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Instagram Give-Away & More

18/July/2013 | A Little More Personal, Give-aways



Hello people! The laziest blogger in the whole wide
world is back blogging!!! “Lack of update blogger”
couldn’t even describe how lousy a blogger I am. Lol.

To celebrate my Instagram officially hit 18k followers,
I m doing a world-wide giveaway, giving away something
that have great great sentimental values to me… My
instant polaroid camera,
Instax Mini 7S limited White Edition,
the retail price of this, $129SGD.





This Polaroid camera that been to plenty of places with
me, some of the photos taken with it was featured in all
online photobooks…. And now I passing this pre-loved
(perfect working condition) camera to
one of my Instagram follower!





Ok, I m gonna make it really easy and “instant” for you
guys to participate, not gonna let u guys do super a lot
of bullcrap just to join a simple giveaway, cos me is
love you guys one! Lol.

how to win this in 2 steps!


Step 1:
Follow me on Instagram!


Step 2:

Re-post this photo on your own instagram account:

IMG_5381 2

With a standard caption of

“Join & follow @yutakis ‘ Instagram Giveaway and
win this Instax Mini 7s limited white edition!


Some mini rules & regulations:

This giveaway is open internationally.

Duplicated posts from the same account are
considered as one entry.

Giveaway accounts are instant disqualified to win,
only legit accounts are welcome to participate.

Closing date of the giveaway is at
25th July 2013 11:59pm!

Winner will notified through
@mention on my Instagram page!




As I mention above. This instax mini been to places
with me, let me share you some precious moments
taken with it, some old, some new. Hope that u guys
can win this, and created even more wonderful
memories with it!

Here’s some random mini trip down my memory lane
with my Polaroid photos, taken…



…In kurakura, behind the scenes making of
<Summer Love>.




…my work trip to Japan last month,



…my visit to the palace in Rome,



…behind the scenes making of <The Florist> and



…last but not least, When I got my 1st printed photobook
<A Flower Boy’s tale>




&& random some random shots…




What am I busy with? Like I’ve mention, I will be taking
up the job as a photographer, yes I did, surprisingly
even BEFORE I debut or announce that I’ll be taking up
any projects, I’ve offered a pretty big assignment, that’s
pretty much the reason why I flew to Japan in June.

I m currently day and night photoshopping…. Maybe
this is what I meant to do, Lol.

And yesh, I m not forgetting my blog (never will) side
track from ps for the project, I m also rushing a overdue
Mini photobook that was taken back a year ago with
Miyake. This mini photobook is highly anticipated by
the both of us ever since our previous overseas mini
photobook post taken in Korea.


Miyake is officially my number 1 most collaborated
blogger friend I ever had, we did so much shoots,
projects, events and related projects, we are soon
gotta set up our very own “twins” Instagram account
posting only the pictures of the us both.

So! Anticipate the publish of this mini photobook
name as <MAGIC TWINS> and more collaboration
between us!


There’s so much more reasons why u should be
following me on my Instagram account, I update almost
daily, the pictures posted are new and taken on the go.
Recently, Instagram even allow us to share videos,
I’ve even posted a few.

Recently I hit 18k followers on Instagram. Instagram,
the latest and the most active social networks media
platform, Facebook and tweeter are just… passé.

Hitting 18k is pretty much a huge achievement for
me, might be still lower than a lot of females bloggers,
but in the male lifestyle/photography (camwhore)
blogging category, that’s a remarkable figure. I m so
honored and overjoyed about it!!


I m gonna end the post with 3 Instagram photos that
I’ve posted recently that I super love.

Here’s my celebration IG poster for my 18K followers.


A re-edited picture that I took from my
photobook! The 1st lyrical
matching photo with my caption.


A Chibi fan art!!!! Yes! It’s insane, that’s all mini mes
that drawn according to my outfits from my
<A Flower Boy’s Tale> photobook! ! Done by the
extremely talented @larissarochefort on Instagram.
We are gonna have a collaboration blogpost coming up!!!!!
Very very exciting! I can’t describe how much I love her work!!


Ciao, rmb to follow me on Instagram!


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