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29/January/2012 | Personal Thoughts


LOL, yutaki’s 1st 9gag inspired entry.

-Super Junior 2012 weekly calender [Giveaway]

24/January/2012 | Everydays, Give-aways



its been a week, a week of non stop compliments! best blogger week! lol, no wonder so many bloggers doing give away!!! they love the attention and compliment! lol.. (me too) anyway, its really really tough to pick the winning comment, the 30 over comments are mostly nicely written, i could tell there are a lot of effort put in, like, you guys talk about smallest details about those blog post, and the little things i mention in them… *super touch*

why all so sweet one?!

ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ あははのは〜

before these give away Y U ALL NO post such sweet comments! well, i guess have, but not here, on twitter.
duh? For sure, i will be doing another give away soon…






i m gonna explain WHY SHE WINS…

1stly, almost all the things she talked about in her entry, touches me.. even though how much i love my comeback blog post, and how much attention it got for me, still… the [a dream in Paris] is (still and will always be) my life time fav blog entry… that’s the reason why she won…

2ndly comment that i could relate to… i do love my korea trip blog post, but you do not know HOW much effort i put in for that paris post, from preparation to shooting, from planning of outfits and the styling, from the phootshop to the illustrations… really a lot of work, i guess its not widely appreciated cos its not as “fresh” and back then when i post that entry, i wasn’t actively blogging, and that post is MOST “hang/laggy” blogpost on my blog, 218 pics X 1000 Pixels X HD resolutions… gosh, friends told me, they take 15 over minutes just load that one blog post (some load half way, give up!)… LOL!! but its ok, its safe to read now, i’ve changed all the pics to super easy to load already! Maybe i shall repost that post soon….! BECOS ALMOST ALL OF U LIKE NEVER SEE THAT ENTRY BEFORE LIKE THAT!!! WTF! lol.





and tadah! the mysterious gift is super junior’s latest album!!! i had a hard time to find siwon’s edition actually, and i really love it a lot! but i m giving it away to beloved readers!!! and winner tricia love siwon too!! so here you go!

ノ’0′)ノ ̄♪祝 v(^O^)v 祝♪〜ヘ(‘0’ヘ)


2 days no see! how are you guys doing?


i m super sleepy right now, (´〜`) むにゃむにゃ i took this supplement drink, to help me sleep well… cos i always have unhealthy sleeping routine, worst, i drink a lot of sweet drinks before i sleep. so i always dream a lot, woke up feeling like i’ve never slept at all. i really need to sleep or take a nap after this blog post, that drink i took last night, effect of it still have not completely been sleep off… fml, i m blogging this entry in a half awake mode.


OK! ルンルン((´I `*))♪ back to the main topic, this is my 1st official give away blog contest! a mini one! i m giving away this 2012 super junior 2012 weekly calender! super junior is one of the rare Korean boy band that i actually like (cos of choi siwon), the other one is big bang. obviously i m not the only person who likes super junior, i’ve notice there are a huge number of people that follows me on twitter actually tweet me about super junior! so i guess picking up something from this boyband is not a mistake!


ok 1st let’s take a look at what are in for:



SM entertainment’s genuine sticker!





the most special about this calender is that, it comes along with a unique verification code. a code that u could activate a super junior calender app on your iphone! so u could not only have this entire set of calender on your desk, also, on your iphone!


the thickness of the calender, since its a weekly calender… its way thicker than normal calenders i’ve seen!


contents inside!



ok how to win this! SIMPLE! yes, i thought so too.


just leave a comment on THIS blog post, answering this question:


Which of these following blog post(s) of mine is your personal Favorite? and why?














Simple right? dont worry, i fixed most these blog entries’ pics quality, made them safe/friendly to visit. just click on to the images above, they are already all hyper-linked.


ok here’s some simple rules and regulations;


  1. You could answer more than one time, but the comment content must different. duplicated entries will be deleted.
  2. The length of the comment does not have a requirement, one liner answers will be accepted but of cos, more detailed the answer the better! lol~
  3. The answer could be more than one blog post, (or even all) but u have to explain why do you like them.
  4. Closing of the mini give-away contest is exactly 7 days later! on the 24th of jan 2012
  5. Sorry, i m still fresh at doing such give away, so its only limited on local participants, sorry to over-seas readers… i would do a international give-away soon!
  6. The winner comment will picked by me! so make sure your answers is catch my eye balls! but i had to tell u, i’m not hard to please!
  7. Winner will notified by email! so please comment with your real email account!.

One last thing! actually this not it…


if you are the winner, there’s a mystery present along with this calender! (ξ^∇^ξ) ホホホホホホホホホ〜♪ of cos, that present is also super junior related! so if u are a hardcore fan of them, i dont see why are you not participating!!! so you get to walk home with not one BUT TWO GIVE AWAY PRIZES!





actually this contest is part of “comeback” to blogsphere thing i gotta do.. as i lost some royal readers, and gain many new readers. this give away works like a bait to “force” you new readers to dig in and learn more about me, by reading some of personal most proud blog posts! サンキュゥ♪(o ̄∇ ̄)/ tata!


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