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14/February/2012 | Advertorial, Everydays, Uncategorized

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11/February/2012 | discovery, Everydays, Monthly Special, Personal Thoughts



LONG TIME! yes, its been a week since i last updated! and that is 1 month ago in blog-sphere timezone. lol, things kinda get old easily online. so if u failed to update often, your blog might be frozen and considered as dead. lol.
in the previous post, i mentioned that i’m working on a huge blog post rmb? well, its not a typical photo spam blog post, this post is kinda “messy”. its a social media blog post, where i revamp, gather bits and parts from each n every space i have online. like twitter or facebook etc.
I have noticed professional bloggers, like QQ, XX or cheesie ALL have this “theme” going on with their social network spaces, like their blog, youtube page, twitter page or facebook page all have separate themes.
And those themes all look awesome! like super professional, like a page for mega stars… i was super envious, but always did not had the time to seat down n design one myself… these social network online pages are like different rooms in your house. storing different things about u, like twitter, its “live” happenings about u. youtube, your little movies about you. facebook, a room for communication with friends. i guess everyone would LOVE to have a awesome looking “room” right? so do i.
Since i graduated and end internship 4 months ago, was at home having absolutely nothing to do, also i announced that i will actively back to blogging. i will definitely be updating regularly on all my social networking spaces and channels. i guess there’s no better time to revamp ALL my online “rooms”.
end my envy towards those professional bloggers once and for all! so..
It took me exactly one week. i changed everything, from facebook, timeline banners, display pictures. twitter wallpaper to youtube background!
its all in different themes taken in different shoots with pictures. pics that i collected from the past, each social media page have each individual theme! ok let me whore them off to you now!!!
This official facebook page should be the most important, as it is a”unlimited” connection to all my readers. The only reason i did not start a facebook page earlier was; i always thought it is meant for celebrities.. later i found out, there are not only pages for celebrities, there are also pages meant for bloggers as well, as it listed as “personal blog”. that’s when i decided to focus on a page instead. but it was already too late, i already had 3 full accounts by then. facebook accounts have a limitation of amount of friends, which is 5000. so once you reached 5k, your account will officially K.O. i used facebook as a major networking tool. so of cos, the more friends i had on it, the merrier. that explains why i accept ALL friends requests.
My facebook page is exactly 1 year old, it was released back in late 2009. ever since i started the page, i shifted all my photo albums from different accounts to the page. and all new photo albums will be uploaded to page instead of the accounts.
i recently activated the messaging tool on my facebook page, so if u like my page, we could message each other just like any other fb accounts! i m trying my best shift all the friends on my 3 accounts to my page, but i guess i need lot more time to do this…
the facebook page design: display picture and welcome banner is made from my “dark knight” photo shoot! one of my proudest work recently.
1st fb account was set up back in 2008, it reaches it’s limit of friend in 2009. 1st account kept most of my personal friends, i added them in this account as i never expect my facebook account will ever be full.
fb1 -- prt sc
this fb account theme and design is made from pictures taken in paris. streets style.
one year later, in 2009, 2nd account is born, the 1st account was maddness, not only it reaches it 5k limits, i have 2k more friends requests unapproved, that’s when i know its time to make another account, it really surprised me, when my number of friends reaches 1k within a month! that’s a lot to me, as basically i think i m a nobody, so having that much friend requests was really unexpected.
this facebook page and design is made from pictures taken in Rome, with a touch of curly hair and nature.
in 2010 facebook account number three was set up. account number 2 got K.O. within 10 months or so.
back then, there’s huge raise of facebook pages, many bloggers already shifted their connection base with the readers to page, but still i insisted thinking that facebook pages are meant for super stars. LOL… untill 2 or 3 months after i made the 3rd account, there’s finally a page category as “personal blog”!!!
so i shamelessly posted on my 3rd account that my “facebook page” should be made by a fan/reader NOT me, NOT myself setting up for myself. and there was a very nice n helpful reader who willing to set up a page for me! she is Yan Qian. she PM-ed me and asked for the permission to set up a page for me, and she told that she will add me as the admin of the page as well.. so of cos i agreed, that’s when my page is finally born! i could finally stop aimlessly creating subsequent facebook accounts..
Even up till today, yan qian is still a admin of my page!
thank you yan qian! my page will not happen w/o you! hope you are still reading my blog thou.
anyway, many asked if i had 3 full account, wad if all my accounts have all the same friends?! like 3 accounts are actually are the same 5k people but in different accounts. FML if that is really true! but no, the max mutual friends i had between accounts, was 900+ which is, 1st account compared to 2nd account. the rest is all lower than 900.. here’s the print screen comparison of the mutual friends between all 3 accounts.
fb counts (3)blank
fb counts (1)blank
fb counts (2)
so that’s at least a 13k of unique friends on all 3 facebook accounts!blank
this facebook page and design is made from pictures taken in paris. a theme filled with possibilities, imaginations and a little bit fantasy.
In years actively engaging in social networking, i had many many many fake accounts, countless, not only on facebook, i had fake accounts on myspace, grindr, match-making sites, online dating sites and sleazy chatrooms… i have received many emails telling me, i had imposters here and there, in many different countries. even girls/boys told me that they did webcam with me, when i don’t even know who they are…
there are a number of a facebook accounts which are fake, these are not hard to find… the moment u type in “yutaki” or “yutakis” on facebook search box, there will a long list of fake “yutakis” accounts using my pics.. it gets harder to look for accounts using my pics but not using my name, also thanks to readers constantly reporting imposters to me.
here’s some fake facebook accounts, some have only 1 friend, some have 4k+ friends, close to full accounts!! so beware of these fakes!


Twitter is where i most active on! sometimes i could tweet like a 20 tweets a day! some say i portray a very different personality on my blog from my twitter.. but which is more real? of cos twitter la!
Most of the tweets are a reflection how i felt at the moment, like my crazy vulgar tweets abt taxi drivers, my uber lonely tweets when i left alone at night, my mad show off tweets when i m being loved by readers and friends… if u follow me closely, there are some tweets only live for a few hours, mostly are really hurtful things i said publicly.. its not that i have no balls to keep (if i m ball-less, i wouldn’t even tweet them in the 1st place.) its just after u re cooled down, things that u did out of anger seems so foolish and unnecessary… in life there’s no redo button, but on twitter, there’s a delete button. (it’s love) this is why i love living in this cyber space.
my twitter design in made from one of my recent photoshoot, vanilla rose. directly contrast to my blunt and rude tweets, its ultra dreamy n unrealistic. yes, i m loving to be as fake-looking as i could (online.) lol.
I used to love my formspring a lot… but slowly kinda got sick of it. i started to delay replies.. only respond to it ONCE IN A RARE RARE BLUE MOON.. (like once in a few months) the only reason is… people always ask the same questions (1)! that’s damn boring i tell u, i had answer whether am i gay or not like 1000 times, i had answered, where i came from 10000 times, i had answered which cameras i m using 100000000 times. fml.
so wad do YOU think?
surprise me on formspring??? maybe THEN, i will start to be active back on FS.. lol.blank
formspring -- prt scblank
design and picture-torial are from my 2011 aterlier royale photoshoot, the dark fantasy version. i had smoky eye, jap visual rocker make up on!
ok, can i skip this?! LOL…. this is the least updated social network space i ever had. why did i even join youtube in the 1st place?
i m totally “camera shameless video shy”
i m not gonna sugar coat this, frankly speaking, i think i sound sibei ah beng, my vioce like haven’t broke properly, my accent is like any other typical singaporean, with laoya (lousy) pronunciation. so whenever i had to video, i gotta fake one accent, super cautious on my angles (cos u cant photoshop videos!) just totally fake CAN? i dont know, i m just totally not used to it… so i aviod making videos if possible. maybe one day i could be more comfortable under n my skin… i will vlog more. pretty not possible yo….
nevertheless i still revamp-ed my youtube page! with super super old pics taken 2 years back? i guess my youtube deserve no new pics leh, its rarely even touched, but i m pretty satisfied that even i had only 2 bullshit videos, i had 215 subcribers! i know people who had godzillion videos, but even a hundred subcribers! awww love u readers!
Fan-made tumblr 01
tumblr fan 1-- prt scblank
I dont own a tumblr… but i been countless times requested to make one, so that tumblr readers could repost my pics.. here’s two fan made tumblrs that i really really love… if u like, u could follow to re-post my pics on their blogs. one is
this tumblr post all my classic pics there…
Fan-made tumblr 02
tumblr fan 2 --prt-scblank
tumblr fan 3 --prt-scblankblank
the second one is abit more special, the pics are photoshoped by the owner of the fan made tumblr! and i tell u, i m truely impressed, i rarely impressed with other’s photoshop skills.but this fan-made tumblr is awesome!
i picked 5 of the pics she photo-shoped for me that i like a lot, (i assume its a she la, cos she mention me as her “prince” so i guess it must be a “she” lol.)
tumblr (5)
blanktumblr (4)
blanktumblr (3)blank
tumblr (2)blank
tumblr (1)
i been asked once on twitter, why am hyping and gets so excited over my own fan site, the reason is very simple, cos i think fan sites are made for celebrities n super stars? obviously i ain’t no celebrity, BUT i had fan sites!!!! of cos its excitement worthy man!
i had a hard time gathering the pics that i really loved on instagram, its like the easiest way to post pretty pics from your iphone, slowly it developed a habit to post pics from there… and these are pics taken for the past 6 months, i had never post them on my blog before.
of cos, these are just low res and iphone snapped pics, there are more of them in my camera n dslr… those will be slowly updated here… (rmb, i m stocking up my pics for my ns-away-days?) these pics taken at big n small events, parties, outings and little things in life.
insta (1)
insta (2)
insta (3)
insta (4)
insta (5)
insta (6)
insta (7)
insta (8)
insta (9)
insta (10)
insta (11)
insta (14)
insta (12)
insta (13)
insta (15)
insta (16)
insta (17)
insta (19)
insta (20)blankblank
insta (23)insta (24)insta (21)insta (25)
insta (22)blank
Inspired by the awesome fashion blogger cheesie, i start to post outfits pics on my instagram as well, like everytime before i head out, i will always snap a few pics of my head to toe outfit in front of my mirror, then iphoneshop it n post it on instagram…
MY instagram is 2nd most updated social space beside twitter. so do follow me there!
Even if u dont have an iphone, u could still troll my instagram online page! on this (my) instagram based online site!
Path is a pretty new awesome social network iphone app. i love the photo filters there, but sadly, its design for you n your real life social circle only… so there’s a limitation of 150 friends u can have… i already long reached that limit, so if there’s any real life friends who add me on path, i had no choice but to delete some random path friends who are actually readers who i dont really know.. i m so sorry… had to make “room” for the actual real life friends… blame path!!! dont blame me! lol…
theme and header is made from my paris photobook!
Similar to whatsapp but way more awesome! how can i not love their japanese emojis and stickers?!!?here’s the answer to why i insert so many new stickers of this blonde-Japanese-shoulder-length-hair-dude who had SOOOO many exaggerated expressions! its actually a sticker set on this chatting app, line.
WAH THE MOMENT I SAW THOSE STICKERS… i was thinking wtf?! isn’t this me? this is so me meme!!!
i cant resist but to one by one print screen them on a completely white background, photoshop them into blog memes!! those “fffffuuuuu” ” forever alone” “Y U NO..” 9gag related texts is wad i added into them, making this blond dude stickers uniquely mine!! one and only set that i espcially edited for my blog… i super love this blonde dude stickers… so much expression i could relate to, and some of them are super 9gag memes looking! now i had more reasons to blog, i have more expressions with these memes!
i received these two cute gif made from one of my video on youtube the other day, (ok, months ago) n i super love it!
mtxx (4)mtxx (3)
and i replied her email n ask how she did it! she told me, its all made from this china iphone app, mei tu GIF, so i made some live ones! crazily cool right?! best, that they are not photoshopped! so wad u see is wad u get. lol.
mtxx (8)mtxx (9)mtxx (1)


mtxx (6)mtxx (5)mtxx (7)
ok, i finally finish writting this long ass social networking blog post. it took me entire week to do this post!mainly cos of the designing, photoshopping, revamping the pages…
u gotta give a lot of tries to the size (width & height) of the page actually.. and those logos ehh? anyway, from now on, those real accounts/social network accounts that are own by me, will all have that “yutaki’s offical” logo, somewhere hidden on that theme, display pic, banner or background. Its prove its authentic, used by me.
as i had too many imposter accounts online. now that i think about it, i did had a imposter on a sleazy forum last year, who posted nude girl pics n discuss how *i* wanna do them… major wtf. lol.
anyway a piece update of my life recently,
i fugging lost my iphone yet again.
wah super dulan (angry).
it dont know it was stolen or i left it somewhere, i bet its karma, as i went out shopping with soap and miyake. and i still show-off-ed to the both of them, saying “thou, i bought a lot of things today, i still left a lot of money for this month’s allowance, due to CNY!” then hours later after i said that.. i lost my phone. fml ttm!!!
now i m so broked after buying a new phone. fmlfmlfmlfml..
… ok, this is how careless i am…
i actually just lost a white iphone 2 months ago! super heart pain!! cos it was totally new!!! i wanted to buy an second hand online but, the responses i got from online all super half fugged. so i decided to get one in handphone shops instead.
The other day i bought a new wardrobe from ikea (before i lost the phone) i finally spent some money on my room, instead of my clothes, normally i always got myself broke on clothes n gadgets, never really bother about my own room actually. i been cheating on fashion with furniture lately. LOL… i even repainted my room, revamp my room from carpet to lamps, from net bed sheets to decor photo frames. well, i figured if i m gonna revamp my personal space, le own room. why not my own personal space online too? this is why this blog post is born. tah tah! lol.
ok, i m gonna update more often right after this post, cos the other blog post i wanted to blog are basically less leceh (troublesome).. i have plenty of entries i had on my blogging to-do-list. like super creative entries, (unlike those no originality bloggers. lol.) n some special give-away blog posts too!! of cos some adverts, i had to accept some adverts to pay up for my habit on losing of phones right!
ok, i guess i wrote enuff for this single entry… tata!

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