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-Glory Of Vanity: Purification Ft: New Bloglook 2010/2011

29/July/2010 | Monthly Special


Hello! its been another some time since i update my blog! ever since my best of 21 post… i wanted to change my blog look right after that post! cos that post is like a closing chapter for my year of 21,  i want a new blog look for the next chapter of my life! i want a clean slip! a design that could reflects on my age, 22, i had to be more matured, also i want my year of 22, no longer complicated and messed up.

that’s how my new blog look is born! a clean, bright, full of hope and more matured look. with little messed up details, everything is welly organized.i hope my year of 22 is like that! i don’t mind being simple, as long i m in peace and drama free, i m more than happy to live a life like that. just simple. just me.

this set of GOV is freshly taken 2 weeks ago just for my new blog look, all i can say, its definitely one of favorite so far, one of a kind, and i broke the regulars style of my gov set, always too contented and way too complicated with alot of effects and designs. this set if purely design free and no effects at all!

this was the 1st header try out:

this is 2nd try out, i prefer the close up of the yutakis, that’s why i chose this at the end!

HERE’S THE complete set of my july’s gov, purification





27/June/2010 | A Little More Personal, Holiday, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Truth About Diamonds, Vanity Vain, Welcome To My World

18/05/2009 ~ 18/05/2010

the year of 21.

i live.
before the arrival of year 21, i made a wish.
i wished, the year of 21 will best year of my life time. i told myself, i want it to be.
if i die tomorrow, i have no regrets, i live.
once. a year of 21, that even those who own millions of gold, can’t walk a day in my year of 21.
i live.
365 days, here’s 365 pictures taken in my year of 21.
these beautiful memories will forever locked in my brain till the day i die, even if i m gone. these pictures will remain. a part of me.
a part of my 21.

the year of 21 was like a dream.

a dream was like my year of 21.


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