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-Pretty Girls.

21/January/2010 | A Little More Personal


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-Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘 Evolution 30th Edition

14/January/2010 | Daily Things, Vanity Vain

TATAH!! normally my GOV  sets never late, always on time or even a month early, but this time i dragged 2 weeks time to produce this set of pics, this set of pics matters. at least  they matters to me, its the 1st set of the year, must be something fresh and have the W factor. (wow factor) i really took quite a long time taking and adjusting lighting, background and thought freally long time on what type pics i wanted to portrait, its was dry and idealess.

Suddenly it dawn down on me… maybe i had ran out of ideas on camwhoring, maybe i have reached my limites, and could never go beyond my old pics… that just that simple thought frightened me… then after 5 nights of photo project… my 1st 2010 set of GOV pics were born. and i think with that dicouragement thought of mine, i did even better than any of my previous sets of GOV, a new level, a new standard, i proudly present you, the evolution set of pics:

Glory Of Vanity: 보라색 하늘

Evolution 30th Edition


NEW banner

was not easy, i had been wanting to change that banner of mine for quite sometime, it received countless compliments, and to take it down, i had to come up with a one which could be even better than that. and its not easy. seriously!

last night i had my worst photoshopping experince, this banner was not the 1st product. it was the 3rd product. as my photoshop elements decided to bitch me out, it “….is not responding” on my TWICE! when the banner amost done!

here’s the last min printe screen shot of the 1st one i did, a few seconds before the programme auto shut down,  felt really pissed and faster restart the the programme and redo watever i did, as i scared i might lost of the feeling of the pics and could no long edit a similar banner pic…

70% almost finished editing, the mouse was not moving AGAIN! in my mind, i was screaming and slamming my head against the wall and curse the mother of photoshop elements.. then start begging mentally for mercy from my computer… but he bitched me out. it auto shut down AGAIN!! by then it was already 3.00am.. by right, if the programme was performing totally at regular status, i should be finished that banner by 2 am!

here’s the pic of the 3rd try, similar to the 2nd one, but spot the difference, there’s two major difference in both pics. for the 3rd time, i played safe, by kept saving it as PSD file while editing… and finally… the my banner is finally alive!

after sorting out the pics, then i realised the pics was a bit too short in the width… TSK! major TSK-ness. i swear i roll my eyes balls 360 degrees. fuck man, i was already fucking sleepy, it was already close to 5am!!! and i had test the next day. fucking hell.

then finally i massively add lenght as far was i could… my banner is finally finally fianlyl usable. finally. by the time of 5.30, i felt like crying, the 1st banner that made me edit 4 times! but my hard work did not go waste, i fucking love this new banner and it looks, magical, blue (my signature color) high in W factor and most importantly, i always like sky and night, my header actually tells all, my blog is too good to be true! ahahhahaha! kidding, maybe the other way round, too fake to be real!!

p/s: mainwhile the UN. post pics is progress, be patient updating in 2 days time!! i m busy with my blog shop people… sorry sorry.



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