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-1日1画像は PROJECT/2010

29/September/2010 | A Little More Personal, Daily Things, Feeling Lucky, Holiday, Love, Monthly Special, Vanity Vain

– what’s on menu today??

pic taken back when i just came back from bangkok. which is… 4 months ago?! hahaha, i have alot more old pics to surprise u all with the lateness of those expire pics. HAHA. trust me or not, this year 2010, i officially update my blog less than 5 times. =(


see u tml! =)

pic of the day has to be back. seriously. its taking me forever to finish my korea post, and i had not updated my blog (officially) for 4 months! the last post was my thai trip post…. =( that’s like in may!! i m just so sorry. i have done with all my camwhore pics taken in korea, left with scenery and friends pics… i shall start posting everyday here….

I have so much to blog! really… many things to tell u all.. i miss blogging my little things in life so much.. recently, many things happen too..

my pics are just way too sugar coated sometimes, even i, myself cant stand it. my life ain’t that perfect afterall, shit happen almost all the time for me this past few months… alright, cut it short… just to let u all know, i m alive,

more lively on face book, u can add me on my page, as i update more often here :

and also on twitter too..

but still, i almost everyday, some of my latest pics! stay tune super lovers! =)

love and miss you all.


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