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-Brigitte Official Launch

20/October/2013 | Daily Things, Holiday











Last week I was invited to the official launch of
Japanese brand Brigitte with twinnie Miyake.
Miya told me this Kawaii labeled brand is very
popular among the young girls in Japan and
been highly anticipated by local Kawaii culture
followers! Very please with every single thing at
the launch, it was one of the prettiest brand
debut party/ product launch I’ve been to. Could
you please look how pretty are the event set up?
Totally matchy matchy with the avenue of the
party. Antoinette!!! It’s the place I never wanna 
leave. can camwhore all day long Lol.





Tammy, one of my faithful reader-become-
personal-friend. She is at the event as well!!
Many bloggers, celebrities and even celebrity
make up artist Andy lee was invited to do a live
make over with Brigitte make up.


They also provide a huge range of testers for the
bloggers to try. This excited Miyake put on their
make up on the spot!! She kept praising the colors
of the make up were awesome, these camwhore
pics were taken after she applied Brigitte’s blusher
and lipstick!
She totally look insanely Kawaii in them!


Ok, here’s event day, twins camwhore, product,
decor and food display pictures spam!!!! It’s
seriously madness!!! So pretty!















I was given a set of Brigitte make up myself as door
gift, but honestly wad do I need them for? Lol.
Wad that means…? GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Yes, will
posting a giveaway post right after this!


Anyway Brigitte Singapore is have a win a super
precious limited edition CASIO hello kitty pocket
camera contest!!!! Tammy was telling me how rare
this Casio camera is, it’s not on sale in Singapore.
Only available in Japan!!!

So you win this Kawaii camera yourself? Simply
follow the steps below! And hurry!!!!

bgt (29)



I did a tiny bit of online research on this brand, to
my amusement, many local beauty bloggers had
all review this brand! And the reviews were all
positive!!!! So why wait?
Find them on Facebook and Instagram




Here’s a list of Watsons in Singapore island-wide
retailing Brigitte products!!!! Go get them now!!!



I m super blogger! Lol. I finished this event
post within a day! Honestly I m impressed
with new found ability to blog a medium
length post within a day. *applause for self*

By the end this month. There’s another brand
I personally super love having a long term
collaboration with!!! I can’t wait
share! I super super love the brand!

I m glad that Nov/Oct is a good blogging
months for



Talking about that, I m pretty much haven’t
start on the post even yet… Holy shit, gotta
go and work on it already! Ciao!


-Teenage Magazine Feature

05/October/2013 | A Little More Personal, Daily Things, Feeling Lucky, Personal Thoughts



I am featured in this month’s TEENAGE magazine!
Their October is a special issues! The ultimate blogging issue!
I was featured along with one of my close blogging friend,
qiuqiu! Also with other bloggers like Mae, Naomi and Ben.

I m super honored to be picked as of bloggers that titled as
the “blogging royalties” by the writer Priscilla wu. lol. She is
extremely nice, not only email me a PDF of the article and
even sent me a copy of the magazine when it was out!
Thank you Priscilla!




The feature really means something to me especially when 
i was on my teenage years, I was faithful reader of Teenage 
magazine! I will buy every single copy every mouth. Always
excited over who will be on their pull out giant poster!

And years later? I m in the magazine myself!!

If have read the article, they publicized 3 questions that they
interviewed me, since I m blogging about this, I will shall post
all the 11 questions they asked! Here’s the full interview with 



1. Why did you take up blogging?
What is the inspiration behind your blog?

Back in 2006, when Friendster only could upload 20 pictures,
I decided to start a blog to host more pics.

I always been a collector of Hongkong/Taiwan/Japanese artist
albums, they always come along with a mini photo booklet, that’s
where most of my inspirations are from. Most of my photo/travel
blog posts are in magazine/ photobook style, I love to design my
own typographies, logos and drawings to all blog post too.


2. What do you think makes a good blog?

Regular updates and pretty pictures are very important.

Blog queen, Xiaxue once told me these words of blogging wisdom;
“not all bloggers will enjoy constant blog readership, they might get
a little attention somewhen but could never maintain the hits.”
Which I find it extremely true.

I think by a good blog, technically means a blog that have constant
readership and updates.

So the basic thing to own a “good” blog. Update your blog as
often as you could!


3. What is the toughest and most enjoyable part of blogging?

The love and the hate!

It took me a while to understand that some readers can irrationally
love you so much whereas some can just unreasonably hate you too.

I enjoy the attention, the love and the nice comments/emails
/feedbacks from the readers a lot, its the best form of appreciation!
Also, i’ve learn to concentrate completely on the love, it’s lot more
easier to live by the love, it works as my motivation, a boost of self
esteem and the strength to continue blogging.


4. How do you feel about your celebrity status in the blogging
world? How has your status as a well-known blogger influenced
your daily life?

I felt really lucky! With years of hard work, I gain a lot of respect
from some fellow bloggers, get to know some of the really really
awesome bloggers and even become close friends!

I’ve also noticed my blog had inspired and influence some younger
bloggers’ blogging style, I felt really flattered that my blog is good
enough to be their “model” blog!

Now that I have more friends from the blogosphere, I enjoy chatting
with them on blogosphere happenings, blogging tips, social media
tricks, hangout, attend events and of cos, camwhore together!


5. How do you balance between your private and public life?
How do you determine how much to reveal on your blog?

Privately I am actually really really fun and chatty, I always love to
misbehave with my friends. It’s hard to reflect my personality with
my pictures.

Over the years, I learn to keep a watch out of how much i reveal
myself online. Little mindless things I mention on my blog could
possibly have a butterfly effect on my friends and people i care about,
therefore i’m more careful with what i say on my social media
platforms these days.

When I was younger, i used to rant a lot, but now that i m aware
of the consequences, i share it mostly with my close friends
instead of posting them online.


6. How do you decide what topics to blog about and how do you
keep yourself consistently creative?

Read alot of magazines (like teenage magazine!)! I think blogging
is just your little private magazine and you are the editor,
photographer and writer. I got my contents inspired mostly from
lifestyle/fashion magazines. So if you need contents or inspirations,
why not grab a magazine and start your research!


7. What are your thoughts on the recent surge of lifestyle blogs
and what should emerging bloggers do to establish credibility?

The reason why readers love lifestyle blogs because they could
personally relate to them. Readers will get easily attach to personal
blog contents.

Credibility really takes time, so newbie bloggers please be patient.
It’s pretty reasonable, as all of us will not follow or listen to a random
stranger. You guys should share more of your experiences and
tips frequently, try to be as honest as possible. It will slowly build
a trust and bonds between you and your readers!


8. With a constant stream of new bloggers, we imagine it would
be extremely hard to stand out amongst the crowd. How long did
it take for you to establish your popularity and what do you think
sets you apart from the rest of the bloggers?

3-4years? I didn’t start a blog to be known, be famous. It all
started as a hobby, a pastime. I was lucky enough that I got known.

Unique blogging style is really important. You must have your very
own blogging style, do not blindly copy or following exactly what
other bloggers are doing.

It’s so easy to blend in and be forgotten, much harder to standout
and be remembered.

I guess my blog sets apart from other bloggers because I was
adventurous enough to explore different style of photo blogging,
like online magazine and online photobook blogging style.


9. Many teenagers are insta-addicts. Do you have any photography
tips to make your snaps more attractive?

With the help of so many photography application on your smart
phones, honestly speaking, you guys need no photography skills,
just slap on some artsy filters, viola! You are a pro insta-blogger.


10. Being a full-time blogger means having to live with irregular
income. What are some ways emerging bloggers can do to earn
money off a blog?

It takes some courage to convert yourself to a full time blogger,
your readership and followers should be high enough to sustain
a average income that will not starve yourself to death.

Once you’ve decided to blog full time, there are many ways to
earn from social media platforms, run Nuffnang ads, Instagram
pop-up adverts, twitter shoutouts, Facebook reviews and full
length blog advertorials.

Some events are paying events too, make yourself free to
attend them all!


11. What are some blogs you would recommend to our readers?

I love reading my awesome blogger friends’ blogs.
And also introducing Jane chuck’s blog


The PDF copy of the article! me and qiuqiu & tiffany!

84-85 bloggers-1lines




Anyhow, while trying to finish the twins magic post… Some
of my on handle advertorial is outdated! I had to rush for the
advertorial now… I seriously hope I could have more time
and finish them ASAP! Can’t wait to share!!!!

FYI, my good friend Nichy is also featured on same issue of
teenage magazine with me! Check his 2 pages spread out


Ok! I shall go laundry and photoshop my upcoming advertorial
pics! Oh yeah! Meeting Sophie and Miyake tmr! Shall spam
pics on my Instagram! Follow me there!


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