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14/March/2010 | A Little More Personal, Holiday, Truth About Diamonds

it seems like yesterday when i just enter MacPherson…. sandy, eric and wendy was not my 1st best friends. but they stay through with me through thin and thick. still fresh in memory, the things we been together, we shade colors, we change, we learn, we fail, we stood by each other no matter what. time flies. 2010 is official year i’ve known sandy for 8 years. eric for 7 years. wendy for 6 years.

just in time, my dearest wife is back to Singapore this early summer, i rush back from harbin to meet her.. i wanted to spent every mins with her as, she will be only staying in singapore for less than a week. i always wanted to take a really really really nice set of pictures with sandy, as she’s never photogenic, and she used to be so much fatter, and always close her eye when i take pics with her, as her eyes is super sensitive to flash, and that totally explains why i do not have much pretty pictures with her.




to celebrate our 8th anniversary of friendship, i book a room at my all time fav hotel, new majestic hotel, to party, and take a really nice of pics with her. and there was a theme and it was WHITE, and sleeping wear. i wanna portrait the closeness and togetherness of friendship, that explain why i choose the theme.

turn out! my baby sandy is totally photogenic right now! its been 1 whole year since we made real effort to take a set of pictures every heart. the last time she was back, (last year’s july, we did not take much pics, due varies reasons, one of which, i gain weight.)
she is super skinny, her eye is wide open when taking pics this time! maybe becos the amazing lx-3, or its a good karma, that god want to reward her a set pretty pics, as to make it up to her years of doom luck on taking pics.- always eyes closed.


so, here’s the gorgeous set of pics that i really really likes a lot, i hope i’ve captured the friendship., i want to show my grand kids next time… “SEE! your grandpa have a group of super best friends! and here’s the prove!” sadly, wendy is not here in Singapore… wish she is here though, miss her badly.

another day during her stay, i took my diamonds out for a scroll at orchard, took some neoprintes and seat around and catch up with each other’s life, then at night, i brought them to Marriott for dinner. had a wonderful night with my bffs.

the night we dressed up for party! though something stupid happen that night, but the whole bath, dressed up, fighting for mirror, eating take out on bed together, just brought us back to the old days when we always that, staying under one roof. awwww.. i m missing my best friends again….

we had a wonderful time during her stay, time was so limited, but still no choice… she had to leave. seriously, i consider really lucky, its so hard to find someone to love you no matter what, i m lucky to find 3 of them. sandy, eric and wendy.

the endless friendship will go on.

p/s: i will be updating my blog within this week, i will be promoting my blog shop!!

and some awesome pics that is not related to my this
post, dont wanna mess up this post with misc pics, and yes, a new set of GOV as well, and some clubbing pics… so comeback this week, to check my new updates.

madness. its already 7+ am in the morning! i’ve not slept yet to finish this post, as keep my promise over twitter, that i will be updating by tonight…

alright enough of write ups.. i m off to bed…

-自拍大王第一章: 新しい革命の章

08/March/2010 | A Little More Personal, Daily Things, Feeling Lucky, Holiday, Love, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain, Welcome To My World

hello all!! i’ve been away for 3 weeks! the reason for this trip, i shall explain later in this post… if you are close follower of my twitter account, you would know, i did not have any chance to update my blog, to announce my departure, as it was too sudden.. but i did made this trip worthy for my blog, i m back wih 150+++ READY pics! that means ready to post pics, and one set of GOV~~ hohoho~ i finish all the over-due pics from jan and feb.. and its the 1st hudred pic 2010 post! i swear this post is way better than my super super positive responded [A pic A day project] and i love this post!

SANDY LIM GRETCHEN YUCHUN IS MOTHER FUCKING BACK IN SINGAPORE!!! i m oh-soexcited. i m with her now, she went to fetch me from the airpot, at 5am this morning!! eric is here too~~ sad that wendy and siyoun is both back to china and korea~ cant spent much time with her this time… but its ok, and good for me~ I CAN HAVE MY BELOVED WIFE ALL ON MY OWN~~ HAHAHAHAHA!!

once i got the news that she coming back~~ i straight E-book a room at new majestic hotel for the both of us to celebrate her arrival, also to make up to last year, that she could not attend my prom night birthday party at that hotel, this time only me, eric and BABY SANDY, and with a better camera, i swear i will take a new set of mind blowing pics with new edits, there’s a theme set to this small private party of 3, but its a secret to you all now, just wait for the pics~~~ hohoho~ i m so excited. for the rest this week, i will so busy having sandy~~~ =D

-deep sorrow.
the reason for this trip, ain’t vacation.. one of my mom side’s close relative passed away, and one is badly injured… for the past 3 weeks, i have been attending finerals and visiting hosapitals almost everyday, it was nothing funny, actually quite serious, seeing my mom’s love one passed away and seeing her so emotionally tortured, was really really is so fragile. people actually do passed away.. when i was little, i always think death never happens, maybe only on news and tv dramas, as there’s no one around me had passed on. but.. its was horrible to see people around you disappearing…

rest in peace.
get well soon.


within this two months, nothing much did get me over my top, made me throw temper. one occosion was losing my wallet, though it did not have much money in it, but its prada… and a really really useful wallet that no longer selling… i hate losing things, but things just run away from me all the freaking time, recent years, i had lose countless phones, countless wallet, countless cameras… i was really angry and helpless that period of time when i had to pay a few hundred dollars just replace those cards i lost along with the wallet. worst, i wanted to sign up a few new membership, telephone and wireless plans, they FUCKING REJECT cos i do not have a IC! it is so fastrating! luckily i have my good friends around, ended they sign up for me.. ^ ^growing up makes me really more matured, i intend to be less narrow minded and less angry man, i ued to get super angry whenever someone tries to be funny and bitch me on purpose.. but not anymore. whenever someone like that appears, i intend to be more secure in another way… because, i believe in one thing, people all do things with intention, making others angry on purpose, most of the time comes from one emotion, which is:jealousy.

-now i could die peacefully, i took pics with kay kay, wat’s more i want? ^^


Deeply thankful towards whomever shows any form of support/concern when i need them the most, smallest actions like @-ing my tweets on my twitter, writting concern wall post on my facebook, and leaving tons nice comments on my blog, (of cos, once in a blue moon, there’s one or two heater’s jealousy comments, deleted, duh. but still thankyou very much for your precious time trying to pissed me off.^ ^ ) and those emails, sms, phone calls and of cos all of you are my invisible friends, anyone who cares to take some time to have a look on my blog or fb page, are consider as my friends to me, cos every sec you spent, that shows you care, and that make you my friend.

i know my relationship with the cyber world  is getting lousy, i often receive feedbacks that i m being too unfriendly, as i do not reply to wall post, comments,tweets and emails. i m really sorry, i really really hope i could reply to them all, they really means so much to me, just that there’s too much of them, and too little time for me. i just hope my words here could get to all of those wrote to me, and reply my blessings to all of you by this massive way, which is here. i love you all, though there might not be indivisual reponse, but i hope you all could understand, and do not give up on this friendship we build, be my cyber invisible friend forever. =)

Valentine’s day gift:

New chocolate bl 40

Girls’ gen’s mad sexy CM for BL40

my mad sexy speed-dial list:

this year’s new year gift:

LV adjustable organizer, my current replacement of my lost wallet.

A document bag for traveling,

the earth, associe GM — a travel gift as well.

there’s not much of pic captions on this post as well, i m just got down from a 8hours flight, and not rested yet, i know i owe my blog readers too much, so i m blogging 1st min when i reached Singapore… so just let the pics do the talking(not much of you gives a shit to the words on my blog anyway. ), the long and nagging write ups, is pre written when i was extremely bored in Harbin,

hope to make it up for my negligence of my blog.. im off for a short nap and going to party till vomit blood with sandy~~ bai bai~!!!

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