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T.O.T Showdown Event

25/January/2014 | Advertorial, Twinnie




Finally updates!!!! Ok la. I did have a fair shares of updates
on my blog this month, it’s just January, and this is my 6th
post for the year!!! I m quite hardworking lo!

Remember last month I blog about a new project by T.O.T,
a live showdown of me and Miyake?? Yes. It happen. Lol.
Our friendship was put to test!!! LOL. Was very very happy to
work with Miyake on professional blogging project for the 4th
time!!!! Which bloggers duo, or blogging best friends have so
many working opportunities together one…? And also, after
this 4th project. Me and Miyake actually already sign up for
the 5th project together!!!!! Excited, and i assure, its gonna be
awesome!!! heehee..
will share with you guys what the project is soon!!!




The showdown was basically Me and Miyake was on a quest to
collect as many pictures with the public as possible at JEM
shopping mall, whoever agreed to take the pictures with us, was
gifted with a 20 dollars T.O.T voucher and if they post the photo
on their Facebook wall and tag T.O.T, they will stand a chance of
winning a pair of glasses from them!


It was a super fun day. After so many times working with Miyake,
we’ve never got caught at a competition position, we always work
hand in hand, but this time… There was a contest!!! Lol. It was very
funny to see Miyake running across me and try to fight for attention
to take pictures with the public. Even funnier when I tried to sabotage
her by giving away my vouchers instead of hers, so i could have a
higher count of number of people I took photos with. so funny! Lol!

The event was held around Jurong East, JEM mall, honestly speaking
I nv been to this part of singapore, and I was surprised!!! It was such
a huge ass shopping mall, basically a mini ION, they have almost
everything! Like the brands that I love in town, they have them at
JEM Too!!









I met many of my readers that day too, most surprising was this
little boy who travel all the down to JEM to meet me and Miyake
and passed us gifts, what caught most of our attention was the
little chibi sketches of me and Miyake!!! usually we get digital copy
of the fan arts, but this time, the actual hand-drawn copy?? so rare
it happens .. We super love the drawings, and kept camwhoring
with them! Super sweet and love!!! here’s the CW spam…


the two chibi drawings are inspired from our these two looks!
one from the metholatum event and of cos the other is our TOT
showdown poster!





 TOT (2)









Me and Miyake wearing glasses from glossi! Super love their light
weight frames, It barely have any weight pls, it was like wearing
nothing. And did I mention these glasses are in Paris?






Here’s some during the event photos taken by the crew! Me taking
pics with the public at the event, well, Miyake and I was really serious
of winning, we braved the heat and went out outdoors to draw “votes”,
normally me and Miyake are both really freaks about heat!! glad that
recently Singapore’s weather is awesome! I felt like I m overseas, at
some autumn countries! Best time to wear double layers!!!! Me is love!









Find out more on the event, T.O.T optical shop and
their fabulous lines of branded glasses:

where is T.O.T located at:

50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Tel: (65) 6268 8967
Fax: 6268 8751
Daily:10am — 10pm




I m truly overworked. I feel a bit short circuited… Like anytime I could faint
at my desk. I been working so much that I even bought a working desk
to work on. That never happen in the last 8 years…. Just when I tot I
could take a small break, a small overseas vacation, I accepted more jobs,
might had to work during the trip…


I m not complaining or hate this, I know
a lot of bloggers are dying to have more adverts and I was once one of them.
Lol. But I guess this will be my life from now on, working, That moment I told
myself, my life after 25 will be focusing on career. And this is it, I will do my
best, I promise myself to never produce shitty work, I wan every single piece
of work be my master piece. *self motivation: i could do it* already thought
of how my next project will look like. I love my job. Cos camwhore is what I
do, who knows I could make a living out of it. This is love.



Missha Project: Pure Active

16/January/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Monthly Special

missha  (1)

missha (2)

missha (25)

Missha, Misshaaa.. For the month!

Proudly presenting the 3rd installation to the
missha monthly project!!! and also my favourite
theme post that i did for missha so far! missha
team told that i should put in some “cheerful”
photos for this series of products, as they are
made for young, active and energetic guys. So
in this 3rd post for Missha, you will be seeing
some rare smiling pics of me. Lol.


Ok, previously I have introduced to you guys,
the urban soul original series (black series) and
also the deep seas energy series. One is meant
for all skin concerns and one is trageted for dry
skin concern.

missha (25)

missha  (2)

missha (25)

This series that I m introducing are meant for
guys who have troubled pores, oily and rough
skin! Which I guess is most suitable for most
Singaporean guys! Due to the tropical climate of
Singapore, I think 90% of Singaporean have
combination to oil skin type. frankily, me too.

missha (25)

missha (3)

missha (25)

I’m in my mid-twenties now, but I still do have
some “post war” damages from my troubled skin
teenage years, I used to have a lot of pimples and
acnes during my younger days, even thou these
pimples are cleared, but the skin area that used
to have a lot of break outs, are now have very
large pores and it rough. Here’s where the pure
active series from Missha come to rescue!!

missha (25)

missha (5)

missha (25)

The Pure Active series are unify the men’s line
to “URBAN-SOUL” and strengthens it’s identity,
upgraded design and segmentalized to meet
the customer’s needs. There’s a magic product
in this series… I will keep it a secret for now,
read on!

Urban-Soul Pure active series is refreshing skin
care line for passionate, active and gentle men
to soother the skin and control sebum to make it
fresh and clean.

This awesome Pure Active series have a Citrus
Floral Musky Powdery, it’s a Harmony of pure
musk, fresh green, soft and cool scent.

missha (25)

missha  (3)

missha  (4)

missha (25)

In this post I will introducing 3 of the products
from this series,

Urban-Soul Pure Active Skin

Urban-Soul Pure Active Lotion

Urban-Soul Pure Active Skin
All-In-One Skin Essence (Moisturizing)

Let me go into details what does each
product do individually!

missha (25)

missha (8)

missha (25)

missha  (5)

missha (10)

missha (25)

MISSHA Urban-Soul Pure Active Skin

This is a perfect toner for man who in their Early
to mid 20s, who have loose pore greasy ski
and dull skin, this mild toner helps to prepare
your pore for full absorption and help to double
cleanse off the dirts from the skin which wasn’t
properly washed away.

The Pure Active Skin have ingredients like,
Sebum & Pore Control SPC (Sebum & Pore Control)
complex containing Houttuynia Cordata,
Ganoderma Lucidum (Mushroom), Diospyros Kaki
Leaf and Algae extracts soothes sensitive skin and
control excessive sebum secretions to make healthy
skin. Mild System Containing Herb complex extract
to soothes skin while supply fresh moisture to skin
to make soft and clear men’s skin.


After washing or shaving the face, apply an
appropriate amount over the face following skin
texture and pat lightly until fully absorbed.

missha (25)

missha (11)

missha (25)

missha  (6)

missha (13)

missha (25)

Urban-Soul Pure Active Lotion

This lotion is a combination of a lotion and a toner!
Like I emphasis on the previous Missha post,
moisturizing is very important, It keeps moisture on
the skin to improves wrinkles and fine lines. This
lotion helps controls dead skin cells and large pore
to make it clear and sleek.

Pure Active Lotion is perfect for man who wants easy
to use skin care products and for those Who wants
to use toner and lotion at the same time, Strengthen
skin barrier.It controls dead skin cells to make your
skin bright and clear.

Say BYEBYE to your large pores and greasy skin! It
contains SPC (Sebum & Pore Control) Complex 3%
Containing Houttuynia Cordata, Ganoderma Lucidum
(Mushroom), Diospyros Kaki Leaf and Algae extracts
to tightens pores, control sebum secretions and soothe
skin. Houttuynia Chordata Control sebum secretions
and soothe skin Lucidum (Mushroom) Vitalize skin,
Diospyros Kaki Leaf, Tighten pores, Algae extract,
Deliver moist and moisturize.


After applying toner, take an appropriate amount in
the palm of your hands and apply all over the face,
Pat lightly until fully absorbed.

missha (25)

missha (14)

missha (25)

missha  (7)

missha (16)

missha (25)

Urban-Soul Pure Active All-in-one Skin Essence

This is the star and the ultimate magic product!!! For
all the lazy boys out there. Hate using so many
products? This is the all in one, it’s a toner +
moisturizer + serum. MADNESS RIGHT!!!! You can
skip all the steps and slap on one product and get
that ultimate facial care you need. How amazing is


This all in one essence that focusing on moisturizing,
it helps to remove wastes on skin and delivers rich
moisture to skin to make moisturized skin. It’s
suitable a wide range of guys, from boys from 20’s to
matured man in their 50’s.

There’s actually 2 editions of this all-in-one serum,
the other one I will introduce to you guys in the future.
But this one is focused on more moisturizing properties.
Perfect for
who wants long-lasting moisturizing benefit, if you
have damaged skin from shaving and repulsive of
alcohol scent.

missha (25)

missha (17)

missha  (8)

missha (25)

Supply nutrition and moisture, Containing liposome
Royal-dew ingredient from Royal Jelly. It delivers
moisture and nutrition for rough men’s skin caused by
hydrating to make it moisturized and radiant. Protect
skin and strengthen elasticity. Containing combination
ingredient of Acerola rich in Vitamin and Astaxanthin
so called “Super Vitamin”. It brightens dull skin to
make sleek and elastic skin.

Anti oxidation & sooths skin
Containing combination ingredient of Phytochemical
(Gallic acid) from Green tea and Neuropeptide
(Exorphin) from plants. It protects skin, strengthen
elasticity and soothe skin to look lively and radiant.
With all these precious ingredients and effects for
your perfect skin… In ONLY one step!


After washing or shaving, pump an
appropriate amount and apply over the face following
skin texture and pat lightly until fully absorbed.

missha (25)

missha (19)

missha (25)

Use these products in this following sequence:

Shaving or washing >
Pure Active Skin >
Pure Active Lotion


Shaving or washing > 
Pure Active Lotion


Shaving or washing >
Pure Active All-in-one Skin Essence

* If you use All-in-one Skin Essence,
all other steps are optional.

 missha (25)

missha  (9)

missha (26)

missha (25)

Exclusive Promotion for Men:
Up to 20% off All Men Products.
Do not miss it!

missha (25)

missha (27)

missha  (10)

missha (28)

missha (25)
Find Missha at:



 missha (25)

missha (29)

missha (25)
Their local boutiques are located at


2 Jurong East Central 1
Singapore 609731

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
Singapore 569933

MISSHA White Sands
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
Singapore 518457

MISSHA Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

MISSHA Esplanade MRT
90 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189562

201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067

MISSHA Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

MISSHA Orchard Gateway
(Coming Soon…)
227 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

(Coming Soon…)
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 149544

missha (25)

missha (22)

missha (23)


Omg… one of the last advert i had on hand that
is overdue… been day and night rushing to finish
off these adverts… finally i see the light and
finished them (almost) all…. all i wan is a long
undisturbed sleep!!!!! so lack of sleep…


so happy, going overseas this month end or next
month, thou will be a short trip, but seriously i
needed this, i wan to small vacation and not think
about work for a bit. and yes, i promise to blog a
ultimate long entry (non-advert) when i finish up
all my adverts, i will!!!!! coming up!

missha (24)

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