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The Science Behind Hair Regrowth TK TrichoKare

30/November/2017 | Advertorial


A few weeks ago I was invited to TrichoKare to try out their Award-winning Hair Fall
Prevention Treatment! I was actually pretty excited as I’ve seen many positive online
reviews of TrichoKare, can’t wait to try them out myself!!

When I get to TrichoKare, the Trichologists (hair & scalp specialists) were extremely
friendly and very professional, they asked me a very new question, which was do you know that your
scalp will age, and that was something which I have never truly think about. And it got me thinking
if I’ve taken enough care of my hair and scalp.

My hair is nothing but important to me, I feel that a lot of my signature looks which I
post online, depends heavily on my hairstyle. But to be truly honest, I don’t really know
how to take care of my hair besides using a hair serum. At TrichoKare, the Trichologist
gave me a lot of advanced tips and recommendation on how to take care of my hair and scalp
which I’m extremely thankful for!

In Singapore, TrichoKare is a leading Trichological center that provides expert solutions
on hair and scalp problems. Using the advanced formula and revolutionary technology,
TrichoKare’s treatments are all customised using premium European herbs validated by certified
Trichologists, which have been proven to have medicinal benefits on the hair and scalp to
promote hair growth.

TrichoKare unveils the Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment, it works as a hair and
scalp reconstructor for both men and women. There are three stages of treatments:


Regulate – scalp detox, remove impurities and excess sebum

Strengthen – nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the cohesion of keratin fibers to
improve the hair density

Densify – infuse hair with proteins to increase hair growth, promote cell growth which helps
stimulate new hair growth

They had won numerous awards throughout the years:

Elle Beauty Awards 2017 – Best Treatment For Hair Loss, The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair
Awards 2017 – Best Volumising Treatment For Thinning Hair, Her World Spa awards 2016 and
many more! That clearly shows how effective TrichoKare is when it comes to preventing hair
loss, promoting hair growth and controlling hair fall.

TrichoKare is no stranger to me, I’ve seen their advertisements everywhere at my favorite
shopping places and read many positive reviews by my favorite celebrities and bloggers!


Usually, we put in so much more effort on our face, when our hair and scalp is truly one
of the key factors to complete our daily looks

It’s about time to fix our hair fall, hair loss or problematic scalps issues! I do have
problems like occasion of dandruff Attack whenever I used the wrong shampoo, thank god it
go away very easily whenever I switch shampoo, but after my scalp scans, it clearly shows
my scalp has a lot of redness, a lot of my pores are clogged!! Whoa I tell you it’s a funny
feeling to take such an intensive zoom in a look on scalps, places on your body that you
had never gone that close!

The Trichologist explained that it was due to my lifestyle, diet and frequent hair styling.
I did not cleanse my scalp thoroughly thus there was leftover product residue on my scalp.
these causes my scalp to be excessively greasy with badly clogged pores and dandruff issues
which impedes hair growth.

I can’t wait to let TrichoKare work their hair magic on me!

I was truly relaxed, and the entire treatment was nothing but enjoyable! TrichoKare gave
me a complete and advanced scalp treatment. The entire time it was so comfortable I even
almost fall asleep!

This detoxifying masque was customised based on my scalp condition! It helps to deeply
cleanse the hair & scalp by removing impurities & excess sebum. At the same time, it also
regulates & soothes the scalp to reduce redness. The entire masking takes up to 20 minutes
to allow my scalp to detox & absorb the nutrients.

Next up was the Deep Cleansing Wash, it was professionally done by one of their hair experts.
They massage each and every single pressure point and the soothing botanical hair wash will
deeply cleanse and regulate the pH balance of your scalp and remove the dead skin and grime.


The hair expert applied the tonic to my scalp to strengthen the cohesion of keratin fibers
to improve the hair density and control hair fall. Saw palmetto herbs which are used in
their customised treatments work as a remedy to hair loss and research has shown that it
can aid in hair growth, especially in men. It was also used by Native Americans as medicine
and food for hundreds of years.

A scalp massage was given to improve blood circulation and ensure that the nutrients and
proteins are fully absorbed into my scalp. Their Scalp Massage was really AWESOMEEEEE!!
It was so comfortable that I dozed off.


The last step was the Infrared Therapy, this step promotes intensive regeneration & encourages
cell renewal to stimulate hair growth, all while soothing your scalp.

After the 2hrs treatment, I felt like my hair and scalp was significantly
cleaner than I have ever felt it before, I could already feel my scalp is 10times lighter,
and my hair feels so fresh and comfortable!!!! The scans of my scalp taken after
the process certainly showed it!


Look at this yourself!!!! It’s magic!!! Just with one treatment, my scalp condition improved
so much, the dandruff and clogged pores were completely removed. And where are the redness??!
All gone! These made such a big difference for someone like me who constantly have dandruff
issues and itchy scalp. I was impressed by the results and extremely satisfied with it!!

For the next 2-3 days, my hair was Super easy to manage, it still feels very fresh, and very
easy to style, it doesn’t even get very greasy after mid day!!!

I want to introduce you guys to try out TrichoKare customised hair and scalp treatment!!!
Be sure to see results after each session!!


For my readers ONLY:

Award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment at only $40 NETT,
including FREE HairGRO Ampoule + Hair Care Kit  (U.P. $758)!!!

Book your appointment now:





Velocity@Novena Square, #03-19
The Clementi Mall, #05-11
Nex, #02-24
Orchard Gateway, #02-12
Compass One #04-10

Ever since I got back from Europe…. I’ve been really hardworking, I woke up at 630 am
and sleep at 11 pm…. This is so not me. I used to sleep at like… 5 am and wake up at 2 pm…
maybe its good, I am starting to work really early these days, and I realized my days are
so much longer now…. I m also getting back on Instagram and starting to post a photo everyday…
all my close friends are pretty shocked… they expect me to MIA all the way till 2018 lol.

And I realized I only posted about 70+ Instagram posts this year… that’s actually ridiculously
low……… for a blogger, it seems like I m really semi-retired. Lol. I m gonna spam posts from
now on, hopefully, by the end of 2017, I could post at least have a 3 digits figure posts on
Instagram this year! haha. WISH ME LUCK!

-Charms, Treasures and Adventures by SK Jewellery.

29/September/2017 | Advertorial, Classic Advertorial Collection


Hello!!! I m back!! Very very proud to present You guys a new concept advertorial
that I shot this early this month, it took me quite a while to finish the post-
production, preparation for this shoot and I can tell you this, this set of pictures
wasn’t as easy breezy to shoot as it looks! Shall explain to you guys in details
later in the post!

This time I teamed up with SK Jewellery, I love that SK Jewellery 
 constantly comes up with very Creative and innovative jewellery line and designs!

All the charms are made from 999 Pure Gold at SK Jewellery, something that last forever,
something special that you could add into your personal collection, a good luck charm that
stay with you forever. So tell a unique story of yourself with your own personal selection
of the charms.


Today I m showcasing you guys

The SK Jewellery charms latest addition now includes coloured enamel charms!! They are
extremely cute and Captivating, they give your arm candies even more attitude!!! These
little charms are Super cute and very carefully crafted!

Instead of being who I am, selection for the charms from SK Jewellery’s 999 Pure Gold 
Charms Collection, I picked the charms that fulfil my dreams, I always wanted to be a little
explorer, a little voyager, a boy who travel to places and see the world, even it was kinda
a bit too unrealistic to me when I was younger, as I was quite shy, a very very typical
Taurus, who hate to step out of own comfort zone, but this set of the charms, that I picked,
remind myself of these little dreams I have.


I am a strong believer in The Secret, the law of attraction, in the book, it
says You should always keep something with you that keep you in positive spirit and remind
of you happy things, your dreams, your goals! With a positive vibe, a positive mindset
will always always bring better luck, positive things in life. Trust me on this.
The secret works.

These littles charms are symbols of yourself and anything that actually represents you,
or remind you of who you are, or even who you wannabe, or reminder of things that make
you happy or keep dreaming.


I also personally selected and added my own name with the alphabet charms as well!
You could totally customise a arm candy that fits you perfectly!

The choo choo train charm, and the cute aeroplane charm reminds me to travel when sometimes
it doesn’t make feel very comfortable being in a foreign land that doesn’t really speak my
language, don’t be shy, go to places and see things, explore the world.

The fairytale collection comes in 999 Pure Gold, with a selection of new arrivals available in coloured enamel!

So what’s your story…?


The petite ladybug charm, reminds me to keep in touch with nature. Being in touch with the
nature is a huge part of the Travelling, that actually makes me uncomfortable sometimes.
Being a city boy, mountains, jungles or safari, kinda scares me, but how do I see the world
if I don’t go places like these? Therefore, I hope this petite ladybug charm keep encourage
me to be more adventurous!

If you see carefully there’s also a Twinkle star charm, this reminds me to dream and keep
making wishes, Because if I ever travel back in time and tell the 18 year old yutaki, that
I will travel to do much places and see the world, the old me, wouldn’t believe it and but
to envy, I should keep on dreaming, so much of my dreams and goals came true even thought
It took a while…. but I got here.

There are total of 4 categories of 999 Pure Gold Charms Collection:


999 Pure Gold & Coloured charms (mainly fairytale icons, eg. Castles, crowns,
bunnies, etc.)


999 Pure Gold charms only (this series of charms has a different effect –
parallel lines on the charms to enhance the alphabet.)


999 Pure Gold & Coloured charms (consists of heart-shaped charms, and other symbols
representing love and affection.)


999 Pure Gold charms only (consists of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac to
boost prosperity to the wearer.)

More info on the different collections can be found here:







Promo code:


$20 off your purchase of 999 Pure Gold Charms at SK Jewellery e-Shop.

Valid till 31 Oct 2017. Not valid with any promotion or discount.
e-Shop link:


Oh my god. One of the most tough shoot I did in a Long Long Long time, you guys have
no deal how much thrones pricked me!!! I got pricked ALL OVER MY BODY for this shoot.
Legs, arms, hands and even my back, no joke, even on my ass. LOL.

I was literally in a battlefield with the cactus. Even when I was SO CAREFULLY AND
SLOWLY moving in between the cactus, I still got stung so bad. Lol.

I Guess this unglamorous and tough part of the shoot you guys don’t ever get to see,
butttttttt after looking at this set of editorial, I could proudly tell myself, the
effort was all worth it. HA!

I am very very proud of this set and they turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be!

If you follow me Long enough, you’ll rmb I used add a dedication to all concept online
mini photobooks, i Guess in time, I got too busy, and stop adding these details to my
works, but this blog post, it is kinda special to me, kinda like a rainbow post after
a thunder storm, thou it might not even be over yet, but I’ve seen so much rainbows
from hundreds of you already, it really melts my heart, this photo post is for you guys,
may you too find that courage to travel the distance to see the greener side.

A little adventure killed nobody.

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