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Magic Twins: 4th Anniversary Photobook

13/March/2014 | Monthly Special, Photobook, Twinnie

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To celebrate the 4th year anniversary of the friendship of me
and Miyake. I m finally publishing this mini photobook… YESS..
Finally. I know right. its has been coming soon since 2012…
Lol. These pictures were taken 2 years back, I swear my
photography skills are more brushed now.

Miya and i had come a long way, hard to find friends these
days when almost everyone are very extremely selfish and
superficial. Our friendship lasted 4 years!!! Which considered
extremely long considering that we know each other thru
blogging! Lol.

This is one of the many collaboration post we did, but this
time the main focus is on the both of us, there’s a same
amount of pictures if Miyake and me. Which is very different
than the previous posts I did,this time…
It’s Miyake X Yutakis!!

I m crazily proud of our collaboration account on Instagram
@mykytk, it’s very impressive that a best friends account
could reach almost 5k followers! And we had been hired
by so many projects, campaign and assignments together
to date! I can’t explain how rare could a group of close
friends in the blogosphere that can have so much working
opportunities together, of cos except you are real siblings.

Unlike my previous posts, this time there will be a lot of fun
details of me and Miyake, like a mini profile of the both of
us, a thank you note to each other, also a message for
all the followers of @mykytk!! And many many more…
All hidden inside this mini photobook…


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Talking a mini photobook. Actually it’s not that mini after all,

cos there’s more 200 pics in this post (add all picture in the
collages) and there’s a 130+ page! It’s a mad a lot, normal
published photobook only have about 80-120 page… So this
one is not that mini… The reason why I name it mini because,
when it’s compared to my own published online photobook..
It’s really little.. (Pages and looks)

One of the most talked about post of me and miyake was the
[ a winter story in korea ] when we took back in 2011, its been
a while since we have a collaboration photobook already…
here’s a recap of the [ a winter story in korea ].


This magic twins photobook were taken in 2012, in genting
Malaysia! I only been to Genting when I was a kid, like maybe
8 years old, I didn’t remember Genting was so pretty! There
are so many places that are Photoshoot worthy!! And I have
to say.. The food is mad!!! Super awesome!!! U can read
Miyake’s entry on our Gentling trip… And it’s all about food!!!!
So if u plan for a short getaway from Singapore. I highly
recommend genting!! It was so fun, so pretty and food were
so so so delicious… It’s and yes it’s very affordable too!


All thanks for twinnie brought me along for the short and
wonderful getaway from Singapore 2 years back, right before
my life turns 180degrees upside down. I miss back when I
was sooooo free. Life was so wonderful! Yellow heart


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Rmb I that I promised to blog a super long [none-advertorial]
entry after I cleared my on-hand advertorials… And after 4
months of rushing I finally finished them all! So here’s the
super long post! I kinda felt really guilty as I has been blogging
a lot of adverts, but again, i do put crazily load of effort on my
adverts hopefully readers could enjoy the entires too!!

Hope you guys would love this entry!! By all means this post
took 2 years to finish! It should be good stuff. If noticed, there’s
three chapters, 4 different of photoshop color treatments and
editing. Let me know which is your favorite set, which color


I personally love the last set, [Chapter 3: The Road Trip Home.]
Because it’s been a long time since I edit a set photo coloring
that is cold tone, if notice my photo filters are mostly warm,
(yellow, pink and orange tones) so I appreciate this set more
than the rest! Also if you r a faithful reader, u should notice I love
love to try out different photoshop filters and edits for each and
every set of photos, there’s a reason to it, whenever I found a
new photographers on IG, i will start to stalk the pics, they always
have this unique photoshop filter to all their pictures! I get really
inspired and start to experiment and try to get the similar photo
effects with my bare hands. Hopefully one day I could be good
enuff to master every single famous photographer’s signature
photoshop filter! That’s defiantly gonna be on my buckled list!

Till the next post! bahbah!


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