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Face Miracle By Skin Inc

19/February/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, discovery, Monthly Special






Welcome welcome welcome, to witness a miracle
product that recently I’ve been using, it’s one of
those product that so amazing, I have nothing no
better name for it other than miracle, when I received
the products I was already very excited, as I have
long heard of this amazing brand with products from
Japan, SKIN INC, they are the world’s first Skin
Supplement bar, they offer concentrated, 100% pure
and active serums.

Their products are tried and tested
by many many well-known bloggers, and the reviews
are simply jaw dropping, like their products are said
to have instant effects, sustainable results and even
significant difference just within 3 mins of application,
I swear It’s Madness!!

SKINC (35)





SKINC (10)

SKINC (11)

SKINC (33)

In this post, the star is one of their top selling product,
Pure Revival Peel! Also one of their most winning
awards product…!!

Nylon Beauty Hit List 2014
– Top 5 Scrubs

Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2013
–Best At-Home Peel

Her World Beauty Awards 2012
– Editor’s Choice

Cosmopolitan Beauty Grand Prix 2012
– Gentlest Exfoliating Scrub for Face

Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards 2011
– Best Peel

This many awards winner peel have
5 main benefits, Anti-oxidising, Brightening, Reducing
pore size, Smoothing and Exfoliating!

These are all very very reputable magazines pls, so
when i got my bottle of Pure Revival Peel, I wasn’t even
doubtful of the results, more like excited to witness the
magic with my eyes.

SKINC (35)

SKINC (12)

SKINC (13)

SKINC (14)

SKINC (15)

SKINC (16)

SKINC (17)

SKINC (18)

SKINC (19)


SKINC (21)

SKINC (22)

SKINC (34)

Personal Review of the Pure Revival Peel:

And yes, it is magic, the Miracle happened! From the top
photo, from the top photo, you could see the translucent gel.

SKINC (23)

as leave it on my face for 2-3 mins, the magic starts when
you start to rub the gel on your face, white granules start to form.

SKINC (24)

(as seen from above pic) My dead skin
started to form white granules and I could see the dead skin
of my pimple marks are being “erase” off, it’s not
decreasing in appearance, my entire face start to
appeared fairer and more brighter!!!


It’s crazy, it’s all my unwanted top layer of my dead skin cells!

SKINC (39)

Suggested Direction:

Use dry hands to apply a thin layer of Pure Revival Peel
to clean, dry skin skin. Leave on for a few seconds until
it turns milky, then gently massage in circular motion.
Dead keratin will be formed into particles, showing the
exfoliating effect. Rinse off with warm water.

SKINC (35)

SKINC (25)

SKINC (26)


SKINC (36)

What makes this peel so awesome?

A revolutionary, multi-action, first in the world formula.
It Combines high-performance active ingredients AC-11
(for skin repair – improving immune system functions
and preventing cellular damage), arbutin (for brightening)
and fullerene (a powerful anti-oxidant that seeks out free
radicals that damage our cells and stops their action) to
renew and restore youthful vitality to your skin.

This ultra gentle yet powerful peel detoxes skin cells,
prolongs cell life, strengthens skin collagen and elastin,
and repairs UV damage. 


After the usage, my skin is totally
restored, maximizing the absorption of active ingredients
in your daily skincare products.

SKINC (35)

SKINC (27)

SKINC (31)

You guys are in luck!

Win this super miracle product!!

Skin Inc are giving away this product on their Facebook,
just follow the below steps and you will win yourself this
miracle product to try it out yourself!

H o w   t o   e n t e r :

1. Like Skin Inc’s FB page:

2. Leave a comment on the page stating
‘Skin Inc x Yutakis Giveaway’ and list a benefit of using
the Pure Revival Peel.

3. Deadline: Now – 28th Feb 2014

Stand a chance to win Skin Inc’s award-winning
Pure Revival Peel.

Hint:The answer for this giveaway could be found in
the 1st part of the blog post!


SKINC (36)

SKINC (28)

SKINC (32)


Not only there’s a giveaway, SKIN INC is offering
exclusive promotions!

Pure Revival Peel Promotion:

Pure Revival Peel is exclusively available with Skin
Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask (30ml) at $132
(25% savings). This Perfect Match set works together
to prep and hydrate your skin, resulting in instantly
brighter, smoother and awesome skin.
It’ll be love at first sight!

Also, complete your 3-step skincare regime with Skin
Inc’s pre-mix serums – choose from Anti-ageing or
Sensitive – at S$118 (U.P. S$190). These promotions
are available at all Skin Inc Concept stores (ION #B3-43
and Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-25) and online, until 28 Feb.


SKINC (39)

Available at all Skin Inc concept stores (Singapore only).
Check out their international stores locator too, overseas readers
could go get this amazing product too!

L o c a t i o n :
ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn,
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 6222 7428

Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 6536 6789

W e b s t o r e :

F a c e b o o k :

I n s t a g r a m :


SKINC (38)

SKINC (29)

SKINC (30)

SKINC (40)

This is my by far too favorite advert of the year! Yes!
Ok la, it’s only February, but I think I have done a lot
 of reviews lately, that personally love, I put a lot of effort in.
Like for this SKIN INC advert I swear I almost die shooting
for this, I used some lightning equipment right on top
of the bath tub, and lie in a pool of milk to shoot for this
shoot myself, 2 times the light night equipment almost
fall into the bathtub!!!


Yes I was thisclsetodeath, and I told
the girls about it, they said it would my most “fabulous”
way of saying goodbye, literally die in a shoot, in a milk
bath and topless. LOL, yes to think about it, it will be a
“fabulous” death scene. LOLOL.

Ok, one advert down, one last one to go… Ok.
Gambatte for myself, gotta go shoot now!!
Till next update!

SKINC (41)

Amazing Kiss

16/February/2014 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, discovery










Introducing the BEST selling whitening mask cream from Thailand,
my officially 2nd favourite product from Thailand, have you been wonder
all the thai instagramer all so chio and handsome and so fair?

The KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is an overnight concentrate
collagen cream mask, made up of 100% natural ingredients without NO
harsh chemicals, like steroids nor mercury. It is therefore suitable for all
skin types, including those with oily and sensitive skin. which is totally
awesome for most Singaporeans, like me, having combination skin type.









Heavy check mark Certified by TFDA
(Food and Drug Administration Thailand)
Heavy check mark Certified GMP
(Good Manufacturing Practice)

This amazing product is co-founded and recommended by Dr Atom of
Atom Clinic in Thailand, a famous celebrity doctor known for his celebrity
and super model clientèle. the mask is formulated with collagen extract,
alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the
appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and
addresses impurities.

The concentrated collagen in this mask serves as a regenerative agent to
renew your skin cells and making you look younger and more vibrant. It
restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to skin, minimises the open pores,
and smoothen your skin.

It will whiten your skin, close your open skin pores, reducing the oil secretion,
giving you a smoother, and whiter looking skin.






I guess their secret will be the amazing kiss cream mask! there are tons of
review of this kiss cream by the popular instagrammers, you can check them
out here. (


One of my favourite part of this skin care is… IT’S A MASK!!! Yes, you have no
idea, how much i hate mask, yes, i find it really troublesome and waste of time,
i m those who become really really unproductive when there’s something stick
on my face. i know there are tons of benefits of masking, and i had to force
myself to do it, becos, i wan good skin too… with this mask cream…. my
worries is all out of the window, its basically just a cream, just apply like any
other creams you have, but.. it’s actually a mask!!!!! it’s so so so convenient
and awesome!







The KISS whitening Collagen Cream Mask comes in 1 bottle of 30ml goodness,
packed within a special vacuum cap container. Reason for the vacuum cap,
is so that the cream is kept away from the environmental air, keeping it fresh.
a lot of time when we open and close jars and bottles or skin care product,
unknowingly we contaminate it with our dirty fingers, but with the newly improved
packaging of the kiss cream, the pump allows us to only dispense what we need,
without allowing the rest of the cream to be exposed!








Using KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is very simple, just 4 steps to

beautiful glowing skin!

I n s t r u c t i o n s  :

•Use 1-2 times per week at the end of your night-time
•Apply a generous layer to clean & dry skin
•Leave the product on the applied skin overnight
•Remove with water and cleansing foam or soap only.





P e r s o n a l   R e v i e w :

YES, it’s as good as its advertised, its promised to have significant results right after one night!
the next morning, i woke up look extra dewy, fairer and the most amazing thing was, my pimple
scars on my T zone appeared to be less obvious, it decreases it’s appearance!!! awesome not?!

and again, need me to say? a mask that leave in, overnight, feels nothing on your face, just
because this, already a HUGE buying factor for me already. lol. BUY BUY BUY!!!







watch this super cute TVC of Kiss Cream Mask by Thailand local celebrity, i
love the idea of the TVC, its really true, alot of followers they always leave
the same comment, “app?” “wad app?” “app please?” that’s super true,
yes, with good skin, you need no “app”.. lol!






YES, this amazing KISS Skincare is in Singapore!! is the ONLY
authorized Sole Distributor for KISS Whitening Collagen Cream mask!!!
Anywhere else, could be inauthentic!
KISS is first time in Singapore, and each bottle is selling at $58 per bottle.
Registered Postage is additional $3


♦    W H E R E  T O  B U Y    ♦

Contact information:
Web orders:
Whatsapp: 9636-4824
LINE ID: Jetzieee

Just for my readers, quote, “Yutakis” when they place orders at to get a $3 off !







I love love love love love this advert. lol. one of the best advert i did this year,
again, its only feb… so its easy to pick a fav among the few i did.


I’ve been wanting to redo a galaxy theme shoot for super long, and finally i
got this chance that i could fit this kiss cream mask into the galaxy theme,
if you are blog reader long enuff, i did a galaxy theme shoot when i was 20,


that was 6 years ago, back then i swear the galaxy, star dust effect wasn’t
popular, only around 2011, 2012, it got kinda popular, one of the key
inspiration was also i saw 2NE1 recent world tour poster, they also adapted
the galaxy, star dust effect!

ok, enuff talking, still got 2 more advert that needs my immediate attention!!!
ciao!!!! i need to finish the other post already!!! till the next post!


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