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-Adidas Seoul Collection

18/June/2010 | Advertorial, Feeling Lucky


click on the above thumbnail to see all the [-Adidas Seoul Collection] details and pic captions !

Sleek and streamlined, Seoul takes oversized fashion to a brand new level. Matte straps and casing offer a masculine element to this stylish statement, and with features like 10-lap memory, chronograph, timer and alarm, Seoul just became your new favourite watch.

like what you see?

this is the latest launch of seoul collection of adidas watch! now i could go to school with a brilliant stylish watch and still could gym after which with it, previous, i always had take off my watch during gym, due to nature of those watch, not sporty enough, and always sensitive towards water. now, with this, i could have as much fun as i want with my new adidas watch!and yet stylish!

my pick, the Japanese! this watch red and white is named after japan! which is your favorite?

wanna have of those? u can! just doing one simple step, go to

and click on Vote (by liking the page 1st) then click LIKE for your favorite blogger (duh! me) & stand to win adidas products, premiums & vouchers worth over $200! the seoul watch included!!

its not like having to fill up some sort of lucky draw forms, just 3 clicks! and u could support your favorite blogger (yutaki), me. u know u love me don’t you?



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