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21/August/2014 | discovery, Feeling Lucky, Love-ing, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain




Hello hello hello!!!!

It’s been a LONNNNNG time since I m this excited to blog an
entry! I just checked, the last non-advert proper post was 2
months back…! I have abandon my blog for a long time. Ever
since last year June until this year April, my blog was crazily
active, as I accepted too many adverts, for about a year, I was
rushing them…finally I finished them all before my birthday, then
I took a long break till now. Haven’t accept any adverts ever
since June.. And now I m starting to slowly taking them up again,
some clients are very nice to wait and postpone the ads for me,
wait for me till I m less busy and more ready. I guess I had break


In this post I shall update you guys wad have I done for the past
2 months;

During this break, I wasn’t doing nothing actually, I went to Japan
for a wedding shoot (just finished editing them!). I also did yanyan’s
wedding shoot which I m still working on it, will be publishing the
entire online photobook on my blog!!! I m pretty excited to share it
as many of u actually ask to see the entire spread ( yes! A lot of
dashiel’s face in it ) also I went to attend AFA ID 2014!


The rest of the time I was just at home being an otaku,
photoshopping pics all night long, luckily for me, I have a bunch
of friends who share the same timezone as me, yanyan (xx), shuyin,
qiu and Sophie was I always get to chat and hang out with them
during ungodly hours.










This set of camwhore pics were taken when I was bored at home,
just for the sake of camwhore, not for any adverts!! I don’t rmb the
last time I actually dress up just to take pics for no reasons, these
days the only chance that I will actually dress up to take pics will
be for events, shoots or adverts…. Camwhoring used to be a
hobby.. LOL yeah, I know right, a shallow and self obsessed hobby.

I m was very happy to actually take a set of pics not for any adverts,
made me feel like 18 again. I used spent a lot of time to dress up
just to take useless selfies when I was that age.

You could actually take a peak of how my room looks like. I m
gonna share a ‘life changing’ news with you guys, this year end I
will be moving out… Yes, moving out and stay on my own.


The thought of it, the uncertainty actually scares and haunt me for
quite a long time… Due to some personal reasons I’ve decided not
to stay with my step dad and mum anymore, I don’t wanna go too
deep into the reason behind the decision.. ( guess why bloggers
these days don’t really share too much personal info anymore?
Haters always make use our honesty against us, I hate to say this,
we are unable to pour our true feelings online anymore.)

This room, this space, I build from scratch, everything in this room
I bought myself. I even repaint the room yellow myself… As time
draws to year end closer, the more sentimental I get, as much I
love moving out and live on myself, but this is the place where I
grow up… I haven’t start house searching yet, will start to do that
at the month of oct/nov.

I guess I will do a room tour blog post before I move out. I wanna
remember this space that i had so much memories in… Shit, I m
about to sob and get all emo again. OKAY, let’s talk about OTHER
things now. Lol.







Starting from September, I m again starting to taking blog adverts,
a few blog projects I have already took them up, all scheduled to
kick start in that month! At the same time I m taking up photography
projects too, well, the hardworking me had to pay rent now, more
reasons to be hardworking. ( this also address to the stupid rumors
of me being manwhore… HOW I WISH!!! Lol. If I m one why the eff I
still work so hard for?? I should be constantly shopping expensive
shit and going overseas for holidays, the last two times I went
overseas were all for work! )


Currently I m trying to save up as much as I could, every dollar I spent,
I will save 2. This is so unlike me. I used to spent 2 dollars for every
dollar I earn. Lol. Now I always rush to ATMs to bank in my pay once
I’m being paid. I shop much much much lesser, like once every 2
months, it used to be every other week… Lol.

I wanted to blog about some back dated post, but realized I have too
many back dated post, like, I wanted to blog AFA ID, and realized I
have not even blog about AFA SG 2013, AFA SG 2011.. I wanted to
blog about my 2014 Japan work trip… Then I realized I haven’t even
blog about my 2013 and 2012 Japan trips…. How huh. They got so
backdated and I don’t know is to blog about the newer post or the
older one 1st. Any suggestions?








Anyway AFA ID was FUN!!! I think it was 50% tiring and 50% fun. I felt
really old as i think couldn’t physically cope with the long ass working
hours, little hours of sleep… As much I love AFA, it’s a huge a chance
for me to meet all of my readers. But I getting too physically too old for
such events, maybe a few hours, it’s fine, But 11 hours/3 days
straight event… I don’t think I could anymore…. I guess I will have think
twice to work with AFA the next time round…





This blog post is also featuring my current obsession…
The Daniel Wellington, I m very happy that I’ve been sponsored directly
from the DW, they flew me their latest grace collection! Also I have two
of their wristbands, the Classic Cardiff and Classic Cambridge! The
inter-change wristbands able to let me to blend it with my outfit of the

The Grace Collection

I deeply in love with the vintage and sleek design that is very versatile,
matches with most of my outfits. I really really love their latest grace
collection, it’s simply a combi of the classic nato and leather straps!
Best of both worlds!

U sure will be seeing a lot of DW watches in camwhore pics on my
Instagram!! Ha!

if you guys really love DW watches like i do! i have great
news for u guys, you can simply type this special discount
code: “yutakis15” to get a 15% off!!! and get their super
awesome watches at:










There are many things in my life I m thankful for, I guess till this very
date I count myself extremely lucky to whatever I have in my life. I very
hopeful for what’s in stores for me until the end of the year, hopefully
it will be a great start for a new life after I’ve moved and a smooth
journey when I start moving!


As it’s kinda big deal for me. Lol.
Till the next update!



The Face Diaries! Vol.04

12/August/2014 | Advertorial, Review, The Face Diaries


Hello!!! My 1st face diary entry this year! Time really flies!
The previous entry seems not too long ago! But when I
check the date, it was last year September!! almost a year
already! If you are a new reader, the face diaries series of
blog entries are based on vanity, on my face and my body,
anything that is related on how to make myself look better,
I will go ahead and try them, and record the experience!


There will be a few entire coming up, as I quite keen in some
other beauty treatments, face touch ups, so… Watch out for
this series’ updates!

latest images