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23/June/2013 | Everydays, Love, Weekends


Hello! I’m blogging about my 25th birthday!
Ok, I know I haven’t even blog about my last
year’s bday party. I nv blog about my 24th bday
due to a few reasons, very personal reasons. Not
that the pics are ugly or something, in fact they
are really pretty pictures. Maybe I might blog
about the best part of them when I’m in better
mood. Lol.

I celebrated my 25 birthday at 3 different places
and with 3 different group of friends.

I had a pop up party celebration at HOTEL RE, it
was very last min. all thanks to HOTEL RE, they
sponsor me a night at their super super gorgeous
golden themed suite, I was trying my luck to
invite some friends over to get together 2 nights
before the party…. I honestly expect no one can
make it, cos it was too last min, to my surprise!
EVERYONE made it!

Except Xiaxue, who really can’t leave her house,
baby dash wasn’t feel well that weekend. But we
had a pre-celebration gathering at wendy’s house
that night before, only the 4 of us, qiu, Sophie and
me, oh! yipmomo and baby dash too!!!!

And also Miyake! Who was on her way to Singapore
from Bali that night. right after she landed, her bf,
Eugene drove her all the way down to the hotel just
to pass me birthday presents before mid-night!!!
HOW SWEET U TELL ME?! was really super touched!


This super sweet qiuqiu insist the Birthday boy
shouldn’t get his own birthday cake, she went all the
way to the place where I get my bday cake every
other year!! It was a super new thing to me, previously
none of my friends ever buy me a birthday cake,
seriously its not their fault!

just that I m a born control freak, I like the things go
my way, just the way I like it. So I get my own birthday
cake (that i love) every other year, this year this
Qiuting took my “bday cake from a friend” virginity
away. LOLOLOL!

Awesome people who was there for me. Sandy, Din,
Sandy’s bf din, Wendy, qiu, Sophie, Hellven, Nichy,
Peggy, Rachell, Rachell’s bf Martin, Melissa, JJ and

We had a great time at the hotel, the place is really
pretty. Everything is in gold! It was a 50 shades of
gold room. Not to mention, its a award winning suite
with a huge round water bed, a super large bathtub
with Jacuzzi functions and a spacious living room!

HOTEL RE were so sweet, they prepare champagne
and a birthday cake for me! Sweet not! Would sure
be going back there for another Staycation, superbest
customer service, the interior was so sleek and luxury
looking. I totally wanna do a personal shoot there in
the gold suite!



The last part of celebration! With Miyake! We had a
private gathering, at my favorite shabushabu place at
cine! Twinnie was so sweet, she not only bought me
presents from Bali, also buy me dinner.

Here’s the endless camwhoring pics with Miyake
spam to end this post!






check out another piece of fan art done by Larissa!
this time she drew me and twinnie miyake!

just love her work! go follow her, she draw really
awesome anime and kpop celebrities too!



I wanna a hardworking blogger too! Like Miyake,
Sophie and qiu! Can I?! Please!!!!!!!
I really gotta be hardworking!!

And I would love to thank all of you! thank you guys
for the birthday wishes on every single social media
platform. It’s pretty hard to keep track when u have
5 Facebook profiles/pages… Lol.

Also namely, Sandy, Wendy, Miyake, Sophie, Qiu,
Xiaxue, Hellven, Nichy, Prinya, JJ, Melissa, Peggy,
Rachell, Shannon and zerika and all the other friends
made my birthday such a enjoyable one!
Love you guys so so much!


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