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27/June/2010 | A Little More Personal, Holiday, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Truth About Diamonds, Vanity Vain, Welcome To My World

18/05/2009 ~ 18/05/2010

the year of 21.

i live.
before the arrival of year 21, i made a wish.
i wished, the year of 21 will best year of my life time. i told myself, i want it to be.
if i die tomorrow, i have no regrets, i live.
once. a year of 21, that even those who own millions of gold, can’t walk a day in my year of 21.
i live.
365 days, here’s 365 pictures taken in my year of 21.
these beautiful memories will forever locked in my brain till the day i die, even if i m gone. these pictures will remain. a part of me.
a part of my 21.

the year of 21 was like a dream.

a dream was like my year of 21.


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