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15/May/2014 | Personal, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain


In a few days, i will be turning 26…
officially late in my late 20s.

Time flies? oh no, u have no idea, i didn’t even know how
did i got here. lol. the last time i rmbed, i was only 21. now
i m already half past my twenties. in the last one year, i guess
i’ve grown up a lot.. things in my life started to change it’s value,
i see things differently, i think differently. just a year, things can
change so much.


For the longest time, i didn’t care anything in my life except
looking good and buy nice clothes. lol. yes i m that shallow,
i still am. but i care about work, future, and career, i care abt
things that value add to me or my portfolio. small little things
will be benefit me in the long run. but being vain still a huge part
of me, i cant imagine me being not vain. who yutaki will be?

I used to spent every cent i have, i shop like crazy without 2nd
thoughts on wad i wanna buy. my shopping methology was
“buy now, regret later.” But now, i take a super long time to
consider on anything that i want to buy, save every bit whenever
i could. i save up more than 50% of wadever i earn now.

I was a full time camwhore, i used to only take pics of myself, i
actually get really offended if some stranger request me to shoot
them. but now, i started shooting others to expand portfolio and
accepting paid photography projects.

I had stop partying completely. the last time i step into a club was…
shit, i couldn’t even rmb! i start partying when i was 16, i was still
party animal 2 years back. i could go partying 3-4 times a week.

For the past year the friends around me are wad i most thankful for.
They are my soul supports, they kept me accompanied when i m
alone, cheer me up when i m down, there for me when i m sick,
believe in me when i dont think i could make it. this group of friends
who are so drama-free, always have my back. this group of friends
who i am very proud of and wish that they stay for the rest my life.
the best group of friends that i had in my life so far. i enjoy every bit
when i m with them, i see them every week, sometimes a few times
a week, we will hang out till moring, watching movies all night, or just
have really long talks. these little things i cant be thankful enuff…
thank you, sandy, yanyan, sophie, qiu, miyake and shuyin.


I’ve also learn to be more thankful and appreciative. less calculative
and focus on positive things i have in my life. learn to give more than
wad i take. enjoy the joy of appreciating a life of being me, i m actually
very lucky, very fortunate.

I m not sure if life is changing for the better, because a part of me
still love to be that total carefree, vain, party crazy, young person i used
to be. i guess i have to grow up at some point in my life, this year
had been the best time, i always believe everything happen for a
reason and i swear god had my path lay out right in front of me, i just
had to trust him and follow his lead.

In 3 days, it will be my bday, this year, i m letting a event organizer
and a few other sponsors taking charge of the birthday party, i used
to be very anal on my own bday party, i even bought my own bday
cakes every other year just so its the flavour i like. I m gonna go with
the flow this year.

And no, i will not be going to partying or drinking this year, just a small
gathering of my favourite people in my life right now.

Heading to Japan next month for the 3rd time, for work, actually tot
of blogging the previous two trips before this one, but i was too busy.
too much work and assignments. Right after the Bday party, i will be
having 2 very important shoot coming up, one overseas, one local.
wish me luck!


The photos taken in this post are from last online photobook,
<A Flower Boy’s Tale> unpublished work, this was actually one of the
highlight look, because, it was featuring the signature tokyo tower. but i
found it a bit too out of the place and a bit too edgy to fit into the dreamy
theme photobook as whole. so i took it out last min.

Happy birthday to a more matured me.











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4 thoughts on “26”

Moonangelko | May 15, 2014

Kudos to another healthy year. It’s kinda weird to see how much you’ve changed over the years. It’s great that a sense of maturity has kicked at 26 rather than later. At 26 your success is way higher than most and I hope that you keep doing cool stuff.

carlyn | May 15, 2014

I’m glad the you are surrounded by good people and the you are happy with where you are going with life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday

Bahiyah Khalid | May 15, 2014

Happy Bithday to the most genius photographer ever! ^^

aaynoor | October 20, 2014

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