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The Face Diaries! Vol.03

07/September/2013 | discovery, Review, The Face Diaries


Aegyo sal direct translation to ‘eye smiles’ or ‘cute skin’ has
been trending in Korea for the longest time. in english,
they call it the “korean love bands”.

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Actually I did my aegyo sal the previous time I went down
to prive, but I didnt mention about it in the post…
Cos it was still unsettled and swollen! I guess most of u guessed
that I did, even without me mentioning, u guys straight
away jump into conclusion that it wasn’t suitable for me,
unnatural or I looked tried… Man, its simply because it was
still swollen! I know I mention in the previous post that most
fillers does not that any down time.. But aegyo sal do have!
It a bit swelled up for a week plus? But it’s slowly becoming
the the size and shape I always wanted!!!!


I m actually pretty excited about the aegyo sal fillers
that I did at prive, as at that I did the procedure, there’s NO
other cosmetic clinics in Singapore that even provide this

It was really exclusive!!!! A year plus ago when I was in Korea
with Miyake, the local clinics were already providing such
fillers, it was all over the advertising lightbox along the
subway and shopping malls!

With the k-wave continued to heat up, I got really attracted
to the little love pockets under almost every single Ulzzang
or kpop band girls and guys! 90% of them all have it! I m not
sure how many of their aegyol sal are natural.. But it just look
awesome on them!!

Ok, many of you have a HUGE misconception of the wad
the aegyol sal is…. Here’s a simple explanatory picture of
what is the difference between the aegyo sal and eye bags…

Here’s a without photoshopped pictures close of my eyes:


The pocket right under the eyes, (which is highlighted in
grey dotted lines above) is the aegyol sal, Essentially, it is a
bulge of fat immediately under the lash line that creates
puffiness under the lower eyelid. With It you will look
younger, cuter and it makes your eyes looks fuller and

The darker pocket under the aegyol sal ( which is
highlighted in red dotted lines above) is the hideous eye
bags. Every single girl who uses make up, will defiantly
conceal this part of your eyes. It makes you look tired
and old!!

If you did your research, there’s tons of kpop girl/boy
bands singers have the aegyol sal. And there are tons of
korean actress/singers photos comparisons with or without
aegyol sal… Check it out here & here, in this post I will
talk a bit more on the guys!


Here are 3 male idols that I been obsessed with forever…
Yeah usually I always yada yada over Angela baby, lena
fujii, Leah dizon and Janice man on my blog… But I actually
have 4 dude idols too. They are choi siwon, Kim Jaejoong
Daniel henny and Nadech Kugimiya!!!

ho (2)

Kim Jaejoong


Choi Siwon


Nadech Kugimiya

Look, what do they all have in common? Ok, beside the
thick straight eyebrows, yes!!!! Aegyol sal!!!

Alot of you might think aegyol sal is really unnecessary for
the guys… You are dead wrong, check them out without
aegyol sal!


Kim Jaejoong


Choi Siwon


Nadech Kugimiya

Their eyes looks at least 40% smaller and they all look
less youthful!

I didnt include Daniel henny here cos his looks too
matured to be compared with or without aegyol sal
( and yes he do have aegyol sal too! )

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Actually I do have a aegyol sal, only when I smile. But if
you notice these celebrity all have AS ( ok I m gonna use
AS as the short form of aegyol sal for the rest of this post,
this is the 10000 time I m spelling this word… Lol) even
without smiling!!!! That’s wad I wan! So when twinnie
Miyake called and told me that aesthetic hub told her that
such fillers are in Singapore, i was willing to give a try! cos
its kinda the IN look, like crazy rainbow hair, korean straight
eyebrows, hipster or ulzzang look, they are all period trends,
and aegyol sal is trendy now. the AS fillers don’t last forever,
last only a 6 months to a year, so by the time the whole AS fuss die
down, the AS fillers under my eye will vanish at the same time!

So I booked a appointment with Dr. Soh! Prive
currently the only exclusive clinic in sg that provide
Aegyol Sal fillers.

here’s me before and after the AS fillers! before and after.



Ok, here are some facts about aegyol sal Prive.:


I asked for a natural AS look, a just a tiny pop out effect
when i m not smiling. as i already have AS when
i m smiling.


It’s basically painless, with the help of numbing cream
and ice!
on the scale to 1 to 10, 1 to be most painless and 10 to
be super painful. I will rate AS fillers procedure at maybe
2-3, its have slightly discomfort sensation, but its wasn’t
painful, mostly the uncomfortable fact that its at the
sensitive area of the eyes!


The fillers for AS can last as long as the fillers i did for
chin and nose, about 1 year.

The AS fillers cost at 1000 bucks.
There’s a review after the procedure, soto ensure you
get the best result that you wanted.


Yes there’s a downtime, as you guys notice from the
previous blogpost. The swell went off about a week, it is
much much better a week later, and
I went out n camwhore spam!!!!

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A week plus after the procedure, Sophie and i meet up
Jane chuck again! She is one of the Malaysian blogger
that I’ve been stalking forever! This the 2nd time we
meet her up, I haven’t even blog about the 1st we’ve met! :X










We got so much closer and open much more on 2nd meet
up! I told her all the interesting things from Singapore
blogosphere! She didn’t tell me much about Malaysia
blogosphere, she said it was really boring and not
happening at all. Lol.

Jane is a typical Virgo, which means someone I could
really get along with!








When 3 bloggers who love taking selfies ended up in
very awesome cafe with cameras on their hand.. What
happens? C.A.M.W.H.O.R.E. it feels so easy and
comfortable with them, cos they are just as vain, as
camwhore, as chatty as I am!!!!
(ok la, maybe not as chatty as i am…lol)


I swear we camwhore and chat over coffee & tea for at
least 3-4 hours!!!!!!! MADDNESS! Here’s camwhore spam!






Can’t wait for Jane to come to sg again this end of the
month! We will sure be having more meet up sessions
as me and Jane are planning on a secret photoshoot!
Watch out!!!


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If you wanna get aegyol sal fillers u could go down to Dr. Soh
at prive, as currently there’s no other clinics in sg that
produce such exquisite fillers that I’ve heard of!


390 Orchard Road #03-03
Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Call: 6737 6639




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September continue to be busy month for,
and if you notice this is the 3rd week that I updating my
blog regularly, almost 1-2 times a week! Shouldn’t I get
some applause?

Fyi, all my blog pages are ready to show off! About,
photobooks, links, contact me and gallery tabs are all done up!

My profile data are displayed under ‘about‘ page,

my 3 online photobooks are displayed under ‘photobooks
page, i m still considering on adding other online travel
photobooks into the page or not, maybe if they are up to

5 of my all time favourite bloggers’ website are linked under
links‘ page.

You can check out how to get to me under ‘contact me
page, there’s also mini portfolio of my past advertorials
and all the companies that i’ve collaborated with
displayed under the page.

last but not least, the ‘gallery‘ page is filed with my recent
years blog pics, i picked around 2-10 pics from each
blog posts i posted, so called best of my blog? but the
photobooks pics are not repeated on the gallery page.


here’s a awesome over-sell article of my by myfatpocket
and a exclusive interview with twinnie miyake!! the article
was too good, seriously too good, made me blushed
while reading it, pls!!!! i swear it wasn’t written by myself!
lololol… ok, check out this live ineterview video of me
and miyake!


I mention daniel henny in this post… and here’s a
Instavideo of meeting him in person at the Charles and
Keith runway last month!!!! 3 of snsd girls, fann wang,
zoe Tay are in it too!


Ok! Ciao, I will be busy not only with blogging new
updates, new adverts, there’s a two photoshoot project
due this month. MADDNESS!!!!!!

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01/September/2013 | Advertorial



Today I’m gonna I introduce you guys a skin care product
had already went insane in other part of the world…
The Best Seller Snail Cream in THAILAND, Hong Kong, USA,
Sweden, Australia, Macau n more is F I N A L L Y here in




I had never try a snail cream before, what does it help or to do
my skin? Apparently it helps almost EVERYTHING.

I could not believe the results of from what I googled.

The 5 R effects of the snail cream!



It contain vitamins which enrich the skin and soften it.

It also contains natural collagen and elastin which are the main
components of the connective tissues in the human skin.
Firm up skin in result.




Snail creams also consist of natural glycolic acid which is very
helpful for helping the skin to exfoliate. Thus old skin cells are
shaded off and new ones replacing them, making the skin
looks fresh. This process of renewing of skin, also helps to decrease
the apparent of freckles, minimize dark spots and make your
skin less dull and fairer.



Most importantly it helps to cure black scars left by pimples by
reducing the scar tissue. Stimulate wound healing rate.
Reduce inflammation caused by acnes.


The small jar of cream contains a world of magical ingredients:
Snail secretion filtrate, Bytyrospermum Parkii, Niacinamide
(Vitamin B3), Fragaria Vesca (Strawberry) Fruit extract, Morus Nigra
Fruit extract, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) extract, Prunus Avium
(Sweet Cherry) extract, Zingiber Officinate (Ginger) root extract,
Bisabolol, Allantoin, Lavendula Stoechas extract, Centella Asiatica
extract, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic acid, Panax Ginseng Callus Culture
extract, Dicaprylyl Carbonate and Pentanediol.



Yes, it is unbelievably true! so much effects in cream. 1st night
using the snail, I woke up surprised, I was really fairer and my skin
was much much firmer too. This product just instantly became one
of my top favorite skin care product!! Because I mention many
times on my blog I love lifting and firming effect skin cares!


Firmer and lifted face are smaller, smaller face = look better in photos!!!
There’s no reason not to love firming skin cares.




Let me teaching you how to use this snail cream!

1st step:

Wash and clean your face!


snail white cream

2nd step:

Apply the snail cream on the major 5 areas of the face, forehead,
cheeks, nose and chin.

Tap and gently pat the cream on your face, let your skin absorb
the solution.


Be hold to wake up next morning with improved skin condition!


Remember not to rub the cream on to your face, the rubbing action
hurts your skin greatly, it will cause your skin to sag and loose its

*For best effect! use it twice a day, morning and night!




This famous snail cream is not only top selling, it is well-used among
the Thailand celebrities!
I always super envy of Thailand bloggers, social media celebrities,
they always have TONS OF FOLLOWERS! their followers are
insanely high! Here’s some of the famous online celebrities in Thailand
who are users of snail white!


You could simply Google “Snail white cream” and check out its raving
reviews and many pics taken by Thailand celebrities!


This super safe snail cream which is Certified by TFDA, GMP is finally
finally coming to Singapore! Now you could pre-order them aturl
Pre order batch 1 ending on 7th Sept 2013, 10 P.M!

snailwhitesg is also now being the only authorized agent for SNAILWHITE
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Fifth consecutive blog post with me complaining that I m busy.
Yes, I am… Still busy! Right after this blog, more posts coming up!
Stay tune! I m really lucky and blessed to be tie up with one of
biggest online contact lens boutique! I really love them!
Super generous, air mail me so many gorgeous genuine lens!!!!
Doing a major shoot for them soon!


Before I leave Check these super pretty appeals by J-links,
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