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Datsumo Labo Beauty Queen Contest

03/October/2014 | Advertorial, discovery, Holiday

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A few weeks ago, I attended my 1st beauty contest!
The contest is organized by Datsumo Labo! The winner will
crown as beauty queen Asia, also she will be Miss datsumo
labo! She will be the new image girl/model of D.L, Her pictures
will be seen all over Singapore!


Not only attend, I was even selected as one of the guest judge!!
I was really excited over this event as I never been a judge before,
also I pretty public shy, I was really nervous if the emcee ask me
some hard questions, I m DEAD. Lol. Luckily that didn’t happen.

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One of my favorite highlight of the entire event was the other
guest judges! They are ALL my close friends! How awesome is
this?! Miyake, yanyan and qiuqiu!! We had a great time being the
judge, no ice need to be broken, we were really chatty and enjoying
ourselves! I m always happy working friends, we have endless
things to talk about and there will not awkward moments!

Okay, what happens to 4 ultimate selfie king and queens get
together? ENDLESS CAMWHORE SESSION. Okay. I will spam
our camwhore pics!

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The beauty contest was broken into a few segments, there are
games, yoga tips and dressing up challenges, through these
segments, the four of us have a better idea how these pretty
contestants are!

And I really really impressed with all the girls who join the contest,
all very young and very pretty, contestant number 6 even flew all
the way from Japan just to attend this contest! She is very pretty
and elegant, I gave her pretty high marks lol.

This Contest were sponsored by many Japanese brands! One
of which was rosebullet, the casual outfits were all from rosebullet!

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The 1st part of contest was over and the stage were taken over
by BIHAKUMA!!!! I’ve seen her sooooo many times on qiuqiu, Miyake
and Wendy’s blog and Instagram that day was my 1st meet with her!


She is so adorable, one of most entertaining mascot, she even
dance to Dj’s jam! Like a pro! Half way she almost fell down!
Which was such a funny sight.

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The stuff of datsumo labo and Bihakuma was sharing some fun facts
of hair remover service at datsumo labo, It’s assured that it’s absolutely
painless, their magic cream that is used during the treatment even
softens and smoothens your skin! The girls (Miyake, yanyan and qiuqiu)
was raving how fair and smooth it make your skin feels! Most importantly,
they are really affordable, even at such crazy low price, they still have
crazy promotions every other month!

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The 2nd half of the contest, the contestants are all changing into
different yukata styled by miki! The host also challenge the contestants
with some traditional moves when u re wearing the yukata!

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One of the best part of the contest was every single contestant won
something during the contest, nobody walk home empty handed,
and the ultimate winner of the night was…

Contestant number 4!

I guess what make her stand out, it’s not only she look very pretty and
sweet, she also one of the most outspoken and charismatic one!
Some of the contestants are just too shy!

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Here comes the camwhore spam of the 4 of us at the judging table!
During the break time hor! We wasn’t rude to camwhore during the
show. Lol.

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My entire outfit was from Japanese brand JPRESS! Their clothes are
major love! It’s my 2nd set of outfit from them, I hope I could earn more
money and afford to shop at jpress next time, as their clothes are way
beyond my budget for shopping, BUTTTT! If u could afford please go
take a look, it my type of style, the princey preppy look!


That’s a wide range of very interesting designer ties! The details are
very unique! If you noticed the dark blue tie that I was wearing, there
are plenty cow shape of US flags! How cute and interesting is that?!

Find out more on JPRESS:


3rd Floor (Men’s Department)
Shaw House
1 Scott Road
6733 1111

Tel No. 68369498

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Here another news I will announce on my blog…
(Okay la I did announced on my Instagram alr, but blog not yet!)

I m the official Spokeperson/image guy for datsumo labo black label
(men) 2014/2015! The DLBL, is the 1st outlet in sg that carter for
ONLY male customers! Now you guys don’t have to be embarrassed
to go ladies’s hair remover Salons to get your hair removed!!!

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Us guys deserve our own store! And I is love datsumo labo black
label for making it happen!!!!

Their black label store will be officially open tmr!! 4/10/2014!!!

For booking and consultation please check out the below links that
I provided! I will be heading down to the outlet to have my 1st look at
the salon! I was told that my face is printed everywhere in the shop…
This is a 1st… I m actually pretty nervous and very excited at the
same time!

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And for the opening of the Datsumo Labo black label! they are
having the couple discount! bring your other half and get a 25%
off! that’s insane! so girls bring your boyfie to datsumo labo
black label tomorrow!!

DLBC (28)

More info:

1 Coleman Street #03-34
The Adelphi
Singapore 179803



Opening Hours:
10:30AM – 9:30PM

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This status on my private Facebook account technically sum up
how I feel for the past one month…

Just got back from Perth with Sophie, and the trip was madness,
hectic and super busy. We both barely had anytime to actually
enjoy the holiday and sightseeing. It was photoshoot photoshoot
photoshoot all the way…

This week, I realized my year end engagements are literally one
after another, I m fully booked, over booked actually. As you guys
might already that I m moving out from my parent’s place. I kinda
need the money too, it’s fantastic that i m having so much jobs…


But deep down I just really wanna a holiday so so so so badly…
So badly…

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Mid this month, I will be flying to my mum’s home town, in china,
Harbin for 2 weeks, at 1st I m really reluctant, because 1stly I have
no friends there, I can’t communicate well with my china relatives
too, 2ndly I will have no access to any of my social media platforms!
Not even Instagram! They just ban Instagram due to the riots in
Hong Kong..

The 2 weeks I have put all my work and projects on hold. But to
think on the bright side I could take the trip as a getaway and have
some rest. HOPEFULLY.. Hopefully my mum don’t drag me out to
relative visit all the time. Lol.

Ok! Time to work on my next over due blog already!
Till the next update!

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Friendship Qualities

02/October/2014 | Personal Thoughts

Been wanting to write a post on things I value the most on friendship for a really long time. But didn’t have the time to.. so here it is.

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