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28/February/2013 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Monthly Special, Review, Vanity Vain, Weekends

Welcome to the February edition of the “the hotel
project” <L’hotel étude> this month. Msk and I decided
on 1 of my all time favorite boutique hotel. New majestic hotel
! I always been huge fan of this hotel, I celebrated my 20th,
21th and my bff’s reunion party at this hotel.. But never
once had a proper review at this place. So msk and I
went back for a hotel review/shoot this time!

U know this hotel have a regulation that u couldn’t choose
which room u will be given, as every single room
have a different theme! To my amazed I got the same
room where I celebrated my 20th birthday! The room
brought me back so much fond memories… I have so
much friends back with me then.. & I truly miss them!


and you know wad… I totally love new majestic hotel,
even this two set of pics i took there, is one of my best
shoots i did in months!!( better than the 1st issue,
The Club hotel one) super love it!

This time I again did two set of the pics, one blue theme
and one red theme! Please leave me a comment and
share with me which edition you prefer! Blue or red & why!
I personally love the red one cos I think I look chioer in it! Lol.

Ok read of the review version on msk’s blog here! Also the
other half photoshoot pics of the new majestic hotel is on
msk’s blog along with his perfect English review!

There’s slight delay on the posting of this post; I truly feel
sorry for it, really unprofessional of me… so sorry!!!
but i swear this will never happen again!
and next month will at Scarlett hotel or wonderlast hotel!
oh… I m getting all excited again!

Althou its late, but STILL…






















I m currently so busy day and night photoshopping my 3rd
online photobook. I am so so of lack inspiration atm; and please
again wish me with all the photoshop luck in the world to
produce an awesome 3rd photobook!


Thank you guys so much!
A lot of love! 😀 bye!



-The Face Diaries! Vol.01

13/February/2013 | The Face Diaries

drx hd

It’s no secret that i m vain, really vain, many of you had
emailed or comment on my site asking for
recommendations, what is my skin care regine? where
do my hair? how come my face magically look much
slimmer…? here i am compiling all the little things and
improvements i have done so far, i will share with all of
you, on my column-like blogpost, where to do it, how to
do it and stuff like that!
(The Face Diaries)
– being vian, constantly i desire to improve myself on
physical appearance!


Dont overlook the power of tiny improvements u do to
your face, trim your brows, eye enlarging lens, a bit of
under-eye-liner, concealing your eye bags… these tiny
little things could make a HUGE difference on your face.
And yes who say boys can’t be vain? There are plenty of
boys who are vain these days, metro boys are in.

Recently I did fillers with DRx for the 3rd time. Yes,
previously I did just a week before my ultimate 2nd
volume photobook shoot [summer love] that’s like
11 months ago? I personally know a lot boys who went
for Botox, fillers and all sorts Beauty procedures..

for web2

I went to DRx to do another round of fillers to my nose
bridge and chin. This time I changed a doctor who do my
procedures. And I tell u, I mad love her!!!!!!!!

Dr Angela!
Here’s her contact:

She’s super helpful, friendly, chatty and nice, totally
understand what I want, and she deliver whatever I
want too!


Ok this time I decided to show my the more real life
before and after pictures of the fillers… It took me a
while to decide to blog about this, cos its too good
not to share! And many of you also complained that
previous time I blogged about my fillers, u guys
can’t really tell the difference from the before
and after pictures! honestly… The difference is alot!



Ok here are some quick frequent asked questions,

Is painful?

No, no at all. With the help of numbing cream and
ice cube applications, I couldn’t even feel a thing,
Dr. Angela was super nice and chatting with me all
the way, kinda got my mind off being poke by

Afterall, I guess it’s about the same level of pain with
plugging eye brows. So if u re ok with plugging
eyebrows, u’ll be totally good with fillers.



How long does it last?

It last 6 months to 1 year. It was there solid for 10
months for me. Then I realized there’s a significant
decrease in my nose bridge height, so I went back to
DrX for another round of fillers!


How much is it?!

Its 1000 bucks per tube. It took me 2 tubes for my
nose and chin. The brilliant thing is that if u can’t
finish the entire tube, u can keep the remaining with
Dr.angela, can always go back to “top up” as and
when u like it.

1000 bucks sounds a bit pricey to me initially, but
think about it, it could last me a minimum of 10
months. That’s like only 100 bucks a month! 100
dollars for me to look good for almost a year?!
Totally worth it pls!


Is there any down time?!

I guess one day? Or two? For me, it does not affect
me at all, I went out with my friends right after doing
the fillers! Here’s some hangout photos of me, Sophie,
Miyake and Qiuting RIGHT after the procedure. And
I totally don’t feel weird about my face at all, except
that I think I m even more photogenic on pictures
than usual.




Why nose fillers?

Higher nose bridge makes your face looks more 3D,
honestly speaking do u guys know why most
celebrities go for a nose job? Out of so many types
of plastic surgeries, why nose job?

The reason is, nose is the 2nd feature that will divide
your face into 3 proportions aside than your eye brows.
Without brows and nose, you face will look totally flat,
and nothing flat will look good on cameras. Trust me.
Therefore if u notice, most celebrities have dominate
brows and nose. Don’t believe me?
Go ahead and take notice now!


Why chin fillers?

Most Asian have really round face, so do I! It is a such
agony for someone super vain like me. With longer
chin, your face will look longer and slimmer in
proportion. And for guys I suggest you can ask for a
U shape chin rather than a V shape chin, U shape is
much much more masculine, and V shape chins are
too girly, well, it works for most girls! like Xiaxue
did her V shape chin fillers, and she’s totally rocking it!

My dream chin will be like choi Siwon‘s and nadech
‘s! They both have amazing U shape chins!!!!!!
Super envy!


Where to do it?!

I strongly recommend you to do your fillers with
Dr. Angela from DRx, honestly speaking after doing
my fillers with 3 different
doctors, only dr Angela understand what I really
wanted and delivered it to me, the exact result I
always wanted, she constantly gave me
encouragements and kept asking if is it painful?
Is it hurting me? Is this what I want? Super detailed
and professional!!! Most important thing about
getting fillers is about getting exact what and how
you want, and dr.angela is the one who can deliver!

DRx facebook page:

DRx Address:

302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555

DRx Official Site:

Here are some post fillers selcas of me recently!
Super loving the chin and nose fillers!




Not just that face I m desire to improve, right now I m
also very much interested in getting sponsorship for
gym and a fitness instructor! So if u know any gym
instructors who could barter trade, do email me at

Of cos I don’t mind flash meat as for the results on my
blog to share how awesome the gym instructor is! ^^


Ok, the next post for my [the dairies] will be on IPL, a
new technology that makes your face firmer!!!!!!


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