months, my favorite is ALL!!!

THIS YEAR, I LIKE ALL!! seriously.. hee hee, && december pic is new! from the the dec GOV, missing miss m. dedicated to my beloved Miss m.. she left…. =(


D.I.Y. yourself a calendar! making something to spice up your own room,

which could be done in less than an hour!

its will be your 1st 2008 present to yourself!

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9 thoughts on “-2010 Calendar”

JAPB | December 4, 2009


STEFFY | December 4, 2009

Love the calendar…but…on ur title post u spelled ‘calendar’ correctly but on those images instead of the A u spelled as E…is it on purpose or???

sorry if i offened u(: no harm done..

anyways…u said if u blog hits increase by a 100% u’ll do a photoshop
video…r u doing it still????

wanna noe how do u put a pic behind those numbers n letters(:

atom lambert | December 4, 2009

great advice, perhaps i should do 1… btw, ur calender is superb!

Hayley S | December 4, 2009

Very nice Yutakis, your best calender yet 🙂
Pictures for May and Oct in particular are outstanding. There was an advertizement for Dior Parfum “Dior Addict” 2003 which shows similarities with your May image. Top quality and love the magazine glossy style about it.
Look forward to seeing more work from you 🙂

pak jae hwa | December 5, 2009

i swear if that was in stores i would so0o0o0o buy it >.<

Jeanie | December 5, 2009

hey.. im here to comment after so long! hahaha.
realise we dont talk on msn anymore.
but hmmms, ur calendar did spark off my inspiration to do one for myself too! will be interesting to have ur own calendar instead of buying others.

who knows, if u can afford, maybe u can even print out own 2010 planner/organiser, since u take many photos! 🙂

hope u’re doing well.
even if things did not go smoothly, rmb there are always ppl who really loves to see u happy as well. 🙂

XueLing | December 9, 2009

lols.. your a handsome guy near to being a celeb… making calenders is no biggie.. why not.. sell it XD? guess you got num of fans who want to buy yr calender too ;3 hhahahs

Pu3 | December 9, 2009

I love May the most 😀 hot hot! But you’re right really, all 12 photos are amazing! (^_^)/ You look like the main male hero character in every Japanese manga that every girls would go crazy for! Best of luck!

Mandee | February 10, 2010

Oh shizz, you got way hotter throughout the years. Weight loss? Your PS skills and self-caming skills have definitely improved as well. The 2008 set had a grungy, rugged feel while the 2010 one has a sleek and sophisticated style. My faves are May, April, and MARCH (my month!). I love the natural yet slightly muted colors. It’s refreshing with a dreamy and nostalgic quality.

You are so the best male photoshopper. 🙂

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