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06/July/2012 | A Little More Personal, Everydays



last Fri ~ Sun

IT’s been a fruitful week, i just got back from a sponsored trip to Genting with twinnie miyake by nuffnang!  We took tons of pics! we tried a few outfits. It wasn’t a free and easy trip, so most of the time, we were rushing, shooting and changing. then rushing, shooting and changing again. during the 2nd day of the trip i fell sick, due to all the rushing, changing, sweating… and u know the weather in genting is pretty cold. i caught flu and a horrible cough. lucky for me, i had twinnie to take care of me, she even packed my stuff for me before we came back to sg, i felt so loved!


On the way back to sg, i finally had the time to sit down and thru the pics during the trip, i didn’t fall sick for nothing! the pics were worth it! we even took some pics which are worthy as a new blog banner for miya! it’s on its way to debut! ^^



Right after i got back to sg, i met the Soap, qiuqiu and xiaxue for a belated birthday celebration dinner for qiu! they were so nice to wait for me to be back to sg and celebrate for her together! honestly, they could jolly well pangseh (leave me out) and celebrate it during the weekends! we had a superbest dinner and late movie night. OH! i had a 3rd ear-piercing on my left ear, and xiaxue did it as well.


Do you guys know qiu didn’t have any ear-piercing? at all! amazing right? is she even a girl?? lol. xx and i kept pursuing her to pierce with us, we even propose to pay for the piercing, xx pay for one hole, and i pay for one. this is gonna be the most unforgettable birthday present for qiu ever! we paid for her left and right ear holes. SUCH A FANTASTIC bday present! but she die die (insist)  not wanting to do it. tsk, so wet blanket one. lol.


The day after, me and Eric went over to miyake’s new house for a banner photoshoot for kaykay. ok, i m gonna give u guys a tiny hint on its theme. it’s some what related to My little Pony. Its kay’s mega fav cartoon character (beside Duffy and hello kitty). miya’s new house is mega chio! super love her wooden floor, flora wallpaper, mega kimochi carpet and yes! her HUGE window on 29th storey!!!! the view from her room is…. O_O


The shoot went way beyond my expectations! as previously i expected wayyy more from kaykay, i planned some really hugeass block blaster shoots for her, related to water and flowers, she rejected my proposal, and she wanted something really simple and homely. so i guess, HOW PRETTY AND EYE POPPING can be homely shoot be?? i was so wrong. the pictures of  4 look photo shoot was amazing pretty. one of the best shoot i did for my friends. ever. i will be working on the pictures this weekend.



The following night i went over to qiu’s house for a dinner party! it was super fun, and i met cheesie for the 1st time. she mega chio one, face super small one! super jelly.. we had night market food for dinner and group gossip non stop! w/ sophie, huiwen, qiu, josh, mike, xx and alaric. and i met qiu’s pet huskies for the 1st time as well, they are super huge one!


That basically sum up my suppppper supppppper busy week, thou i didnt even had the slacking time this week at all. No time even to finish unpacking my stuff from genting. (i was out EVERYDAY of this week).  i m pretty glad to be contented recently, as i finally got my NS enlistment date. it will be in September….



Its qiu’s husky, Tiffany i m camwhoring with! super pretty husky!

And yeah, i m flying off next week Wednesday to Hong kong and Macau! hope to take some pretty pics! ^^ wish me luck!



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