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23/May/2012 | A Little More Personal, Everydays, Love-ing


1stly, i would love to thank all of you for being super super love and appreciating my work…

I would to show appreciation to those countless wishes and birthday greetings on varies social media platforms as well.

Also, my gratitude to my blogger friends, who know the effort i put in my photobook, they hype and share for me like mad!! super love!

As a blogger myself, i know the value of each single tweet, each share and link posted, i truly understand the worth of them more than anyone else. what these blogger friends did for me… super touching. Gonna name a few bloggers who heavily promoted my for me, like qiuqiu, xiaxue,  eric, miyake, rachell pxd and joyce lim! all were super nice, spam their timeline for me! wah~~ super touched.


<Summer love> did really got me loads of attention, my blog hit raised to 10k on the day upon release, and it remain high, at least 2 to 3 times more than my usual stats till now.

Of cos, those long ass emails, comments and wall posts, singing high praise of my 2nd photo book, freaking touching too.

I didn’t have the time to answer all of them, i shall answer here in bulk, the most asked questions:

-Yes, all the pictures were taken by myself, with tripod, timer, wireless remote control (if u re observant enough, u could actually spot the tiny black remote in my hand in some of the pics.)

-Yes, even the under water shot were taken myself, ok, here’s the trick, some DSLR have this speed burst function, when it’s activated, it will snap a 20 – 30 shots at one go, at very fast speed. i just gotta place my dslr (in waterproof casing) at the stairs of the swimming pool, facing to the angle i want it to capture, and when speed burst is activated, i will swim over or dive in. that’s how those under water shots were taken.

-Yes, you could post my pics on tumblr or on your website so long u credit me, that’s fine.

-I will blog about the things related to this photo book, like which contact lens i used, where exactly this photo book were taken at, i did some small cosmetic procedure before this shoot, fillers. and where i did my hair for this shoot as well.. so stay tune.



My birthday weekend was madness, had so much fun,  had the powerful blogger birthday party. lol, i had all my favorite bloggers at my party. i swear, if i go back to 6 years ago, when i just started blogging. and tell myself, that i will have xiaxue, kaykay, miyake, qiuqiu at my birthday party… well, even i will not believe myself.

i club continuously for 2 nights, i felt like i am 19 again. just that major difference is my energy level… i used to be much more energetic, now? it took me 2 days to “sleep off” the alcohol.


I was super hyper during that two nights, i think i met some readers in clubs, and they were shocked by my crazy behaviors! email and FS me, they remind me to be more compose and well-behave. lol…. i m getting old, gotta be childish as often as when i get a chance… before it’s all too late! lol. don’t worry for me, i just having my fun!

Anyway, i include this “thank you” blog post with a poll… i desperately wanna know from all of u, which photo book is your favorite?! Volume one or Volume two!?

Let me know pls! it’s super easy, just check the vote button at that poll i put up below, it will take u less than 15 secs. but if u re free…. u can comment on this blog post and tell me why! why did u pick volume one or volume two, you comments are greatly appreciated!


love you guys so much…












My fav LINE sticker published a set of new the blonde jap dude stickers!!!!! which means… more emotickers for my blog!!! i already added them to my ‘yutakis blog sticker’ collection! i know my English is horrible, and i m bad at expressing myself with words… these stickers are here to rescue!!

Update: this LINE dude is called JAMES!!! SAME AS ME!!! lol, ok this is just gonna make me love him more. cos he is just… SO ME! thanks for the tip novia and misshermes!




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