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-Mr.Taxi, Taxi, Horrible Taxi.

26/March/2013 | Everydays, Personal Thoughts

Something horrid happened to me last weekend.
This is already the shorter version of the story, I already cut down on alot of personal remarks, feelings and other relevant details. I am angry, I really could go on and on about how I pissed I am with the taxi driver and how unresponsive SMRT-singapore is. but if you’re expect flawless english, please do yourself a favor, EXIT MY BLOG NOW. bye.

-Mask Selection From Secretive.

22/March/2013 | Advertorial, Everydays, Review



Dear all!
As you guys know i have always been a big fan of beauty
products, especially facial mask, so i was super happy that had sent me plenty of masks to review!

i’ve read about some time back. they have
many really awesome masks which was previously
reviewed on Xiaxue and Qiuqiu’s blog!

This time they sent me a new series of facial masks that they
brought into Singapore!

[ But, Becky.]

a little side track story, who’s becky??


“There’s a little girl in every woman’s heart, a sweet and
bright girl! A little girl that compliments your beauty and
admires your confident.

Sweet and confident, that’s Becky!”

— Quote from their Official facebook!





All the masks from <But, Becky.>
are woven with innovative double knitting technique, is a
huge plus for me, i m a hardcore lifting effect products fan.
the double woven helps to lift the face upwards and
create a smaller face effect after use! awesome right?

The elasticity of the mask is really high. can actually cover
my entire face!! ok..
i gotta confess, i hate masks that are  manufactured with small
surface area… really, manufacturers should consider the
big face population!! like me! (as normally guys will have
bigger face than girls)

Those really tight masks i’ve tried previously,
15mins seems to be a lifetime! it’s really uncomfortable and i
can’t wait to get the mask off my face. but the highly
stretchable <But, Becky.> mask is able to cover every inch
of my skin and i could let the mask stay on forever… i don’t
even feel a thing! love it!!!! it’s a perfect fit, even for a big
face! like me lol!


The <But, Becky.> masks are made with special diamond
pattern embossed, further accelerates the penetration of
essence, making sure that it is fully absorbed.

There are basically 4 types of masks from <But, Becky>
targeted at different skin concerns, 4 sweet variants with
exquisite ingredients – Wild Yam, Job’s Tear, Hyaluronic
Acid and Pearl!
as being greedy and have loads of time on hand, i tried all
of the masks! hohoho…. so here’s my review and verdict of
these masks from <But, Becky.>


The Pink Box [But, Becky.] is the
Pure & Whitening Job’s Tears Mask
It contains Concentrated Job’s Tears essence.
For whitening effect, fairer-looking skin. Most girls would
love to use the whitening mask to look fairer, but i used it to
lighten my freckles and pimple marks! it also can help to
reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark spots!

After leaving the mask on my face for 15mins, my skin was
visibly fairer for sure, it appeared well- hydrated. the very
next day, skin appears to be lighten up, the pimple marks
on my forehead is visibly lighter. awesome results
for just the 1st try, with a few more applications, for sure
pimples marks will be gone in no time!


As for the Green box [But, Becky.] is the
Age-lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
with high level of vitamin C and E, wild yam helps to delay the
aging process, as well as keeping skin moisturized! This is
the kind of mask i should be using from now on, whenever i
post smiley pictures, followers on instagram always
comment that i have really obvious crow feet….


  It’s making me take extra notice at my eye area to look out
for fine lines.. yes, my crow feet are pretty obvious. so, this
will wad i m gonna use regularly. it also helps in delaying the
process of forming smile lines and tiger lines on
your forehead (ok, i made the tiger lines up myself, but
it kinda seems like a reasonable name for those lines on
the forehead.. lol)

There’s a strong scent of Chinese herbs when i 1st tear
open the wild yam mask. after leaving my skin for full
absorption for a short 15mins, my skin seems to be well
hydrated, the smile lines seems to be less obvious, thou
there’s not much difference to my crow feet… BUT!
product results takes time!! and i strongly believe, if i m
hardworking enuff, my crow feet will soon be reduced in



The Blue Blue box of [But, Becky.] is the
Moist-lock & Firming Hyaluronic Acid Mask
Enriched with Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid a firming
& lifting effect mask! also maintain your skin to be bouncy
and soft! if you ever follow my tweets closely, you
would know that my favourite beauty care product will
be ANYTHING, ANYTHING… related to firming and lifting
effect products! Ever since young, i hate to say, i always
had huge problems fighting water retention, face gets really
puffy and bloated after drinking too much water… seems
saggy and lack of elasticity. for sure this firming mask from
But, Becky is my favourite among all other masks.

Only after 1st try, my skin appeared to be totally refreshed
and “slimmer”. My saggy cheeks appeared to be firmed-up.
I m totally amazed at how much work the mask had done to my
face within that instant 15mins, this will definitely be the mask
i will use before photoshoots or events, smaller face
will always look better on cameras!


Last but not least, the turquoise box of [But, Becky.]
is the
Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask
It contain Pearl and Ginkgo essence, which both are rich in
Vitamin A and C! helps to soften and whiten complexion!
Let skin stay young and luminous!


A small tip for you guys:
do you know that 1st sign of aging is actually dullness? due
to late night parties, studying or TV dramas, our skin loses
its glow and become dull… yes, it’s true, this is something i
learned after 2 years working in a skin care company. if you
are guilty of late night sleeps or unable to fulfill that precious
8 hours of rest a day… please let this mask help us…
(by us, i mean me too, guilty of late night sleeps too lol)

15mins of application made my skin totally brightened up,
my eye bags appeared to be less visible. the usual redness
around my nose area are gone… GONE! disappeared! my
skin was totally less dull, was totally amused by the effect…



[But, Becky.] is endorsed by the super handsome Aaron Yan
from Taiwan! many of you might know him from the famous pop
group Fahrenheit!

These masks are sold at a really affordable price!
$14.90 for 8 pieces!

ok, no more excuses for not taking care of your skin already,
it’s reasonable price, easy to use, comfortable and only
15mins… well, i, myself will be doing masks everyday now!
it will be my Chinese new year resolution! lol.


But becky are sold at selected Watsons stores and also





There’s many other awesome masks u can buy from like LoveMore (!
catch the awesome commercial of Lovemore
mask below too!



I’ve also received two other LOVEMORE series of new masks from the [Oriental Series] and the
[From, Taiwan] series.

[Oriental Series]


Snow Lotus Revival Mask


Black Pearl True White Mask


Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask


Yurong san Amazing White Mask


My favorite among all the 4 oriental mask series must be
the Snow Lotus Revival Mask! it helps not only whitening,
it also fix my skin! like my skin appears to visibly brighter,
my pimple scars are much lighter! most importantly….
it reduced my nose-shine for the next day!!! amazing isn’t
it?! i can’t tell u how much i really love the effect of it.




[From, Taiwan]

Wine Yeast Whitening Mask


Pearl Barley & Milk Soothing Mask


Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask 


The awesome from [From, Taiwan] and [Oriental Series]
series are SILK MASKS!!! yes, super super soft, and barely
visible! i love the Pearl Barley & Milk Soothing Mask! it
smells just like barley milk,after using the mask, my skin is
soft for the next 2~3 days! like really bouncy and soft. i will
totally purchase the pearly barley & milk mask from
secretive! visit their site to purchase them!


Close-up shot of the amazing silk mask, can u see how
transparent and comfortable looking the mask is or not?!
like one of the most light, easy to fit and comfortable mask
i ever tried. silk masks for the win!



follow the official facebook pages for promotions, lucky
draws and beauty tips from the beauty experts! -
But Becky Singapore –




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