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-L’Hôtel étude: THE CLUB HOTEL

08/January/2013 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Monthly Special, Vanity Vain, Weekends


Happy New Year my dear blog readers!!!! Ok this year I m
9 days late. Lol. New year, new blog project!
< Le’hôtel étude > means ‘the hotel project’ in French!

It was always one of my favorite things to do, self photo
shoots and visiting different hotels. As a blogger I would
love to visit to different hotels and review them and take
awesome pics.

Especially with the raising of local boutique hotels,
I wanna go to all the hotels!!!!!

Personally I know I m English challenged. Lol, my horrible
English has been a style icon of my blog, how to do hotel
reviews with my broken English like this?! And and finally
an ideal sparked me recently, why don’t i do hotel reviews
with a partner? Like someone who is NOT a Camwhore,
(the Camwhore role is already taken up by me) strong in
English, interested in visiting different hotel just like me!
That’s when I met the perfect candidate, Shannon, MSK.

Shannon is a good friend that I’ve met months ago thru a
event with his funny and cute girlfriend Zerika. He is a full
time online event organizer. With his recent new found
hobby, blogging, he is really passionate and hardworking,
who update almost every other day. Travel up and down in
Singapore to do food reviews with his girlfriend.

He casually mention his interest in hotel reviews.
*Eyes sparkles*, cos I always wanted someone who can
write to work with, (none of my other friends are willing
writers, all super vain camwhores like me.) He then sent
me a few reviews blog entires he wrote. I was really
impressed with his ang moh (english), definitely wayyyyy
better than mine. Lol.

After a few discussions, we decided on a partnership to
review/shoot boutique hotels together, like of cos I will
do what I do best, mini online Photobook style shoots and
Shannon will be doing what he love the most, review the
place! Fantastic isn’t it? We decide to produce a piece
every single month! More reasons for me to update and
also fulfill my personal quest for visiting all the hotels in
Personally I’ve been to a number of boutique hotels, I
never once go into reviewing them, just Camwhore all
the way, so I might be re-visiting those hotels I already
been to, with a much in-depth review by Shannon and
more customized self photoshoot of myself. Lol. I am
already loving the whole ideal alr!! how could i not!!

ok, less talk, picture time!




















I split the photoshoot pictures into two parts, part one
on my blog, part two on Shannon’s blog along with his
blog review. This is push factor for u guys to take a look
at the review of the hotel as well, or else I know most of
you guys would be lazy to read the review section of the
‘Le’hotel étude’ project, it will then defeats the whole
purpose of the entire “hotel review” project.

This project will be on-going for at least 6 months,
6 more hotels to review and shoot! more reasons to
update my blog and also more reasons for me to shop for
new clothes to shoot!! Let me know of some really fancy
and nice hotels u been to or know of that you would love
me to review and shoot!

Also I m brainstorming of more regular blog projects
so I could keep my blog update regularly. Look at qiu’s
and Sophie’s blog! They mad spoil market one, update
don’t know many times a week kind! I mad lose out la…
Ok, I should be less lazy alr. Till the next update!




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