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The Confession Of A Psycho Bitch

19/July/2015 | Confession of yutakis

title 1

Psycho Bitch Theory.

PBT. Yes you might read the title and think this blog post about some girl… But no, it’s about me. Lol. I guess my blog readers should know by now I m not a regular guy next door, or even at all close. When most guys are actually very insensitive and low EQ. I m actually a guy who is extremely sensitive and have a high EQ, (IQ not high but EQ high to make up to my misfit, lol), makes me slightly more likable (in person) and sociable. i m much more sensible when comes to friends.

When comes to dating or love…. It seems like my expectations are much, much, MUCH higher.

This is blog post might also explain to you why I m still single. Lol. Sometimes I felt the things I get sensitive over are actually what most girls will. Which makes me such a girl at heart like that. you know most of my close (girl) friends are even much much more ‘manly’ than me, as in their men-mentality, lol.

Like for example:

Sandy is very “bro”, she’s a brother at heart, she always protect me and have my back like how a bro should.

Qiuqiu is very high confident like a very confident man, whenever she gets angry, you will see the most manliest side of her lol. and yes, she can be quite sloppy like a dude too. Lol.

Sophie is this extremely cool dude who have very little expression. she don’t really express her feelings much, very chillax and meh. Which makes her like a very typical reserved and cool guy.

Yanyan is very aggressive and tough love like a guy too, she is basically a tough warrior who fights to her last breathe for things she believe in, a warrior agh, even more dude than any other dudes.

Miyake don’t need to say already. She is literally the most gangster friend of mine, she can be such a dude, a dude don’t even mind getting into a physical fights to protect her love ones.

These “manly” qualities of my females friends… Eh, I don’t even have any. Lol. That’s why they always tease me, I m actually only girl in our clique. LOLOLOLOL. Which is kinda true. Lol When comes to dating in the past years, I realized I have the ability to charm my dates into falling in love within 1 or 2 days… SAY REAL ONE, NO JOKE. Like literally they could cry for me or even want to marry me that sort. Very very infatuated, I m not bragging because it’s actually a tragedy. let me continue.

But this strong and intensive feeling will never last, it will last up to 2 to 3 weeks tops….. My psycho bitch behavior will start to show… ALL OF THEM RUN AS FAR AS THEY CAN, jet off via rockets. LOLOLOLOL. It’s damn sad and demoralizing for me!! I hate to say this, its like I can’t keep any of them. Even though all my friends think I actually very loyal, extremely romantic and very big time “giver” type of lover, I always give more than I take.

Here in this blog post let me list to you all 3 types of typical patterns of mine when i am dating someone.

title 2

I don’t have a dating game, I have no game when I like someone. I do not know how to play hard to get. I do not know how act cool, I m aggressively like a wild ball of fire, a tornado, a tsunami or a ______ (You can think of any crazy intensive description of someone filled with love. fill in the blank above.)

I will go fetch them and wait for them to finish their work, buy flowers, buy gifts, hand make gifts, hand written love letters, book staycations, decor the room with roses and candles, very crazily affectionate, very devoted, I don’t check my phone on a date, I don’t steal stares at other walking temptations, very obsessed, very reassuring that I m only seeing them and only them, every single persons I go out with I will report to them and make sure I don’t let them worry about me, and even start to remember everything about them, from phone numbers to birthdays and even their blood type and things they hate or love, never delay replying a text, even set my whatsapp alert on LOUD mode, so that even at 4am they woke up to pee and text me, I could wake up to reply… like this entire chunk of things i do, this is how extensive my game is. translates to madly (scratch madly, should be psychotic) in love.


I swear all of my ex dates were really impressed with my affections, but slowly they will find me too much and start to felt that I m suffocating them, or worrying that they couldn’t reciprocate. That’s when they start to find excuses to skip the next date and just want to be friends… Excuse me, what friends?! *With psychotic stare* Lol.

My friends always teach me how to play this dating game, most of them quite good at this game, told me NOT to be overly excited or impress, keep my excitement in my heart, be less expressive, if I get a text from my date, i should go play candy crash and clear the level then reply. And never ever initial to ask for a date, let them ask me. Even if I m at home sleeping, always text them saying that i am actually out socializing with friends. And never ever clarify the relationship with your friends or the people u hang out with….

I know all these tricks, but when I really like someone I felt it’s so cruel to play such games with them… I really can’t bring myself to do it. I m like a 0% or 100% type of guy. It’s either one, I can’t give a 50%.

By now most of my ex dates will starting to doubt the sanity of this yutakis. Lol.

Psycho bitch damage: ♥♥♥

title 3

In Big Bang theory season 2, Howard was actually practicing this unusual technique to pick up chicks, he called it the [ TOSS OF NEGS ].

It means a negative compliment that throws a woman/ guy off her/his game. Like “normally, I’m not turn on by big teeth, but on you, they work”

Well I can’t take that. it might work on someone who is very confident. but i m totally not. Lol. Some of the ex dates pays me a neg, that inner psycho bitch of me will surface. Lol.

Classic example 01:
“I actually wish my future boyfriend to have six packs, but it’s okay you look good too without them.”

Classic example 02:
“I swear for a million years I will never imagine I would date a guy who wears make up for photoshoots but you are my exception.”


….. I don’t know is this a request? Something they hate of me, then just try to hint that they want me to change? It makes me feel nothing special and I felt I m not good enough for them. It just makes me insecure, I react very badly toward such negs, I will be very confrontational. i will never say this type of things to any of my dates, or even at all risk to hurt them. no. just not me.

You might think that I m actually someone who is very full of myself, high self esteem and confident when comes to dating, no. I am directly the opposite, I always felt I am never good enough for anyone, as I have a lot of flaws. I m actually very low self esteem, fragile and very accommodating, so when I face such negs like this… I will be just extra hurt and felt the need to do something about myself or just end the date ASAP as I felt I am obviously not their type. i really hope i could be confident enought to take such negs positively.

Psycho bitch damage: ♥♥♥♥

title 4

I can’t take people seriously if they keep a bunch friends with love interest, like I know there’s some of people okay with being friends with an ex, or a ex date, or someone they used to like or still like. I just can’t. It will turn me off immediately. If you haven’t moved on from a ex, don’t date someone new, or try to date many others just to explore your options, I will never do that, even if it’s just dating it will be always exclusive for me.

I don’t keep in touch with any of my exes, or I have any 粉红知己 ( it directly translates to pink friends, those who is an ex or had a love interest or more than just ordinary friends).

It’s really very hard to find someone who don’t have such “pink friends” but I m very old school and traditional on such things, I hope to find someone who values such things like me.


The moment the one that i m seeing let me know that they actually have such “pink friends”… My PSB will start to show again…. I will become very self righteous on this topic and go on and on and on and on and on and on about why is it that I disapprove of such “pink friends” and trying to convince that if they want to continue to see me its best that they could stop seeing their “pink friends”.

This also the moments most of my ex dates started put on their running shoes, preparing to run away from me already. Lol.

Psycho bitch damage: ♥♥♥♥♥


Even knowing they all lose interest in me, I still refuse to let go, I could have just hurt them before they even have the chance to dump me, but I couldn’t do it, I always always let them dump me instead, because I like them too much to reject them. Or just at all let them feel rejected, I will hang around and let them end it with me. I even make stupid promise like i will never be the 1st to walk away, this is actually the type of promise that most guys will never keep, but I m stupid enough to keep, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

After reading this 3 typical PBB (Psycho Bitch Behavior) of mine. I could guess you guys know why I m still single when all my friends are actually married or attached…? sometimes i couldn’t decide if i m just stupid or a psycho bitch. maybe a bit of both.

Being single for so long, makes me very dependent on my friends, I m very glad that my friends are not those who totally MIA once they get attached ( except a few ).  They still hang out with me as per normal. But I often joke by saying if one I get attached, I will just totally ditch them and go completely MIA, like I can’t wait for the day for me being all in love and pengseh (ditch) all my friends. They often laugh and said they can’t wait for that day to happen so I could stop pestering them. Lolololol. I have humorous friends, i know!!! Haha… Eh… or do they meant it?! Lol.


And I swear finding someone who is my type, who like me, who is decent, can could put up with a psycho bitch like me. It’s hard. Just too hard.

After a good 2 years of trying, dating, then scaring these dates away, go into a dark emo place, solitude myself for a few months, then become better then start to date again, then scaring them away again, then go into my dark place and emo again, after months of solitude, then become better then dating again, then scare them away again….

The vicious cycle goes on and on and on and on. So I decided not to date anymore.


This one of my most honest and most self pity blog post i ever typed. Maybe one day I could be less PBB, then I could have better luck in love, or I could be really lucky find someone who appreciates a PBB guy. But I don’t put a hope on that, this type of PBB type of guys (girls) usually all turn out to be forever alone and all 60 years old cat dandy (ladies). I suddenly felt so naked and vulnerable after revealing so much about myself on my blog.


I gonna divert my energy and focus on career and money making, which will benefits me wayyyyy more. Wish this psycho bitch luck in career, maybe my psycho-ness could do me better in term of money making.


July Haul

18/July/2015 | Haul Haul Haul





Two post a day!!!! Lol. Previous I promise to blog about
shopping hauls! And yes this is will be my 1st ever shopping
haul blog post, i wasn’t that actively blogging to the extend
to share a blog post on what and where I buy my clothes
& stuff, but I kinda sense that it will be useful, for those who
love my personal style, as a blogger reader myself I always
hope those male bloggers I follow would share more on
where they get their stuff!

When I was younger I had a HARD time trying find clothes
that I really like in Singapore, thank god that we have more
options like H&M, TOPMAN and Zara, it’s so much better.

But now that trying to find something unique will be a bit
harder. My personal favorite styles will be the preppy style
& the varsity style, I like them with a a tiny bit of fun details
and bright colors touch to it, I don’t really like (don’t mind
trying for shoots) those very over-size, simple, monotone

I usually don’t splurge on clothes, I rather keep the money
for stuff that you could keep reusing, like bags, shoes and
accessories! But clothes, if you cant possibly keep repeating
them, for tees I rarely spent more than 50 bucks on them,
For pullovers, jackets and sweaters my budget will be 150
bucks or less. For jeans, pants, less than 150 bucks,
shorts 100 bucks & below, hats 50 bucks & below.

Everything i got in this blog post are WAYYYYY below my
usual budget, they are really cheap, I rather blog all my
reasonable and value for money buys than show off
unrealistically expensive stuff I’ve got, my blog readers
are Mostly very very young so I guess this haul post will be
very very much relatable to you guys!!!

I was damn lucky, as I went shopping with Miyake, a lot of
the shops in town are actually having sales!! So I just
GRABBBBBBB!!! Some of them are actually 50% off..

This totally made my day. Lol YAHHHHHH!!!!





Price: $49.50
Where to get it: :chocoolate Bugis

Okay this set of 3, a bag, a tee and a cushion cost originally
at 99 bucks. It’s on 50% off. 49 bucks!!!! A similar cushion
in the shop actually cost 68 bucks… So how is this not a




Price: $18
Where to get it: Bugis Street

Got this super cute tee preppy tee with super cute knitted
details, those walking men are very detailed knitted on to
the tee!!! I swear it worth way more than 18 bucks, my
expected price was actually 25 bucks.




Price: $29
Where to get it: Izzue Bugis

Price: $29
Where to get it: Izzue Bugis

Price: $16
Where to get it: Bugis Street

The STAY tee original price is at 60 bucks! The 29 bucks
LOVEYOU tee before discount was at 50 bucks!! All 3
items are worth the price la! I super love all three of them,
no surprise, my fav color combi.




Little Mister Happy Tee
Price: $13
Where to get it: :Black Chocoolate Bugis

Red, Blue & White Jacket
Price: $70
Where to get it: :White Chocoolate Bugis

That tee is only 13 bucks…. I was like, I will be insane NOT
to buy it. Lol. And that jacket is originally sold at 179 bucks!!!
That’s like 109 bucks cheaper! It’s actually for girls but it fits
me just good, and how can I not buy it, it super chio, like
my fav color and on super sale. BUY. Lol.




Banana Cap
Price: $16
Where to get it: Bugis Street

This banana cap is only 16 bucks!!! You have see the shade
of the blue of the cap in real life, it’s major pretty.




Wizard hat
Price: $18
Where to get it: Bugis Street

Been looking for this! Finally, Miyake told me it’s actually very
commonly seen on the streets in Korea right now, but you
can’t seem to these anywhere in SG… YET Lol. NEW SHOOT PROP!




W Berete
Price: $39
Where to get it: :chocoolate Bugis

It was 50 bucks before sale… Eh, no argue I will never let such
a cute head gear off. NO WAY. Lol. You guys should see my
head gear collection one day. I have so much hats that I
actually the real life mad hatter. Lol. Hello, Alice.




Food For Thought Hat
Price: $23
Where to get it: from Korea

Saw this hat and INSTANT in love with it. Grab the fat chance
of twinnie being in Korea, I asked her to help me get it! And
she did, and didn’t even take my money for this…. I love my
gift from Korea from her… LOVE THIS.





3 Super Gay Socks
Price: all 3 for $26
Where to get it: TOPMAN Orchard

That’s like 8 bucks for each pair…. SUPER LOVE THEM. Yes
TOPMAN always have those super gay accessories and socks…





Total damage for 15 items:
324 bucks!

Here’s my super reasonable price haul for July! All of them are
wayyyyyyy below my budget, and I am very happy can’t wait to
wear them out and take some OOTD!!





Before I leave, I will attending my childhood idol’s concert in a
few days!!!! Super excited, jolin leh! Whoever could speak
Chinese knows who she is la!!! Super grateful for the tix from
Nuffnang and IMC live!!


I swear the moment jolin’s announcement on her PLAT tour
will be coming to SG, there’s a lot of people going crazy over
the tixs alr!!!




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