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My Juicy Summer By HKC Plaza

24/October/2015 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection, Review





My recent obsession…. Jell moisturizers!!! Yes, to be honest, as
much as moisturizers are super important for the face, I hate them,
they are always thick and greasy, I will never volunteer-y use them,
as I age, I felt more and more pressurized to use them, Becos I know
I will age extremely fast if I don’t, especially now I m not young
anymore. Lol, but this products actually change the way I look at
moisturisers, every a few hours, I will actually itchy hands and pump
a few drops of it and apply it on to my face…! Yes… The jell
moisturising muti-function mask from HKC Plaza!!

There 5 type of flavors! Each flavors have different effects! And best
of all, I can’t explain how much I love to apply them, they feel like
WATER, actually better than water, they are super cooling and it feels
extra refreshing after applying them! I used to loving the feeling to
apply water on my face to be more alert and awake whenever I m working,
but I don’t have to anymore, I just spam these moisturizer jells!!!
And i don’t even feel extra fulfilling whenever I do it, not only my
skin feels shiok (enjoyable) I feel that i actually doing something
awesome to my face!


There’s 3 types of bottle juicy jell, and 2 types real fruit smoothing

There’s lemon, aloe and tomato flavors for the bottle juicy jell series!
My person favorite is the tomato one!









The my tomato juicy jell that contains 80% tomato extracts, it helps
to make your extra soft and firm! You guys should know by now, my
favorite skin care effect will be firming and presentation of wrinkles,
how can I not love this!

It’s not only super refreshing, it feels so heavenly on the skin, the
super cute packaging, that looks like a fruit juice bottle, it makes me
wanna carry it everywhere I go!

Buy it here
FREE shipping world wide!
They are having 40% discount on this item!
Usual price for $16… Now only $9.60!!





The my aloe juicy jell contains 95% of aloe Vera leaf extract, helps to
smoothens skin and helps to claims your from redness, sensitive or warm!
It extremely helpful when you get some acnes or sunburns, it helps heal
your skin back to normal!

It’s anti aging properties helps to even reduce fine lines! It’s super
light texture, leaves skin with absolutely no sticky residue!

Buy it here
FREE shipping world wide!
They are having 40% discount on this item!
Usual price for $16… Now only $9.60!!





The my lemon juicy jell contains 60% of Lemon extract, that is filled
with vitamins invigorate dull skin!! It also contains Pearl extracts that
make skin clear and smooth! So if you are those who look very soulless
every morning and need something to brighten your face, this is totally
the one need!

Troubled skin? This my lemon juicy jell will help smoothen your skin out,
it even have whitening properties, stubborn pimple marks? Clear them with
the my lemon juicy

Buy it here
FREE shipping world wide!
They are having 40% discount on this item!
Usual price for $16… Now only $9.60!!






For the coconut and watermelon “I am watermelon smoothing Gel” and “I am
coconut smoothing Gel” is the CUTEST EVER!!! I love love love the pumps,
it makes using the products super easy and addictive, every now and then
I will go over my night press a pump of smoothing jell and rub it all
Over my face.

Both 95% of watermelon and coconut extract!!

They both smells like heaven, you guys know Hollywood stars like Miranda
Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow all super obsessed with coconut oil products, as
they have super high level of nutrients! They name it as the “the gift of
the gods”

Watermelon is one of my personal favorite fruit! They I remember when I was
younger, the girls on tv always use the skin of watermelon to apply on the
face as home made DIY Beaty hacks, they always rave how watermelons helps
to clear pimples and make skin super clear and bright!

Buy <I am Watermelon smoothing Gel> here
Buy <I am Coconut smoothing Gel> here

FREE shipping world wide!
They are having 40% discount on this item!
Usual price for $16… Now only $9.60!!




These smoothing jells can be use in many ways and they are
very flexible and have multipurpose, here are some user
tips from HKC plaza! they are more than just moisturisers!






The awesome HKC plaza is finally have a physical store in town!!!! Now not
only you could get their products online, you could visit their shop!
official opening of their 2nd skin aesthetic outlet on 23-25th Oct at Forum!


Products are having super crazy discounts!! Up to 70% discount and products
are priced as low as 8 bucks…. It’s cray cray! Lol.

Not only that, all my close blogger friends, xiaxue, Qiuqiu and Miyake and
I are invited as Special Guest of the opening! All 4 of us will be there on
24th Oct 2015, 1-4pm!!! Come down and see us!

ITS FREE admission and there are awesome DOOR GIFT FOR YOU GUYS that is
worth 100 bucks (full size products, samples and starter kits!!) all you
need to do is to RSVP at

As they need to prepare how many door gifts for you guys!

See you guys in a few hours!



Miyake and I shoot this set of photos for HKC plaza at the sunflower flower
field at Taizhong, Taiwan. I swear it wasn’t easy it seem…. I was
sweating like mad, and I have to look easy breezy, looking bright and enjoying
the weather. Lol. When all I wanted to do to tear away all the clothes and
hit the shower. Lol.


The pictures are all worth it!! I love them, it is also the 1st set of
advertorial for HKC plaza that is taken outdoors!

More exciting pictures and posts coming up! Actually it might seem I have no
been updating, but I actually have A MILLION POSTS AND POSTS brewing…
Just that I was….. Let just say I m too lazy to update, I don’t wanna go
into and talk about my emotional stuff again. Lol.

I think I have too much posts to clear, for the next week, I might have to
update my blog EVERYDAY. Yes, good thing too, regular updates.


Earth & Love By Perth’s Key

| Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection









Information & online catalog for Perth’s key! This is just totally
a pictorial post, with some products information and also some
promotions on their official 1st boutique opening!


Experience all organic magic from
Perth! Their products are well known self established to be “LOHAS”
it stands for lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) group, to love
the earth, it’s to promotes love ourselves and to love our families.
We do our best to help everyone who uses perth’s key products to enrich
their “LOHAS” with aromatherapy, and to keep the body beautiful with
Native Orchid skin care and complete body care products! They have
countless products for every need and concern! Check them out on their
website and here’s some highlighted products that they sent me to try






Rosehip Oil


There is often a misconception that rosehip oil (or rose oil) is extracted
from the seeds or fruits of rose flowers, but rose hip does not originate from
the fruits of rose, instead it comes from a different type of plant. Rose
hip is native in southern Chile, and the locals call it (Rose Mosqueta). 100%
pure concentrated rosehip oil is extracted from the use of an amazing Rose
Mosqueta seed native in Chile. Rose Mosqueta is rich in many essential fatty
acids (oleic, linoleic, linolenic acid), carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin C
and vitamin A derivatives, and thus it plays a powerful role in cell

The Chileans have used it for centuries. The superior efficacy of rose hip
oil is known worldwide, as dermatologist, skin specialists, and cosmetic
surgeons recommend using it. Besides Chile, the United States is also producing
these oils, using it to treat mild to moderate face lines, acne scars and etc
Massage the face twice a day, and it can also be added to other cosmetic
products to enhance moisture, after sixty days, obvious skin improvement can
be observed. In the household, rose hip oil can also be applied directly on
babies’ skin to treat burns or other skin issues, with good effects. The
popularity of this oil has spread from America to Europe now.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that up to 77% of polyuacids
found in rose hip oil show rapid efficacy in cell regeneration and cell
epair when used to treat surgical wounds, cuts, and other large wounds.
This efficacy of rose hip oil enabled it to gain overnight fame especially
within the beauty industry, because it also means that the problems which
have been plaguing the beauty industry and women for so long, such as
nasolabial folds, eye lines, crow’s feet, laugh lines and acne scars can
all be finally alleviated or even resolved by rose hip oil.







Floral Water


When using the process of distillation to extract essential oil from plants,
the liquid by-product is called the Hydrolate. Also called Hydrosol or
Flower Water, they all refer to the same product, the by-product of essential
Even though both have similar functions, flower water is less dangerous
than essential oils. It is quite mild, and can be sprayed directly on the
entire face, body, and hair. It is suitable to be carried around, as it
can easily provide hydrations to the skin when itchy or dry problems arise.








Comforter Herbal Ointment 12g


The mere smell of it makes you want to use it; this herbal ointment can be
said to be a portable and first aid universal treasure. Containing a wealth
of mint and lavender essential oils, it can quickly relieve red, hot, itchy
skin problems. Made from natural aroma of exclusive formula, you can rub
it on the pressure point in the middle between the nose and lips, and on
the temple, reaching mental boost as well as soothing effect.
Do you like DIY? If you feel stomach or intestinal upset, you may add 1 drop
of peppermint essential oil for a blend and strengthen massage on the abdominal
area. Now you have made a stomach soothing lotion. Very easy to use, you can
blend it with other essential oils however you want it. Made of extremely
gentle and nourishing natural ingredients, even children are suitable for







Aloe Vera Sedative Gel 300g


Aloe Vera, has always been a mysterious herb, and is also known as ‘the
herbal doctor’. The popularity of Aloe Vera began from the America, and
spread to Europe, Japan. In 1981, Austin, the continent of Texas in
America, created The International Aloe Science Council, referred to as
the IASC.
Extracted from the American native organic Aloe Vera, and planted according
to the American Organic Standards (USDA / NOP). Planted without synthetic
fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. It has passed through not only
the German certification body BCS, but also the International Aloe Science
Council (IASC) Premium quality certification.
Throughout history, Aloe Vera has been regarded as the treasure that is
capable of dealing with various skin problems as well as maintaining youth.
In the 1980s, the United States hosted the (Best Effective Elements of
Cosmetics) selecting activity, Aloe Vera was ranked only second to vitamins
as cosmetics additive.
Aloe can be regarded as a universal treasure, having many wondrous effects.
It is able to relieve any skin problem in a short time, and able to serve
well in emergency needs. In addiction, its results in stabilizing, relieving
of swelling and redness, and moisturizing are highly effective.
Perth’s Key organic Aloe Vera has a light odor and no added artificial flavors,
colors, or components of petrochemical production, it can be said to be the
most natural, environmentally friendly and organic skin care product. It is
most suitable for people who advocate the lifestyles of health and
sustainability, like you and your family.
Aloe belong to the lily family of plant, according to statistics, there are
more than 250 global species of Aloe. Now, only five kinds of Aloe have been
found to confer therapeutic values. Among them, the most well-known and admired
is Aloe Bardadensis (Aloe Vera).
Perth’s Key uses the Aloe Vera of United States. This has been the first class
of Aloe to be granted the International Aloe Science Association (IASC)
certification standards. The whole process of its production is completed within
36 hours of its harvest to effectively ensure the natural activity of Aloe Vera.
Perth’s Key effectively ensures that the molecular weight of the polysaccharides
in the types of Aloe Vera that we use falls within the range of 50,000 to 200,000.
Study shows that within this range of polysaccharides, it is able to confer the
most obvious effect of promoting human’s immune system recovery. Perth’s Key
aloe Vera is able to retain its natural activity via the patented TTS
processing technology. Its ability to repair and regenerate is twice as
effective as the general Aloe Vera gel in the market, and 30% higher than
Natural Aloe Vera gel.
The transparent flesh of aloe contains almost all its advantageous effect. It
has 1kinds of trace elements, 11 kinds of free amino acids, 12 kinds of
essential vitamins, phenols, polysaccharides, and the following benefits are
the most worth-mentioning:
Aloetin- It can neutralize the toxins secreted by pathogenic bacteria and
prevent further propagation of the bacteria.
Aloe bearberry leaves- Anti-Ulcer effect. It can help to stimulate growth of
new tissue around the sites of injury, allowing the wound to heal.

Anthraquinone complex- Can reduce burns and pains, as well as swelling and
redness of the skin. Containing antibacterial activity, it can prevent
infection of the affect skin areas.
Enzymes- Help repair and smooth wound scars
Aloe Vera sedative gel has been called the universal gel. That is because it
is suitable for use of anybody regardless of infants, children, women, men,
or the elderly. Besides using it alone, it can be mixed with oils emulsion or
added with your personal favourite aroma oil.
Use your creative juices and do some DIY to turn the Aloe Vera gel into a
variety of uses:

• Family suntan retreat gel to relieve sun burns
• Husband’s calming gel after shaving
• Baby’s gel to apply on buttock after pooing
• Oil-suppressing gel for son’s acne skin
• Moisturizing gel for mom’s dry skin
• Smoothing gel for daughter’s apple-shaped sensitive skin
• Whitening gel for dull skin
• Relaxing gel for the neck and shoulder
• Calming gel for the back’s acne
• Calf’s muscles relaxing gel…. And so on
The uses of Aloe Vera are numerous and universal. It has millions of benefits,
which Perth’s Key would like to share with all of you. An essential at home.
Having a bottle of Aloe Vera gel in your hand, it presents infinite beauty to






Check them at:
Instagram : @perths_key_sg
Facebook :
website :

9 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower 2 #02-0489 S (038989)
Operation hours:
Tel: 6336 2996








They are running a promotion till 10th November! Their top seller, the
Aloe Vera jell at only 11 bucks! And perth’s key is so confident that their
products works wonders! You get a FULL refund if you ain’t satisfied with
the Aloe Vera Jell!!




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