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-A Flower Boy’s Tale [Full Edition]

17/May/2013 | Give-aways, Monthly Special, Photobook, Vanity Vain




















































































































































































































































































































































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Win this
[A FLOWER BOY’S TALE] The Best Selected Limited
Edition physical photobook worth $220sgd. (The estimate price overhead production cost of the photobook by the IMPRESSIONS– the printing company, I didn’t set the price of the photobook’s worth.)


The specification of the book:
288 Full colored printed pages.
Size: 190 mm x 285 mm, Portrait
Cover: gloss paper + matt lamination +
board (hardcover)
Inside : 157 gsm matt paper


There are 10+ copies to be won!

Win the photobook at 2 simple steps:


Simply like IMPRESSION Facebook page.



Write a review for the photobook and comment
it on this post, the [A FLOWER BOY’S TALE] post.



♥♥ Terms & Condition ♥♥

*Please ensure you post with a legit email,
so when you won the photobook,
I could contact you directly.

**There will be NO word limitations, multiple entries
are welcome.

***This is an international Photobook giveaway,
overseas entries are welcome.

****Giveaway close on 25th May 11:59pm, the winners
will be announced on my blog and through email.

AFBT (2)

Share the love ♥
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66 thoughts on “-A Flower Boy’s Tale [Full Edition]”

Kife | May 18, 2013

Hello! I’m here to write a review about this online photo book. First of all it’s a very inspiring photo book. The photos are well edited the themes, the dressing the style goes well. I really like it a lot… I think this is by far the most inspirational photo book that I’ve ever seen. From this I can tell that all the hard work you’ve done are finally worth it! Therefore I would really want to keep one of the limited edition books as a memory so that it can inspire me and others in the future.

Cheers !

Raine Lee | May 18, 2013

Oh. My. God. I fucking love you, prince! You mesmerize me. You are talented & full of ideas. Super LOVE the photobook!!!! You deserve WAY more followers & fans than you can even imagine. Supporting you always & you truly are an inspiration to us other bloggers. Happy birthday, prince!!!! ♡♡♡ You’re not only handsome & charming but your personality also sparkles inside & out. You treat us followers as your friends, not fans (I remember myself commenting this to you before in one of your posts haha but I’ll say it again!) I wish you all the good things in life! ^.^

David Wang | May 18, 2013

Hi Yutakis,

I am so happy for you that you can publish this “A Flower Boy’s Tale” photobook! I really hope that I could be one the lucky readers who can win this!! I saw through all the photos and can tell that you really put in lots of efforts in doing this photoshoot, in terms of looking for quality photographs, hairstyles, settings, backdrops, clothing and style! It’s amazing and so beautifully taken! I am amazed by how you always bring the asian look to another level. Especially in the locations u chose, I really wanna visit Nagasaki, Japan too! Theme park so heavenly looking! 😀

I really do hope that I could be one of the winners, being able to own one of your books and getting your signature is just awesome! I think I am the first person to write on your post and I already clicked “Like” on Impressions Page already. Thank you so much! Always supporting you! <3 and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! LOVE ALL YOUR WORKS!

David Wang
(loyal reader)

Krystal | May 18, 2013

I normally don’t comment on posts, but these pictures were absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations on fulfilling your dream, the photos are amazing and full of creativity, I really enjoyed every single picture!

Lowell | May 18, 2013

Hi Yutakis! Been reading your blog since about 5 months ago. And for this photo book, I hope I can buy it but since it’s a gift away, I’ll try. I really love your photos and I would really really like a photobook full of your pictures and the memories you took as I really enjoy looking at your photoshoots. So I hope I can win this!

Raine Lee | May 18, 2013

P/S: Not bootlicking or anything please. That’s how I really feel!! (>_<;)

Neith | May 18, 2013

What can I say? This photobook is awesome, one of the best that I saw ever! Awesome light, edition, frame…
All the photos tell something, if I have to choose one, I definitly choose this Dark and elegant style, really awesome shot.

Awesome organitation, 3 chapters and each one with a unique concept. Well done with the selection of the clothes, hair style, etc.. My favourite is the third chapter,’Urban Boy’s Legend’, watching the shots, is what the title says. That chapter inspired me a lot for making something new!

Well done Yutaki, hope you will do more photobooks and hope someday I could work with you. Definitly this is a really special work.

Have a nice day and Happy B-Day!Kisses 😉

Eugeniamin | May 18, 2013

Hellooooo! I think I am supposed to post here:) but I can’t really contain my excitement! Don’t know how to describe my want for this photobook it will be the first I’m gonna have if I will have it! Really can see the effort you put into this photobook really inspires me to put in my 100% in what I really want and not give up. What an inspiration:) the looks are ALL there! Cool,chic,cute etc are there! Really, not everyone can pull off this many expressions! This is really wow? Cause its like 说不出话 as its like perfect, 完美. Agreeing with myself with all the pictures you took , with good background and sceneries, it’s really like an album full of art:) impressive photography and editing skills, it’s really a dream come true for you and as a reader, I feel a sense of accomplishment for you too! Really hope that I would be one of the winners so that I will be able to receive this photobook and wow I really once again don’t know how to describe the want for this photobook! Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging us with your pursuit of dreams, it’s a big help, Really:) Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy this special day with your loved ones:)


HitomiNeko | May 18, 2013

HI Yutakis!

I never seem any other blog like yours! ( I guess I haven’t been following a lot of male bloggers, but even with female bloggers, no one can do self photography like you!) I am truly amazed since I first saw your photo book last year. I think it’s really cool that you make it a tradition to post a new photo book on your birthday each year.

I really like this photo book that incorporate so many styles. I also love the graphics that you input into it. They look professional and I think you can definitely become a great photographer for others as well!

I think it’s amazing that you can have so many flowers in your pictures but still come out pretty sexy! hahaha.. I think my favorite shoots of you are the one with the piano, the english theme one , bathtub full of flowers and angel. But really they are all really good~ amazing. You truly inspire me to want to do something similar. but I don’t really have the time, so it’s kind of one of my goals now. hehe.

But anyways, either I win a book or not, I will continue to be your reader as I find you very talented, and I know your career will be a success!


Elissa | May 18, 2013

Dear Yutakis,

I have been an avid reader of your blog since 2009, and have been following your posts ever since. I really admire the dedication and effort you put into your photography and you’re honestly one of the most well-deserved photo-bloggers in the blogosphere.

Now, onto my review!

First things first, it’s eye-catching. From the location shooting, to the style concepts and composition of every photograph, right down to the editing and effects, this photobook is like no other. These photographs portray the character of the model and the photographer, right down to the detail. It totally screams “YUTAKIS!” from the word go, which I like very much.

They say “a picture speaks a thousand words and convey the intentions of the photographer”. I like the fact that it is self-shot, self-published and self-styled, because no one knows you better than yourself. There are many photobooks in the industry where the beauty and character of the subject are not expressed to their full potential due to the nature of the relationship between photographer and model – there has to be rapport, trust, and a certain level of deep understanding in order for a photograph to speak words and have a life of its own. Your photos portray that, and they are really excellent, very professional and have a unique personal touch.

Third and final point being, I love the concepts. I love the play of lighting and how you composed all the elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire) as well as various themes into your photobook. It isn’t titled “A Flower Boy’s Tale” for nothing as you’ve really delved into the very heart of nature and explored different locations and settings, which I adore. There’s a gorgeous balance of cute, sexy, light-hearted fun (see shaving-cream hearts! Soooo adorable), yet there’s also melancholy, the “dark angel” concept, the bathtub. Brownie points go to your photos that encompass elements of history and the military. I like how subtle it is in showing that you’ve gone through it, it’s portrayed in a way that really stands out.

And also, by the way, you’re absolutely perfect in these photos.

Even if I don’t win this giveaway, these are 100% my honest opinion and thoughts on your photobook, and I really would like to have a hard copy for inspiration as well. I’m no photo-blogger and I’m really unconfident about my selfies, but you’re so daring and confident in front of the camera, and I’d really like to be at that point someday (:


With lots of love,


Nani | May 18, 2013

Woah you are so beautiful! I wish I had the imagination to come up with something brilliant about it, but I can’t really.. so yeah.. I’ll leave the contest to the ones who truly deserve and put effort into it. You’re a great inspiration to people, and I hope you know that 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photobook! I love the thank you’s you gave to your friends. So sweet!

Tiffany | May 18, 2013


THIS. IS. THE. BEST. PHOTOBOOK. EVER! Sorry I’ve to type like that but I was SO EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You inspired me the most because you dared to dream and your dream came true!!!! I have never seen anyone publishing a photobook before and this is the first. You have definitely everyone with your photographic skills, editing skills & styling skills. THAT IS CRAZY TALENT! I think besides your twinnie, I doubt anyone can be as vain as you too!!!!! I have been a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of yours for 2 years. Even thou I rarely tweet to you & have been a silent fan, I will never fail to check your updates! Today, I stayed up late just to view your photobook pics on your blog!!!

Anyway, the theme for this photobook is “A flower boy’s tale”. What I really love about this book would be it’s contrast between colourful pics and the darker ones. And I LOVE flowers so so so much!!!! I think I’ve screenshot almost every shot of your flowers on this blog to my phone :X. The styling was perfect. You look so fabulous, manned, classy and sexy at the same time in all angles like how can that be?!?!?!???! I love how every photo taken has it’s own meaning. Everything is just so perfect.. 10 months was definitely worth it! (‘;

Hehehe I guess that’s all for my comments. You are one of my fav bloggers in Singapore and definitely the most handsome
Ulzzang here too!!!! XOXOXO

Your loyal fan,

XueMin | May 18, 2013

You look stunning in all your photos! How can you prettier than a girl homg. You look like those male lead characters in japan manga, so… -Idk-how-to-describe-. I like the way you edit your pictures, the color tone. I can see that you put in a lot of effort in your photo book, you’re so talented! I can’t imagine that you actually take all these photos by yourself! And all the background are so beautiful, love all the pastel little things that you used(flower, desserts). I wish I can win this photo book because I really really like this. 🙂

Tähti | May 18, 2013

Yutaki a very very very happy birthday to you! I found your blog over a year ago and while I am mostly too shy to comment, I admire your work so much and I think you have such incredible talent, skill, dedication and devotion to what you create.
I am stunned by this photobook. I would want to write a review but I have scrolled through it three times now and I am still taken aback! I love the Urban, it is so striking. As much as it is wonderful that there is a giveaway I don’t want to enter because I want to buy my own copy of this book! I think the time and effort you put into this and all of what you give to your readers deserves that at the very very least. I can’t wait!
Again, best birthday wishes to you. I hope all your dreams come true!

KURAHIMEKA | May 18, 2013

First of all I absolutely loved the way you brought our your traits with the props like : books and changed all that through out different parts from mysterious to wild bring attention to your past books . Your wardrobe choice is of course very refined containing many simple pieces yet bring you to the centre of attention and it’s very your style ! Out of the SG blogosphere I think you do the best photography . I’ve been admiring your blog for 4 years? I love how daring and how you exude confidence so well in front of the camera (I would if I had a pretty face too ) to produce such sweet works (even if it is vain, actually your vain-ness actually spread to me haha ). You’re one of my biggest inspiration in the blogosphere so I’m saving up to finally purchase a decent camera to post OFOTDs and all that.

Lilly Cheng | May 18, 2013

Yutaki! If you remember, I left the super longass comment in the other entry hahahah. I can’t believe there was even a sliver of a thought that this photobook wouldn’t meet expectations? Because this is absolutely magnificent.

Every look is totally different but you wear all of them so well. The outfit that I loved the most was the white toga-inspired piece. The floral shirt right after it is also gorgeous. And those dog shorts! Please tell me they are not designer so I can afford it >.< And you pull off a shorts-and-sweater combo with just as much confidence and grace as a suit.

Every image is already beautiful as a standalone… ALL of the pictures (even the ones without you) wouldn't be out of place on a postcard or as a framed photo. I love your attention to detail… the little "tattoos" on your hand, the rings, the borders, VW pendant, and little matching earrings. Loved the ones in the greenhouse, too; the matching of the red beret and shoes with the little "pops" of red flowers, vs the earthy, neutral tone of the plants and clothes. Adore it!

There are so many good shots that I can't just choose one favourite. One of the shots that stood out to me the most was the first one in the set with bright floral shirt juxtaposed against pink roses… the roses in the wreath almost made you blend against the rose bush, but the shirt just pops. I also love the outfit from the "black angel" set (with the black fringe and spiked headband); the jumping up image is also a favourite. The greens in look from the "peacock" set is super love as well.

I love seeing the world through the eyes (and lens) of artists like you because they always manage to capture the world in a way that brings out its beauty. The scenery and backgrounds, and props you shot looked stunning in your photos, but I bet that if I went there on my own, I wouldn't notice as much as you've captured. I really love looking at your blog because artists like you just capture the world in a way that makes the rest of us appreciate it more. I've heard a lot of people who, like 小看 artists, and who think they are not as important as scientists and engineers. I'm an engineering major, actually, and obviously scientists are important, but I've always said "You don't need art in the world to live, but the world isn't worth living in without art."

Usually, I breeze through photographs without really considering how much work people put into it, and I'm always awed to look at the huge crew in "behind the scenes" features. And when I read your conclusion at the end, I have to applaud you on how much work you've put in. Shooting outside in Asia during the summer? In knits??! Most of us would just get cranky, give up and find aircon after the first 5 minutes, but you stuck it through and made it look damn amazing. Pffft, you don't even NEED a huge crew to help with the shots if you can do all of this by yourself!

I promised myself I wouldn't make the review as long as the last one, but I guess I failed -_- (er and I think I made this review creepier, to boot… I'm not actually creepy, just awkward, I promise). Well, with the amount of work you put in to make this for us, it deserves a heartfelt review. If you stop doing this, I think the world of photography would suffer a gigantic loss. I hope you keep doing this, and I hope you stay this passionate about your work. I noticed that you tagged this post as "vain", and I totally admire you for that. I hate when people scold with "vain" and "臭美" as if it's an insult… we need to take back that word! And I really, really hope you pave the way for guys to dress better and be more vain… REALLY hope hahahah.

I really hope to win this photobook. I'd love to display this, and actually own something beautiful that's not clothes or shoes. Even if not, I consider myself super lucky to have seen all your artwork, from even before "A Flower Boy's Tale". You already create such beautiful pieces, and you're only going to get better and better. And years from now, all of us readers now are gonna be able to be hipster and say, "I knew Yutaki all the way back from A Flower Boy's Tale". :p

Keep shining~ And happy birthday!!!

Ian Anthony | May 18, 2013

Hello! First of all, I’d like you to know that I’m very proud of knowing such blogger like you! You’ve inspired me in every way and knowing the fact that you’ve successfully overcome every obstacle to publish this photo book makes me proud of you even more! By getting this amazing photo book, I hope I can get inspired and aspire other people too, just like what you’ve done because you yourself is already an inspiration to many people, including me. You’ve also taught me that when you give your all into something, you can make it true. You also taught me that nothing is impossible. By that, I hope that it’s still possible to get this photo book.

And since today is your birthday, I’d like to say Happy 25th Birthday to the only one, Yutaki! I hope you will have a good year ahead, may your wishes be granted and may luck will always be with you. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration! You deserve this.

Maybe that’s all I got to say. Thank you for existing and keep updating your blog so that you can keep inspiring everyone who reads it.

Nothing is impossible, Ian.

Yu Min | May 18, 2013

Wow! i think you have really outdone yourself! this photo book is amazing! Both the scenery and wardrobe! I think you picked really good locations! when i was looking through the photos i kept thinking that you went to europe or something but when i read the locations you went to i was shocked! hahaha! i really love all the outfits especially the one with the straw hat, the red/pink? cardigan and floral pants! its really hard for guys to pull off floral pants without looking girly and you looked really handsome with them on. (that was creepy, it sounded more like a compliment in my head.)

i do admit i’m not as much as avid reader as most of your admirers and fans are. but when i do read your blog i really do enjoy all these beautiful photography that you post! there is just something so memorizing about your photo books! you always tempt me to step into the world of photography but I’m afraid i don’t have your skills! LOL. i’m really glad you got to fulfill your dream and what’s more just in time for your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! On a side note, you will make such a good photographer! its a job that suits you and vice versa. anyway all the best for your career! I really do hope to win this photo book so i will always be inspired by your photos!

With admiration,
Yu Min

Emily Kawaii | May 18, 2013


I am super impressed with your work (as always) and I’m so happy that you’ve reached your dream and finally have your own hardcover photobook. I hope that you conquer more dreams 🙂 I’m also in the same position of not knowing what to do in life right now (I think its the middle age crisis of turning 25 right?…I guess lol) btw Happy belated Birthday but you are very talented at anything you set your heart to and do. Your photography/editing/fashion/makeup and hair are amazing and you will definitely get very far with your talents.

Wish you the best and congratulations,

Emily 🙂

Erika | May 18, 2013

Hello Yutaki! This was amazing work as usual. I am a new blogger and an amateur photographer but I love the way your photos look. Will you consider writing a blog post series on how you use photoshop? I am mainly interested in your filters/color correction/etc.


Sennnaa | May 18, 2013

I loved every single photo shoot!
It’s just beautiful and very inspiring how much time and effort you take to make the results perfect. Definitely a huge inspiration to me and my friends who read your blog.
Your photography and photoshop skills are amazing, knowing what angles are best and how to manipulate the colours. Love it and don’t stop taking luvo’s!! We love watching you camwhore!!

Keep up your amazing work!

Miss Sennnaa

kelly | May 18, 2013

Hi Yutaki
happy birthday !!

i am always a silent reader in your blog ><

i couldn't remember exactly when i started follow you but i guess it has been a few years already.
been there seeing your online photobook album from the first and until now the latest one.

wanted to tell you that i am always inspired by the way of your photography style, the color and composition. at times, i would show my BFF and said to them " see this one so pretty, so nice the color, i love this and that pic and so on," lol.

as currently still a student, but i do hope that one day i do own one camera that can captures the moments and bringing meanings in my life :))

and wish you all the very best and i am glad and happy for you for doing what you like and good at as the starting of your career!

once again, happy birthday~

Azea | May 18, 2013

Hi Yutaki,

Happy Birthday to you and congratulations on your printed photobook.

It was surprise to found your blog while i was searching deeply in google for some images. I can’t remember the exact keyword, but i was looking for some Paris image, then I came across your photo. I became your reader and followers since then. What makes me want to be your follower is that, i found your photos when i really2 wanna give up my passion on photography and photoshop. It’s like you giving me a wakeup call not to give up on this area. Thank you for that. You never know how much you inspired someone’s life at their lows. Really.. I’m 3 years older than you, and I always compared what have you achieved and what I achieved. I meant it term of pursuing our own dream. You always chase your dream and try really hard to make it reality, but I just keep it safely in my dream box.

Thank you also for presenting us with this 3rd volume of photobook. By looking at you photos and you dedication to finish this book, it just tells me ONE thing! I didn’t give my very best on my work when i thought that i already give 100% to it. It seems i only did 20% from what you give us. From your volume I, i thought you like giving us you 100% of your work, but when it comes to volume II the summer love, it’s like you giving us 150% hardwork and there comes the volume III and you give us 200% of your hardwork. It’s moving from best >>awesome >> Magnificent Wondrous!! That’s what I could say about your photobook trilogy. From one photo to another, I couldn’t complaint more. You really choose the best photos to be published.

I really love your flying dark angel photo. You showed me another level of you. I really love the photos, as it’s hard to keep the face expression when jumping and shooting plus you have to make sure the wing is spread correctly. But I also love your “Indian” photo, florist boy photo, same goes to bathtub photo.. Hell!! I didn’t know which to choose for my favorite.. God, please help me choose one~~ Above all, I wish all the best in whatever you’re after this. Hope to see more photos project from you.

Thank you again for your amazing photos!! and once again happy birthday!!


Natalie | May 18, 2013

Your picture all really beautiful i think its called Yutaki Style
Im feel amazing looking your picture and yeah congtaz your dream come true
You inspire me to catch my dream as soon as possible , no mater how suck people said about that dream but dream its something you must catch because its dream , it all i think looking how hard you made dream come true i hope i can see more picture of you in future…

in the end thx to inspire me to motive me to made my dream come true

Alicia JS | May 18, 2013

Yutakis! Congratulations. I feel I can relate to your career troubles right now LOL cause at the moment I am finishing a degree I feel has no use in the real world. Super stressed about it.

As for the photobook – wow. I’m just thinking the whole time, how did he take these himself? It’s amazing. Great variation of facial expressions/poses. Though, you look damn cute when you smile, and I think only ONE photo is of you smiling! Hahah, damn.

The fallen angel costume is awesome, so creative. The tattoo details were a nice touch!

The roses in the water sequence, just stunning. It looks right out of the pages of a manga. This one was definitely my favourites ^__^

Take care, and best of luck

misshermes | May 19, 2013

First of all, I’d like to say “Congratulations on publishing your 3rd photobook!” I think that every single photograph you’ve taken is filled with all your thoughts, effort, and love, and that is what truly makes it amazing. It’s always been my dream to travel the world and visit many different places, to broaden my views on life and experience many different cultures but because I came from a sheltered family, I’ve never been able to travel much. I’ve always wondered what it’d be like, and thanks to you and your beautiful, beautiful photographs, I’m able to get a glimpse of the outside world.

Within the confines of my own room, I imagine myself there in your photos, experiencing for myself what you had experienced. The beauty and surrealism of the photos you took paints the world in pretty colours, and I think to myself, “Aahh, the world is really such a beautiful place”. There is no pain, nor sadness, nor fear in those images you take, there is only love, happiness, and beauty. And that is why I love your photos. You might think that you’re only fulfilling your narcissism and self-ego by taking so many photos of yourself, but to me, it is an embodiment of art, a lasting memento of all your adventures, and a token to show your grandchildren when you’re older. Your photography is able to touch hearts, and give those of us who dream, a beautiful dream that we can experience together.

I would really, really like to own a copy of your photobook because I’d like to burrow my head through its pages whenever I’m sad or down, because your photos will cheer me up right away and tell me “Aahh, the world is actually filled with such beautiful people and places!” It will give me the courage to stand tall, and plough on through life, and give me the encouragement I need to travel on my own someday, to create my own adventures just like you. Happy birthday Yutakis, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank God, for creating the perfect person that is you.

TheaaBaby | May 19, 2013

Hello Yutaki,

Someone once said: “Man alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality. Man alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.”

Firstly I would really like to congratulate you on finally realizing your dream!! My sister and I have been an avid reader and follower of your posts ever since 2010 when I first found out about you while browsing through twitter! 😀 I have always been a strong believer that the ability to achieve anything requires much faith and believing in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Which you have proven to us by your passion in pursuing your believes despite experiencing many setbacks. I really admire your confidence and willingness to step up the challenge and bring photo-blogging to great heights!! The dedication and effort you put into your photography and every single post in your blog are really inspiring and tbvh you’re ranked one of the top well-deserved bloggers on my charts!! ^^

Looking through #aflowerboystale photo book online version was really breath-taking and simply amazing. I had a lot of joy looking through the pictures which were so painstakingly and meticulously placed and organised together!! Ranging from concept styles, background location, props, costumes, editing and effects to overall composition of each individual piece. I could really see the amount of effort and time you took to piece them up one by one! 😀 This photo book is really unique and different from the norm in terms of looks, character style and the fact that it’s a photo book planned, created and published by ONE SINGLE PERSON!!! Simply amazing!! And exactly because it has been done by you this photo book added that special tinge of personal uniqueness that really shone and stood out which is clearly impossible to replicate and find in another person’s photo book!!

You have always been my inspiration in creating DIY photo shoot pictures, being able to exude such great confidence and character in every photo and the ability to carry off varying styles so well with that slight hint of “elegant” aura you always have. I really hope to be one of the winners for this giveaway and hopefully in the near future I will be one step closer to achieving my dreams and aspirations just as you have! ^^

Once again congratulations on coming this far with your aspirations and dreams! Happy 25th Birthday, every day is unlike today ^^ Hope you had a blast with your loved ones and keep updating us with new blog posts!! Always looking forward to reading the next!!


Yutaki Do your best!! 加油!! がんばってください!! 화이팅!!~♡♡♡

@TheaaBaby (Twitter/Instagram)

Runny Liesna Yulianti | May 19, 2013

Flower Boy’s Tale is the photobook can inspire people about fashion & photography. This photobook tell about the man’s dream. How he show himself with many character. You share some experience to be a flower boy live in fairy tale. It’s really beautiful picture!!

Btw, congratulation for your 3rd photobook. I want to travel when I see your beautiful picture. Thank you to share some experience with me. You look great!! You’re so beautiful like flower. You make me feel fall in love, hehe ^^

MSK | May 19, 2013

This PHOTOBOOK is surely an inspiration for me an aspiring hotel and restaurant blogger. Through going through all the photos in the PHOTOBOOK, I am able to see all the different unique photography techniques and efforts, of course besides all the hard work that went into producing this book. Definitely one of my ambition is to follow in your footstep, that is to publish my own PHOTOBOOK of hotel reviews and restaurant reviews.

Joey Chia | May 19, 2013

Well, amongst all the blog I’ve read – Yutaki’s blog interest me the most.
From the first photobook, second and now third, I can see the different sides of Yutaki through his photographs, selcas.


It takes 10 months to prepare/shoot/edit/illustrate Yutaki’s 3rd Online photobook. He travelled to 7 different places, 5 countries to shoot for this photo book, namely, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau, Genting and also Singapore.

Different outfits, themes and scenes were chosen for this photo book.

As the quote goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” Yutaki’s photo speaks more than words.

Different than a KPOP photobook, every single photo is self-taken, self-edit, outfits are self-styled, and photographs are self-photshop (filter). Everything that is in this photobook are all done by one and only Yutaki. . I like all the photos, the way the lighting/sunshine works with the background.

Personally, I like all the three photo books. It seemed like a growing up teenager, turning his dream for photography into a man with self-independence

My personal favourite is the high school uniform outfit
The outfit that matches the theme of this photo book “A Flower Boys Tale” the most.

Mayuko | May 19, 2013

Dearest Yutakis-san,

Congratulations on your 3rd photo book publish!
Browsing thru all your sneak preview pix makes me feel as if fairy tales have come alive once again.

Those forgotten beauty of castle, flowers and time seem to blossom just for you and I’m glad that it
has been capture & document by you . . . 🙂

Your sense of fashion from your apparels, accessories and make up is truly an eye candy and a good
reference of how a man should enhance his presentation. Every single look & posture of yours reflect
what a modern price should acquire.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for introducing so many great places and tips for photo shoot. You really
did an amazing work in your photography and this is why you won so many peoples’ heart! In time to come,
I really look forward to see your new work while I indulge in your ‘A Flower Boy’s Tale’ first!



krystal ★ | May 19, 2013

Happy belated birthday Yutaki!

As for my review, Front cover design already attracted me. I’ll start with what I see on the front cover of the actual book. I love how the sky blue, golden typography and illustration design compliment each other and it represents an elegant look for the photobook and for you. I really like the flower design (complimenting the theme of flower boy’s tale). Every photo in an organised order.

I love the creativity on how you use the shaving cream ^^ and the roses in the bathtub (makes you look so sweet and innocent). You’re always exploring new techniques to enhance your photos.

You have very good use of your environment and the light available. The light behind you make you look like an angel. *-* And the use of silhouette in suitable environment craves the amazing facial feature of yours! Dark angel wings. And lots more compositional ideas included which I will also learn for my future work too!

Love how you have different outfit and accessories for each shoot while making sure the outfit compliment the composition of the photo/colours/environment. Love how you always make sure every little detail is perfect. (your earring)

Different use of colours and pattern is used so there’s so much variety of taste overall! Different and daring patterns on clothing and background. Love how you use monotones, sepia and playing around with the hue and saturation.

Not only self potrait, you also included landscapes and still life therefore painting a better image for us to see what you are trying to show us instead of just included all self potrait photos. ^^

Use of Typography is just amazing as usual, as you include them individual and also with your photos . You have been an inspiring person to me based on typography and self potrait photography. I can see you put lots of effort in this photobook and I hope you continue doing what you love ! ^-^

Thank you for hosting this giveaway international! It would be a great pleasure to own one! And also thank you for inspiring not only to boys but also to girls with your unique style. :3

Supporting you always and congratulations,
krystal ★

Elaine | May 19, 2013

Hi Yutaki!

Congratulations on your published book! I’ve always been a fan, quietly stalking your blog almost everyday, reading your old blogposts while wait for you to update. As a student photographer your images, graphic art, fashion styling and the dedication you have are my inspiration when I’m uninspired and motivation when I’m down.

Thank you for sharing the whole photobook online for your fans. You could have easily only put teaser photos on this blog, make your fans buy the physical book but thank you for being so generous and kind to your fans ❤

Your photobooks just get better every time. Every single picture is like an eyecandy to me. I can’t choose a favourite picture or chapter because all of them are just so good!! (sorry for not being very helpful in feedback, just fangirl-ing like mad right now lol)

I never had a photobook before, so I really hope that the first one that I own will be your book. Thank you for being so awesome and such a great inspiration and encouragement to your fans, please continue to pursue your dreams and your fans will support you always ❤

Vivianne 碧維亞霓 | May 19, 2013

hi yutakis,

congrats to your dream come true! 🙂 so much effort and heartwarming moments being placed in this book. each photo has its meaning and reason while capturing. yet, i can’t find one that is the best because all of them are so beautiful and nicely taken. the pose, position and expression’s flawless! *fangirl moment* ^^ have asked you on instagram whether was it for sale as well and you replied saying nope, it was just specially for a giveaway :'( thank up for the hard work, giving us fans such perfect images and thoughts! it’s your dream to have this photo book done and we’ll continue to support you! ^^ hope i can win this photo book! really appreciated the thought that you will giveaway 10++ copies to fans worldwide! thank you for sharing your happiness to everyone~ your photos always cheered me up and always giving positive replies. it’s da best! thank you, kamsahminda, arigatou-gozaimas and 谢谢

a small fan from singapore!

A | May 20, 2013

I got really, really excited when you mentioned if you should enter portrait photography.

You have talent, not just staring at your face. It’s shaking you, SCREAMING at you. THIS. IS. TALENT.

Good luck if you do decide if you want to shoot others. What you have now is an incredible portfolio but if you feel that you want to others, I’m sure many of your friends would give you a hand or you can search for models who wish to build a portfolio with you on modelmayhem.

I’d love to see your work in an Editorial someday.


Maywan | May 20, 2013

I happened to stumble upon your blog just a few months ago. I look forward to all of your blog posts. I truly find you to be one of my role models, simply because you strive for your dreams. I’m so happy for you that you were able to achieve your dream of having a hard copy photobook. I hope that you continue towards reaching your other dreams…such as taking a shot at photography because I think you would be really good at it.

I think I read somewhere that you aren’t going to sell your photobook, so I really hope to win this giveaway! Regardless if I win this or not, I really am happy for you. Congratulations! 🙂

First off, I just absolutely love the cover of the photobook and the packaging. It’s so fitting your theme of “A Flower Boy’s Tale”. I am not a professional or anything, but I really really really like the color composition in each of the photos. It matches with the mood of each theme/location so well. One of my personal favorites is I don’t know what draws me so much to this photo. Even though your eyes are closed, I still get a huge sense of emotion (I interpreted it almost as something depressing or pain). And then in the pictures right after when your eyes are opened, it’s as if you had overcome the pain. I don’t know you personally or anything, but I find this very endearing; it’s almost as if the pictures showed you achieving your dream and I find that very heart-warming. Even though I may be over-analyzing it, I think each of the photos in this book are not only a self potrait, but that it tells a story. Just like how you said “a boy will have to grow up”, I feel like the carousel pictures can relate to this.

Your ideas and concepts really shined through this photobook (very creative)! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures, and once again, congratulations! 🙂

Jenny | May 20, 2013

Hi Yutaki! Happy belated birthday! Or as the spaniards say, Feliz Cumpleanos?

Anyway, I’m really happy that you’ve finally finished and published your third photobook, and that it’s helped you figure out that this is the kind of thing you want to do. Y’know, as a career. Sorry, I’m just assuming though.

I really admire your hard work because, to be honest, I used to kind-of shit on people who take selfies, but yours are seriously amazing and you really changed my perception of wanting to take lots of pictures of yourself and “being vain”, if that makes sense. The kind of work you’re doing is fantastic!

Anyway, I really liked the themes in your photobook, but I have to be honest when I say that my favorite parts were the more candid ones, like the picture of you in the church, or at least pictures that appear to have caught you off guard. Of the themes and sets you had here, I think my favorite is the one with the “wings” because I thought it was the most creative use of your props and whatnot.

Overall I think the book creates some weird mix between nostalgia and lethargy. A longing for something that happened in the past. yaknow. But it’s also probably because of the lighting and instagram-like filters haha. I think it would be really interesting to see you take on a darker kind of theme. Like instead of a flower boy’s tale, a…tough guy/hardass kind of theme. It would be interesting to see you take the “urban boy’s legend” and make it even more dark and mysterious. idk.

Thank you so much for creating these really beautiful images and I’m really proud of you for bringing your hard work to real, tangible life!

Esther | May 20, 2013

Hi Yutaki!

First and foremost, congrats on the completion of your 3rd photobook, and happy belated birthday!

Everyone can take selcas and use Photoshop, but Yutaki has reached the pinnacle and perfected this talent into something that transcends ‘art’. They’re merely photos, but it’s as though each photo has a story to tell us; something that reveals a bit more about the Yutaki behind his computer screen.

I’m deeply impressed by your hard work and effort. Judging from how the photos are so professional looking, I thought that you’d hired a photographer! I got a shock when I read that you shot and edited everything yourself, and when I saw what seems to be a tripod stand from the shop’s window reflection!
I already feel like spontaneously burning up when I step outdoors, so props to you for being able to withstand the sweltering heat in those thick knitted wears! I feel your pain bro!
Truly amazing. If I can do a standing ovation by myself, I will. *kage bunshin no jutsu!*

In some photos, it almost feels as though Yutaki is a manga character brought to life; like those unbelievably cool male lead characters.
I’d never have believed that ‘bishies’ existed, much less here in Singapore;;; I’m so used to the singlet-wearing, jeans & simple t-shirt attire that most males here wear, so Yutaki, thank you so much for being an oasis in this dry desert!! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and photos – you’re a sight for sore eyes! *weeps tears of gratitude*

Yutaki is the only living person I know of who is more handsome than any male, and prettier than any female. In this photobook, you have showcased your versatility with different personas from a suave gentleman with a smothering gaze to an innocent delicate flower boy, to a bad boy delinquent and even a dark angel of death concept. You may not believe it but I think that you’re a multifaceted maestro at what you do.
This is not just plain “自恋“ okay? This is art.
At many parts, your expressions reminded me a lot of Super Junior’s Siwon as well as Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass. Perhaps it’s because of your impeccable dressing, but the resemblance is striking.

Good work editing all these photos! Beautiful backdrops, props, settings, and breathtaking views of scenery and of all the flora. It’s pure talent to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary and exquisite. It’s nice of you to pull focus to the other objects from time to time. But even with a bathtub filled with gorgeous pink roses, you still stand out. I like the shot with you holding up a Polaroid – a photo within a photo, simple concept, yet ingenious.

Your generosity and work ethics is commendable. After all, you could easily publish these physical books to sell in stores, and not simply upload ALL the photos online. I know that I’ll purchase these books in a heartbeat, whether they’re $220 or $2200 per copy.
Contrary to your belief, I (along with many of your loyal readers) don’t think that it’s all “silly work”. You’ve done exceeding well and surpassed yourself this time round!
I’m looking forward to more great accomplishments by you! FIGHTING!

*All these words are from my heart and 100% sincere, and not just to kiss your ass. Of course I really hope to win your photobook, but if I’m not chosen, congratulations to the winners! (in advance)

Elly | May 20, 2013

I found out about this phenomenal photobook from Xiaxue’s instagram. I’m new to the blog world, and I gotta say that you have one of the best concept and photography I’ve ever seen!

This is honestly such a beautiful and unique piece of art! I can see that this photobook reflects tremendous amount of effort and burning passion.

I’m also amazed with your expression. It really captures the concept of “flower boy.”

Of all the chapter, my favorite is the second chapter. Specifically, the scene where you’re in the water with pink roses.

I’m moving soon, and if I win this, I would definitely use this as an inspiration and centerpiece for my new room. 🙂

Lionel Lim | May 20, 2013

Hello there Yutakis, I am here to review #aflowerboystale

I’ve known your blog a few years ago, although I do not recall how I first knew your blog, but from the first time I visited your blog. I already knew that you will do something big for yourself one day.

A flower boys tale really inspired be to produce my own online photobook too. You have taken camwhoring, from such a superficial and generally known as a “girly and gay” thing and made it to your own style. You took self photography to the next level and that really inspires me.

I personally (being a guy) and a blogger often get judged for self photography too. It is your courage and all the professional photobook that you have produced that inspires and constantly motivates me to push my content to the next level hoping that I can produce something as awesome as you or (maybe) even more awesome than you :P.

If you ask me for my review of this photobook?. I would rate it a 11/10. It is beyond perfection.

My favorite look definitely has to be the top first look (first few photos) and the ones taken in the library…(?)

And Yutakis, I am not saying this because I want to win this giveaway or anything, but I would like to thank you for constantly being my inspiration and motivation to push my content forward, you have made me believe that it is okay to be different from normal guys and to chase for the things that I love. And for that I express my heartfelt gratitude you.

I really hope I can win this photobook for me to get inspiration from and I promise, I will make it to good use.

Thank you 🙂

priscilla | May 21, 2013

I wanted to start by saying congratulations on fulfilling a part of your dreams! Ive been following your blog for years and so happy you have been able to make it this far.

Onto the review-
I absolutely love the book in its entirety. Each photo shows just how much effort was put into the shot; the angle, the pose and what was included in each shot shows that it was all carefully planned out.

The locations that all these shots were located in were absolutely stunning. What my favorite part is the simplicity of some of the shots- how you were able to focus on the right parts of a picture. There is one shot in particular where you blurred the flowers and made the focal point your eyes. Stunning.

I also love the wardrobe/makeup for these shots. Its obvious you have a story to tell us and through your wardrobe, makeup and posing; you do it well. Each photograph, each location tells us a romantic story.. which is not always easy to do. Its amazing how much he was able to tell us with your artistic eye for beauty and photography. The editing for this book it amazing, so subtle that you’re not able to tell exactly what was edited- which is key for books like these. Its all about portraying a naturalness and you have mastered it.

Definitely a book I would love to have in my collection for its beauty and for the inspiration it gives me. Congratulations once again on making your dream come true. ♥

Mily M | May 22, 2013

Hello Yutais!, I actually found out about you through Xiaxue’s instagram post. I followed you from there (a few days ago). I browsed through your instagram and your photos are phenomenal!!!! So Brilliant and Beautiful as are you.. I think having your photobook of your own is great like reading or just looking through something that took years to accomplish. Now your dream has come true.!!! Congrats.

If I win or don’t win I’m always a fan! ^-^. You’ve inspired me to start something like this though I’m not good at editing or taking pictures at that if you try hard you can always achieve. The settings in most of the pictures are amazing these are the types I see only in movies and yea photos, but you make them come more alive when I grow up I want to live like that so beautiful and peaceful. Today I was looking everywhere for a link to purchase but couldn’t fine one (lol).

I found the giveaway whilst looking through your photos and I got so excited because to be able to have something this precious to look at whenever is spectacular. Especially when your feeling down just pick up #AFlowerBoysTale and !!! like that instant happy. hehehe… Just seeing you smile or the abundance of flowers in this photobook make someone feel special like they’re in a fairytale.

Like I said you’ve inspired me. My backyard has a beautiful view so maybe I’ll try something.
I may be young but doesn’t mean I can’t try.

Thank you so much!

☆Zerika☆™ (@zerikagan) | May 22, 2013

Heyoz Yutaki!

After browsing through many many times of your #AFlowerBoysTale post (mainly through my iphone), now manage to sit down, open up my laptop and type all this!
Seriously, to me, even magazines photos or whatever wasn’t that nice and can’t even be compared to yours! The way you pose, the outfit, the location, colour.. simply unbelievable and definitely took loads and loads of effort, sweat, plans, hardwork to produce all this!

I’m not saying it for sake of saying, I’m saying it really from the bottom of my heart. I love your photos! all of it! I just can’t choose! You simply look like a LIVE Anime walking out of the Manga for real! Always so lively, cheerful, friendly to everyone! Congrats Yutaki! Really proud of you.

U made it before your Birthday and I think this is the best gift and best souvenir that you can give to your lucky fans! Frankly speaking, you have inspired many many people around you already, I’m one of them! Always love your photos and your smile! You are one great blogger who loves to share every tips you know (My habit of always using compact powder has changed to loose powder thanks to you and Miyake! 🙂 )

Please continue to be what you are at best! I will support you all the way!

Thanks for being so awesome!
Zerika <3

Eros | May 22, 2013

Hello Yutakis, Happy Belated Birthday! 😀
生日快乐, 생일축하해요! ^^
congratulations on publishing your photobook!
i didn’t know if i should type the review here, so i posted it up on my blog 😀
it’s quite long, but i do hope you read it and enjoy it 🙂

although i might not win, i want to say that this is a great photobook and i’m glad i got the chance to review it 😀 you’re an inspiration to teenagers like me who take selcas, hoping to be someone like you!

i hope you enjoy my blog post!

*please pick me please pick me please pick me* XD lol

good work and please keep it up! make more photobooks for us! ^^

Esther | May 22, 2013

Okay I wanted to reply via Twitter (’cause you favorited my tweet), but since Twitter got word limit, I’ll confirm exceed it! :’D

Anyway thanks for replying and favoriting my tweet! I’m really honored that you did so!
The thing that I like best about you is that you’re not “dao” (haughty) at all. I know many good looking guys (or guys who think that they look good) who are super arrogant! But you don’t seem so at all; in fact you seem really friendly and easy to make friends with! Makes me feel like if one day, I managed to bump into you in SG, I can get a handshake or even a photo!

And not just as a person – but also as a blogger.
You inspire me to become a good blogger. You know, it’s really rare that a popular blogger like you would bother replying to comments at all. I’ve seen a good handful of those ‘small-time’, not even popular bloggers who deliberately ignore your comments, even when you praise them!! I really don’t understand them – is it really difficult to say “Hi, thank you for your support”?
That’s why I too, will follow your example and cherish all of my blog readers. So yeah Yutaki, you have my utmost respect!

Lastly, since the above isn’t related to your photobook review – I wanna add that I’m amazed by how quickly this blog post loads! Especially on my super slow turtle-speed Internet okay? For such an image-heavy post, it took me what, lesser than 2 minutes to load finish?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY??! ლ(;◉;益;◉;ლ)

Tammy | May 22, 2013

Hello hello!!!!

First of all, I want to say a very big belated happy birthday to you dear friend!
Congratulations on the new photobook! what a perfect day to launch it on!!!!
I know how hard you work and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of time, dedication and love you put into creating every single image. You are an inspiration to many 🙂

[A flower boy’s tale] needs no review, <3 a picture speaks a thousand words but your pictures tell a beautiful story
I love every single image, I love that every image is part of a bigger story
Your pictures are incredibly magical, the scenes, the editing, the composition and most importantly, YOU!!
I love the jumping shots with the tassle flying!! I love that your photography can freeze such a breathtaking moment!!!!

I couldn't be happier or more proud of you for achieving this, and I know you're only going to keep getting better, watch out world! The amazing Yutaki is here to take over!!<3
You're so incredibly humble, down-to-earth and sooooooo nice!
Your photography skills are impeccable, my biggest honor would be to collaborate with you someday
I would be honored to own a copy of your very first physical photo book!<3

toodles till later
stay awesome and keep capturing the world through your beautiful lens my best virtual friend:)

Kiyoko Yasuda | May 22, 2013

I decided to do a review in both English and Japanese!!! うふふふ がんばります~☆

First of all I want say… CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy that you finally have your very own physcial photo book!! Also a big THANK YOU for posting your pictures to your blog!! Ever since I started reading your blog, I was always amazed by your talent! Especially when I found out that your photos are self-taken, I really do think you deserve the ‘King of Camwhore” title ( ,,^_^,,).
The amount of time and effort to find the best combination of location x outfit x hair&makeup x pose is the reason why this photobook is unlike any other. Also, it’s not only the pages inside the photobook, the cover of the book is beautiful!!! Through this book, everyone will be able to look into “Yutaki’s World” (which I’m sure milllions of people would like LOL!).

This is be a masterpiece that will inspire everyone of all age and gender!

(Now for the Japanese review… (>.<)/ )


Jing Ting | May 23, 2013

Hi Yutaki!!! ❤
Before going into the reviews, A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHADY TO YOU!!! Since I have been your silent reader for like nearly 3 years, this is the very first time I commented on your blog and on this special photo book of yours. Ok let’s get it started~

“Two Years ago, I dreamt. A Year ago, I’ve been to love paradise. This Year, let me read you – A Flower Boy’s Tale”

Just like the above sentence quoted from your photo book, it seems we are invited to this wonderful Yutaki’s fairytale like paradise.

The three different chapters of the photo book give off three different themes and style which seems like the photos are trying to illustrate three different stories.

1st chapter – Sonnet of Dandy
The very first thing that caught everyone’s attention is the comb back hairstyle with the grey suit in the photos. The outfits and the backdrop give out a vintage and classy feeling. It’s like in the 50s, very formal and mature yet the small details like the bow tie and the patterns bring out the dandy character. Color combination between the overall outfit and the backdrop brings out a very autumn theme which is wonderful. The photos when you are by the window with the yellow sweater on, somehow gave me a solitary feeling. Another one on the water shots, I just simply can’t find the words to describe this water shots. The entire close ups that are taken are very alluring when you are only wearing a plain white shirt and not much accessories. I also didn’t expect the cute “gwiyomi” self shots using the shaving cream, is just too adorable to be true!

2nd chapter – The Flower Tales
Just like the climax in the story, it shows the pretty flower boy Yutaki where all the readers started to get crazy over the pictures. The colors are very pretty and gave off a very warm feeling. The shots that you are wearing like an ancient Greek toga are amazing; you look so holy and pure. The one with the rose and lemongrass crown with the bed of pink roses as the backdrop is one of my most favorite shots of yours. You look so flawless and innocent in these shots and along with pink roses it seems to bring out your distinct features more. The one with the windmills as the backdrop is really breathtaking. I love how the vibrant colors of your outfit makes you stand out in the pictures and look very cute and sweet.

There is something about the monochrome theme pictures that really captured my attention. Because I am a “lomographer” (taking pictures with films), and used black and white films before so i love how these photos produce an allure and mysterious image in a way that normally color photos can’t. The outlines of your features make it more distinctive here. The dark concept of the shoot is also another set of photos that I like. Totally look like you are a fallen angel from Heaven, I wonder how you managed to do those jump shots and still looking fabulous. It totally shows a rather unique side from your usual photos. Then another set of water shots with roses petals, which caught my eyes again as the pastel pink roses petals and the captivating gaze are just purely stunning.

For the third chapter – Urban Boy’s Legend
I guess this chapter mainly shows a more chic and trendy side of Yutaki. The first set of photos with the car is totally gives of a vogue style of fashion. It is something that is kind of different from the usual shoots that you had taken before. The one taken with one of the shop houses is just stunning. I love how the colors bring out the old school and vintage feel in the photos and I can’t believe the shots were taken in Singapore. For the ones with the bike, you totally look like those aloof Japanese high school students appear in the anime that cannot be mess with. I personally love the one with the carousel too. I love how those bright colors totally clashes and still able to create an awesome effect. People said that “Everybody will still have a child in their heart” which totally imply at the carousel theme photos. The tribal theme photos are uniquely gorgeous. And the very last set of photos, it ends off the whole photo book with a very warm and pleasant feeling with the earthy theme.

Overall, all I wanted to say that the photo book contains lots of pleasant surprises and different side of Yutaki that all of us seldom see. Every single photo seems like have its own interesting story to tell. You totally look gorgeous in every different themes and outfits. The colors are mostly pastel and soft which gives off a pleasant and warm feeling. I love how the colors combination, different angles and the environment played an important role together with the awesome Yutaki too. Given by the fact that the ideas, the photographer, the concepts and everything was done by you yourself are just purely amazing. I just literally “wow-ing” at every single photo as I browsed through which really tell me how talented and creative you are. The photo book really ended off beautiful just like all the happy endings in fairytales.

Finally, thanks for really sharing this with all your readers all around the world, all the words above are my honest thoughts even though I may not be able to win the giveaway, as the chances seems slim >.< still wishing you all the best in everything and continue be an amazing inspiration to many. Looking forward to your upcoming projects soon!! ^^


P.s – sorry for the super long review because there are just too many awesome things to be reviewed about! Hopefully, you won’t fall asleep halfway! *kidding* ^^

Jing Ting(@serenityting)<3

Quan Ng | May 24, 2013

Hello Yutaki!!! I’ve known you through my beloved sister 4 years back.
Since then I’ve always admired you, your fashion sense, photography skills, you’re just so unique!
#AFlowerBoysTale “Two years ago, I dreamt, A year ago, I’ve been to love paradise, This year, Let me read you A Flower Boy’s Tale”. After reading it and scrolling through your pictures its really inspiring. The themes and your outfit are really great and I love it! I can see your passion in what you’re doing through the pictures. I really want to keep one of your limited edition photobook because viewing art and travelling around the world is one of my dreams and looking at your photos truly inspires me!

Yours Sincerely
Quan Ng

Saya R | May 24, 2013

This is ultimately jaw dropping.. *jaw drops and breaks* lol *applauds*
Congratulations for successfully bringing the bestest photobook ever ^^ This is such an accomplishment that you have done! Thank you for your hard work! This is such an eye candy and so much more~ I hope you succeed on your goals on becoming a photographer!!! you are such a professional! *jumps*

Regarding on the photobook! It is pure love! I can see your passion for this for every picture because it is very well thought of. The themes, the looks, and your hair!!! I love your hair changes and the character feel for your themes you portrayed them perfectly!!! <3 My favorite overall was the photos in Huis Ten Bosch!! They are so utterly beautiful~ the scenery made it outstanding! Plus my favorite outfit was the one in the windmills: cardigan and floral short outfit! I love those shots really D: i got nosebleeds allover D: Also teh japanese highschool boy get up was perfeeeeect. t'was badass! you were like a living mangga character there! And there is this picture in the 2nd chapter where you're lower body is missing lol i literally stared for 10 mins thinking 'where the hell was your lower body' haha even though, that photo was beautiful. The sepia/black and white pictures blew my heart away! and the sailor outfit!!! *dying* i wanna comment on every picture taken but i already sound creepish haha it is sad that it will be your last photobook but hey it is also a new start which brings new hope and new outlook! You have done a great job in expressing your creativity and i am so jealous haha T_T

case closed, i loved every siingle picture in this photobook! I'm glad i knew your existence cause this is outright inspiring!!! ❤ i hope i can do these things also ^^ You are officially a pocket guy to me Y///Y You look so beautiful i want to keep you in my pocket lolololol And belated happy birthday to you yutakis! ^^ My birthday is on the 25th so its my wishful thinking to get the photobook~ Even not, it is still okay!

YAY! Congratulations, Thank You and I Love You! ❤ *blush*
It is now my goal to travel to japan to see Huis Ten Bosch..

Sophia | May 24, 2013


Honestly, I don’t want to contribute to the circle-jerk of endless reviews complimenting your photos, but to my hypocrisy, I find no fault in them. I remember quite a long time ago when I was googling about Palty hair dyes and I found you. Ever since that day I have been checking your blog because you’re an inspiration to me. There I was, a thirteen year old girl, fawning over some blogger in Singapore. Okay anyways. I feel as if you have too many reviews to read, so I will keep mine to the point.

Although I agree that your photos have such a high caliber of narcissism, it is justified. Your photos capture your beauty well. The design of the photo book in general is appealing to the eye. Particularly, I admire your color choice of the cover for excluding glaring neon colors and going with pastel colors because it allows for the viewer to focus on you rather than get blinded looking at bright colors. But of course, your beauty shines too much, haha. I like how your photos do not have captions. It allows the viewer to have a free imagination about what they think the photo means. Words are not necessary, because of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” What else can I say? Your photos speak for themselves. Your sense of style is refined and works well with each concept you convey. Although it may be clear cut to some, I wonder why you chose those concepts and what caused you to think of them. Your hard work did not go to waste. I think you probably took thousands of photos and had to choose the best ones for this book.

By looking at your photos, I am inspired to draw something. I’ve been having artist’s block for hecka long now. You as a person is motivating as well, because you’re not shy to admit your faults and have the will power to fix them instead of being a sitting duck. I probably will never become a blogger like you because of my fear of criticism and exposure. And since you do what I forbid myself to do, I put you on a high pedestal. Similarly, I hope to make an art book for myself soon! I will source you as an inspiration. 🙂


Zara | May 24, 2013

Hi Yutaki! 🙂

Congratulations to you for accomplishing your dream!! I’ve been your reader since 2011 and I’m always looking forward to a new post on your blog or a new online photo book because it would mean that there are more beautiful pictures to see! This new photobook is my favourite since [A Dream In Paris].

I’m not very good in reviewing things because my vocab is limited to “awesome” and “damn nice” but I wanna tell you that I really love this photobook and it is beyond “awesome” or “damn nice” definitely. I think my favourite chapter would be Chapter 1: Sonnets Of A Dandy. The vintage style of the photos in the chapter captured my attention and made me look closely at each picture before scrolling to the next. I love your long hair and how you styled them in this chapter was amazing. Not forgetting, the pictures with the shaving cream were totally unexpected and are so adorbzzzz!

Of course, I love Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 too! There is this look in Chapter 2, the one with the roses in the water. Wah, I cannot imagine how long you must have taken to take those shots! Taking pictures while in the water + hair needs to be perfect + expression perfect + roses cannot anyhow move, thinking about it already makes me amazed by how much hard work you put into this entire photobook. I also like the pictures you took on the merry-go-round, you look so innocent and adorable hahaha!

Anyway, to end off, I can see that the details of each look and picture were all planned to the last bit – the clothes, hair, expressions, background, everything. It’s like perfection! Can’t find any flaw. I can’t even decide which is my favourite picture out of each different look, so choosing a favourite out of each chapter or the whole photobook is kinda impossible.

Really hope I can win the hard copy of your photobook! Nevertheless, stay awesome hehe.

P/S, thanks for replying and favouriting my tweet! Really made my day. 😀

With lots of love,

raden ayu | May 24, 2013

Hi Yutaki! First of all I wanna say Congratulations for the photobook 🙂
I always love your photo, in this photobook I can see that you have a lot of improvement at making poses.
SO many photos with different angles, I like it!
I do loves the outfits too.

Anyway my fav one is the no.2 Summer love.
Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

kimleeanna | May 24, 2013

Hello Yutaki!

Congratulations to you for accomplishing your dream!! the photobook was seriously amazing! (I am not really good at writing reviews, honestly hahahs sorry >.<) But i just wanna say the photobook was seriously mesmerizing, amazing and every single picture posted here just shines! the amount of effort you put in taking pictures, choosing the place, styling, editing really shows in all the pictures. ^^

I have always lovee your pics and your online photobook is just amazing, beyond words! both volume 1 & 2 was just wow, But Volume 1 was my fave (a dream in paris) but now volume 3 is my fave! cause i love how it has a combination of volume 1 & 2!! and freaking lovee all your outfits!! You always have the cutest outfit hahahs!! and i am not even joking ^^!

I love all 3 chapters of the photobook! love all the lil details of the pics its just seriously wow!! but i must say Chapter 2 is definelty my fave (The Flower Tales), i really love the flowers! yutakis + flowers have to be like the best combination ever! my fave has to be you in the bathtub with flowers floating! and you wearing the black outfit! just amazing! really really love it! ^^

I just wanna say Thank You So Much for making this photobook! I am always amazed by your talent and amount of effort you put in really is an inspiration. ^^

I really hope i can win the hard copy of your photobook! ^^

Congrats and Thank you! ^^

All the best to you in the future, and well wishes!

Moka | May 24, 2013

Hey Yutakis! Really glad that I could finally see your photobook. I was so excited when I saw in my email that you have added a new note. I watched every picture a long time, because the images are so hypnotizing and have a lot of details that can not be the eyes off them. I am sure that before every photo shoot sacrificed a lot of time to lay hairstyles, makeup and clothing. I’m really fascinated because I’m a woman and I can not be as nice as you paint it haha ^ ^. As for the places where you took the pictures are amazing. But I do not know if this place is so awesome, is it because of you become so. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of models, because I love to watch them, but no one posed so great. You can see the love and passion in everything you do. Can you express so much emotion in the pictures, a few people can do that. Finally, tell about your photoshoping skills. I learn to use the photospoha few years and I know that it is not easy. You have to have a talent for combining colors and matching textures. You got him! Yutakis believe in yourself, but would not know what happened.You are amazing person that I would ever know. You give me the strength to live and to develop a hobby. I forgot to add that I like most Indian session. This image is suitable for the most famous newspapers in the world of fashion. I am not writing this just because to win, but I would be very surprised and gratified if I had a chance to get one book. I would treat it as an amulet in my life. I live very far away – in Poland, but I believe that one day I can live in Singapore, this is my dream.

Giovanna Dorvelus | May 25, 2013

Dear Yutaki,
Well, really what can I say? I think it’s more than obvious that I absolutely love your photobook. I think my words would probably not do it any justice, and like you’ve just managed proving, sometimes images can express more than words. To be honest, I’ve never really like male bloggers, but when I stumbled accross you, I couldn’t help but absolutely adoring you. You blog about what you feel, and it’s so real. I’m totally pro-vanity, and you find a way to be so handsome and down to earth at the same time. Your photobook showed that exactly. With images ranging from innocence to cockyness, your images speak, and your book doesn’t require words. You’ve come a long way, and this book shows it. I think that if I had your photobook, I would treature it because of all of this. Thank you for sharing your love of photography with us.
Love all the way from America, Giovanna

kelly | May 25, 2013

😉 Hi Yutaki

thank for for organising the Q&A session with live in instagram, so glad u answering each of our questions weeee!

as a starter of photography and a hobby-ist, i understand how much of hardwork,energy, & time you have spent to produce all these beautiful pics for yourself and sharing it with us too 🙂 there are fans out there that will always support you and vain is not a guilt, everybody get to express their love in a way. when i first started taking my own pic with my noobie compact camera i got some issue with adjusting and position myself so it is right in the frame and angles i wanted and it takes quite a few shots to get a right one. i feel is a way to release my stress and taking the pictures that express my ideas of what i have been through in my life. 🙂 totally need to brush up my photoshop skills! get addicted to have inspired ideas and thinking of what to wear and some props to help if there is any. ^^ i just post usually 1 to 2 pics in my own fb acc just to share it ard and seeing my friends pressing like and also saying they like it in fb or face to face make me just so happy, although there aren’t not much, but i do appreciate them.

i think this feeling may be similar as yours, as you got friends and many fans around that are supporting you. 🙂 remember that~~
hope you will continue to share with us your work 😀

as for your online photo album review, it really inspiring me and can see of how much efforts you have put it in, each styles, the changes in little details, there are just so beautiful to be keep looking/staring at xD lol! i personally like the pic where you are wearing whole black with those black in colors fabric floating all over while u doing a jump, like a levitation photos? 🙂
in chapter 3, urban’s boy legend, the tattoo on your hand, the L word, is it missing on purpose or something? is kinda different than your usual look because of the hair color and is refreshing, and there is the pic of u and the motorbike reminds me of japan, the high school students hehehe.

=D hehe i hope i am lucky enough to win your photobook! you are the one that inspired me and get me started to take pictures with a camera stand and self timer! although i do admit my photos are just beginner/noob lvl and is nowhere any like those professional one, but i will continue and work it because of passion!

😀 thank you and all the best and good luck Yutaki, for your career and also your life!

PS: xD will save up and get a flip screen camera *thanks for the tips*! wwww

Jenny | May 26, 2013

Hi Yutakis,
After seeing all the photos from “A Flower Boy’s Tale”, I think I have changed my favourite to this one now haha ! I like that you have a variety of styles and settings, it really shows that you can do it all, and I think you are very talented in that sense. As always, I think your styling and editing is great, always so professional and dreamy ^^ I love the colours! Although you said that it was narcisstic and shallow dream, I think you have used your passion in a very positive way and I want to congratulate you on being able to release 3 photobooks!!!
Wishing you all the best for the future and your career in photography !!

egalinpink | May 27, 2013

Hi Yutaki,

I super love u! I am up at 4am just looking through all your photos once again. I think you are preparing to go to Japan now and I want to say, all the best in your new career, and you’re certainly a role model on how a person who managed to bring his passion as a job and life.

I’ve been following you many years ago, ever since I read that we have the same birthday, same age, same year, but that’s not the only attraction, I read your blog, read your words, saw your photographs and love your passion. You are the only blogger that I would comment on, and you are the most wonderful blogger that replies to fans mails too (always makes my day). When you had the fan meeting at the AFA, I also saw you there and it was the closest I could see you.

Following you for so long, I can see how you grow up, how much effort you put into your photobook, and not only you want to cry when it is published, I also want to cry when I see you achieving your dreams. You don’t know this, but we as fans are always silently rooting for you, cheering you on. You have so many fans that we may all seem like a blur to you, but as a fan who follows your twitter, your blog, your instagram, you feel more like a friend to me. A silent friend that I wish to congratulate and feel happy for, but I dont know if you would get the extent of my happiness for you.

Only a many years fan would get my feelings, the feeling of pride and happiness for you, because we watch you for so many years. Really congrats!!! People may love your photos, I do too, but I love the man behind the photos, i love your words too, your expressiveness and your character.

I love all your photos and the dimension that you are able to bring out in them. I see the first one and I think, yumms… Chuck Bass. Say the word and the world is at your finger tips. I look at others and think, prince in a high class school, loved and admired by all. I love the japanese mafia boss, or the innocence when you sleep. And how to not love water piccs?? So omg sexy. I love the clean cut preppy look, or the student look. I love the olden feel of the soldier and the sailor look, if I’m the girl, I would wait for you, writing letters and missing you everyday. And the black fallen angel look is super amazingg seriously. I can stare at it forever.

I love how your photos tell a story, your photos teleport a person back in time, to a different place, and also of a different person. You can be a god, a fallen angel, a mafia boss, a prince, a student, a salior, a soldier, you can be anyone. A picture tells a thousand words, I see them all in your photos. I love the thought and dimension you put into it.

I just want to say congrats (*tears) and am really proud of you to have come this far. I hope to travel further with you in your future works and life!! You’re gonna have an amazing career I know it!!!!

P.S It would be an ultimate dream if you would photograph me ;D ;D

milkyounk | May 27, 2013

Yahoo! Yutaki

How can I leave a comment when a lot of people already do that 🙂
all the best for you… all the best I can say is I’ll pray for you… cause what?! your’e such as amazing boy in deep blue sea with a lot of love!!!!

I start with my photography hobbies with my besties and It’s really impress that someday I and my besties would to walk around the world do something like yours.

Hope you can read my message and give me an powerful energy and love too…
Good Afternoon and have a blast day!! <3

EILEEN ❤ | May 27, 2013

Hi Yutaki!
So I’m sending my review of your photobook in an email because I want to attach a picture to this.
You’ve inspire me so much ever since I’ve started reading your blog and looking at your pictures.
I’ve always wanted to dress up and take good looking pictures of myself but I never really knew how I should get about to doing that.
Looking at your pictures and seeing the amount of effort you put in your photobook, makes me wanna work even harder to have my own set my pictures!
To prove my point, it’s already midnight but I went to dug up an old red hat that I have since 7 years ago, wash and blow dry it cause it was filled with dust just to take pictures with it and then edit your background in with my poor photoshop skills LOL
So yeah, it’s my “edition” of one of your picture from A Flower Boy’s tale!
(Side note, I don’t do that to all of your pictures LOL. I love you and all but I’m not really a stalker haha)

I absolutely LOVE A Flower Boy’s tale, like I’ve mentioned before, it blew my mind.
The outfits and background that you have for each picture is amazing and it harmonizes so well together.
It’s really hard for me to choose my fav set of photos from your third photobook just because I love them all!
There were plenty of really unique poses such as the one where you set into the fountain, the fallen angel set with the “wings” spread out (I think that’s pretty cool!) and the ones with the rose petals in the water!
Actually come to think of it, I like the one with the rose petals the most lol.
I also think that the set of photos where you look like James bond and the ones where you look like a Japanese high school guy makes you look sexy as hell lah haha!
Not to mention you also have a few sets that you look really cute in. Tell me, is there any pose that you cannot do?!

Your first photobook, A Dream in Paris, has a certain innocence feel to it. It is amazing and there was nothing anyone else could compare it to. There was a wide variety of looks and it was really cool.
And then Summer Love came to knock my socks off. I love the underwater shots you took because you made it look really effortless even though it was probably really tough! Also, the pictures with the black scale-like clothing and crown looks super high fashion! Summer Love has an upbeat feel to it, sort of like a light cheerful holiday photobook? haha
I have to say that A Flower Boy’s Tale is the perfect finale to your trilogy because it has more depth in it. There’s more variety of tones and contrast in the photos. Ever single picture in the finale is just mind-blowing. The amount of effort you put into them is astounding! I’ve never met or seen anyone with that amount of passion that you have for your pictures!
I’m looking forward to what you’ll create in the future as a photographer.

I honestly wish you the best in your photography career ahead.
And I hope you’ll get to photograph Angelababy one day. Soon.

Good night! 😀

Louise Patricia C Cahigas | May 27, 2013

A flower boy’s tale: a story well-told

They call it the grande finale. The ending with not just a bang, but with mega fireworks that light up the sky and colors it with unending beauty.

A flower boy’s tale is a collection of photos that brought us to different places with a mere scroll of our fingers. Every photo is a masterpiece. The colors blend perfectly; never too much, never too bland. The focus of the picture never wavering to the main subject; You.

Naysayers would say, “It’s so easy, what he does! Just be vain and take pictures!” but this collection, Yutaki did more than that. He gave so much content, artistic value, depth and beautified the landmarks and places he was in a hundred times over. He was not just taking pictures , he was creating a moments.

The use of lights was so beautifully adapted in this project. He created silhouettes, he projected shadows, he illuminated his face, he hid his face and so many more. The concept of “reflection” seemed to have been played around in some pieces as well. Like the window panes and picture frames; skillfully and not overly done.

Did anyone realize the concept of elements here as well? Water, Wind and Earth. The bathtub/swimming pool shots, the floating black angel and of course, the vineyard scenes.

The changes of hair color not only signifies time but it exudes mystery as well; is it the different sides of Yutaki? Is this what the final chapter about?

It gives us the feeling of time without end. Some pictures made it look like you are someone from the past, while some made you look unreal, almost anime-like.

Did you jump out of the manga, perhaps? Or out of that ship painting, Captain Yutaki? Or maybe, a teenage boy who works at a flower shop? How about the bad boy, ready to ride away with his black bike? Or the Greek God who can pierce your soul with just one look in his eyes?

So many personalities, persona and this gives so much character to the pictures and the collection as a whole.

The journey of the pictures took us to different places; even those taken from Singapore looked unfamiliar because of the hard work that you have put in. You made those places your own and made sure that everything else blends in and compliments you.

A midst the hundreds of articulately crafted photos, he has chosen the last few concluding pictures dressed as a “gardener”. Why you may ask? I have a guess or two.

Maybe it is to envision fulfillment. It’s almost as if the “flower boy” has grown up and is ready to take new possibilities and new goals to achieve. The flower boy has fully bloomed; inside and out, and it is time to rediscover himself and to help others be brought out from their buds.

You’ve achieved your dream and it is not time to open a new chapter of your life.

In conclusion? There is no end to this photographic tale, only countless continuations of memories yet to be captured.

Congratulations Yutaki and all the best to your future endeavors. I can’t wait for the next chapter of your photographic journey.

Always your fan,
Trish <3

Billy Chen | May 27, 2013

Dearest Yutakis,

I’m writing this email to participate your photo book giveaway contest as the link given on your blog was unreachable, and I hope this email could be considered as an entry too. Truly appreciated!

To the Flowerest Boy- Yutakis James!

First of all, I just came to know about you last Christmas when I was traveling in London. I saw your photo was nominated to the Popular Page on Instagram, that was the first time I had contact with you. You fascinating picture got all my attention from the Popular Page on Instagram. Therefore, I started following since then. And until I got to know about this contest.

You’re somebody that I have never thought I would be so much into with. As in your style and all about you that makes you the Flowerest Boy in the world of my eyes.

Here I start with my comment of your photo book- A FLOWER BOY’S TALE

There’s nothing much I could comment except by saying PERFECTLY DONE. No one has ever done better in portraying this role- Flower Boy. Every sense of yours, from eyebrows to your toes, they are all perfectly fit in making you the FLOWEREST BOY.

I like the way you dress up. Can see that you’re not a very muscular guy but still, you have that figure to wear anything and make it looking good. Your fashion sense is fantastic, the way you dress up by mix-matching all those clothes made a picture of yours to another level of perfection.

I like your facial expression in every of your photo. Yes, I know you do not have much expressions throughout the whole photo book, but it was already enough to make it perfect. You’re either being cool or smiling in your pictures, but with all that simple expressions, it brought out the feeling of the picture in every sense.

I like all of your pictures, on Instagram, your blog and wherever you are. All your pictures are just perfect and it makes me feel indescribable. Because perfect is indescribable too!

Lastly, although I do not know anything else other than knowing you have great photos, I do hope I could know you more from today onwards by winning the photo book. I would really appreciate to be a lucky winner of A FLOWER BOY’S TALE photo book giveaway. I love your pictures!

Billy T.

Contact details:
Instagram: billychen90
email: /

a peachy | May 27, 2013

Congratulations on your first photobook! It really is quite stunning, and a jaw-dropping masterpiece. It’s aesthetically pleasing and really something you should be proud of. 🙂

I remember you mentioning quite a few times over the years that although you photograph yourself more often then not, photography is still your passion, no matter what you’re capturing on film. I think in this photobook, you really poured your heart and soul into proving that you’re more then just a (very) pretty face. It really shows how ardent you are about photography. I really enjoyed the pieces you included in the book that were your photography; they fit very nicely with the self portraits! I thought they were really very very gorgeous.

I think the way you photographed yourself and many different locations, outfits, styles, etc., really works for this book. It shows different sides of you, and the different sides of the “Flower Boy” image you are trying to show via this book.

I really enjoy the intricate photos you did. For example, the photos with the black streamers coming off your clothes, and the photos you did in the bath with the roses. I think it’s really remarkable. I’m interested to learn how exactly you got those photos to look so perfect.

All in all I think you did a really amazing job with this photobook. You should be proud of yourself and all the hard work and dedication you put into this! 🙂

-Arianna Battistiol

Moka | May 28, 2013

Woah, I’m waiting for the results of the competition! 🙂

Mr Style King | June 2, 2013

BFF Yutaki! Once you are back to Singapore, we can continue our exclusive Boutique Hotels Review Blog Collaboration again.

Miss the times we stayed together in the hotel room and review all the hotels together. See u back soon good friend. <3 <3

Mr Style King

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