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20/June/2010 | Feeling Lucky, Holiday, Love, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Truth About Diamonds, Welcome To My World


Aloha world!
finally! its been 2 months since the last draft post,  3 months since the proper post! gosh! i’ve done enough neglectfulness to my blog!!
this month, june would be the month i will REALLY update my blog weekly, so really do come back often, i might pop post up anytime, because, i m nominate for this year’s SG blog awards! yes, again. this time i gonna, make something work, not gonna lose this, i hope the judges are not blind, cos, their weight-age to result is 70%! i will be blogging more often during this judging period, will let my photos blow their mind off, as i really do have so much pictures in my pocket, not yet ready to show off, but i m could assure you they are good.
during this month, i will finish my forever unfinished draft post. make it complete. also, i will be blogging my thai trip pictures, (a stunner, better then my Harbin trip pics!) so june will be a month, that feeds my long hungry readers. to make up to so many months of neglectfulness! also, do help my voting in the sg blog awards!

alrighty! enough of words, i know u re not here to read! ok! scroll down!








once upon a time



this set of pictures… took me 3 weeks to finish editing!!! i edit this set of pics until i felt vomiting blood.. every small details, little crown logos, those quotes and insert arts, took me days to search on the net, not counting those hours i spent cutting them out and convert them into sepia and black and white, and learning how to transform my group pics into paintings… it just super tedious…. really not easy, i could say, making this post happen, is one of the most most most hard thing ever since i started to blog. i total spent 3 nights sleeping at 7 am just to finish this post… these pics might be refreshing and new to all of you… i’ve looking at them for the past 3 weeks, kinda of sick of them already.. alright, i shall past them to you guys to look at them, i m not log in into for the next 3 weeks. hahahah.








this is the official part of the celebration of my 22th birthday. there’s many parts actually, like clubbing, the parties during my birthday week, my actual birthday dinner, and some small parties my friends and school mates threw for me… so, plenty pics to come. but i not gonna include them into this post, they are kinda out of the line and those pics don’t look good as a whole with this post! so i will include them in my misc post which will be posting after my thai trip post!

this post also goes up to whoever wished me during my birthday, it was a facebook wall post madness!! seriously, greetings come in every 3 to 4 mins! and it floods! but, i took the time read every single wall posts, emails, sms and PMs… i was super touched, i mean like, i personally does not know you people (most of you, my cyber friends), in person, and those really nice words and wishes from all of you, make me feel so special. i feel really special and on top of the world on my big day! come on, who gets a hundreds of greetings and wished on their birthday? must be some super movie stars or some big heros, i not close to any of them, but i’ve got the same treatment…. just really really made my day… i m out of words to describe how grateful i was… just bare in mind, yutakis loves u too. =)


-Adidas Seoul Collection

18/June/2010 | Advertorial, Feeling Lucky


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