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-Baby Café

25/July/2012 | Everydays, Personal Thoughts, Review, Weekends




2 weeks no see! i m back from hong kong! it was terrible…. i didn’t expect HK to be even hotter than Singapore, its blazing humid, i picked the worst timing to go HK. will be heading to BKK with sophie willocq and her bf, alaric next week, maybe with eric too? need a get away from the city~

Recently, the secret been work on me, negatively… i let negative thoughts comes into my mind, negative thoughts converts into negative feelings, and all negative things knocks on my door one by one, at last, i am down with a heavy fever… it was so sudden, i was perfectly healthy a day ago. tadah! i was so sick that i could even leave the bed…

i guess the secret was so right, negativity really attracts all bad things… to improve my life right now, i m gonna be super positive, only think of the good and wonderful things in life and visualize a perfect tomorrow. ^^

ok, let me assure to myself that…

i m gonna go to BKK with soap, eric and alaric… have a HUGE BLAST, a lot of fun, take some super wonderful pics, lucky things gonna happen to all of us there. Main while  i will be working on my 3rd photobook, i super sure this BKK trip will capture photobook-worthy-amazed-balls pics! life would be like that song says, “we dont even have to try, its always a good time!”



i’ve been to angelababy’s BABY CAFE! omgomg…. u know i m more excited to visit the BABY CAFE more than HK’s Disneyland?! u guys know that i always been a mega fan of her….

i mean like most of u will be super curious like me to know how does a BABY CAFE looks like inside! yeah, let me take u on a BABY CAFE TOUR!


1st thing u will notice will be big and small digital frames of angelababy ‘s photoshoot pictures on the wall. its a slideshow mode, that every 10 secs, baby’s pics will change….. of cos, if u re a big fan of her, u will know which of the pics are released in her photobooks, AND… which are not been published before… lol. (i can tell.) space






everything else in the cafe is customized, like the menu, napkins, name cards, plates and even the toothpicks. u can see shadows of baby EVERYWHERE. ( i forgot to visit their wash, i wonder if i could still see baby there.. lol)space






about food…. (ok, since it’s baby, i shall be ULTRA bias.)

ok the pricing of the food at baby cafe are super reasonable, actually considerably cheap to me…. and u know, i m not food bloggers, so i don’t have those flowery vocab describe to u how yummy the food are, so, i shall shut up and let the pics do the talking.



















the appearance of the food serves justice to the taste of them, except the foie gras black rice, its kinda sucky… but the desserts are heavenly good~




Food taste even better with angelababy everywhere! the outlet that i went was the 3rd chain outlet its the Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast at Tiffany theme, 1st and 2nd outlet was the french maid theme, personally i love Audrey Hepburn a lot too, so i decide to visit the 3rd outlet above all.




heading to HK, and love angelababy as much as i do? visit angelababy’s BABY CAFE! here’s her current in stores promotions and address!




here’s her official website:





i will heading japan after bkk. and i will visit the 2nd most beautiful place i ever seen (1st, visited, paris) ….  HUI TEN BOSCH!!! all thanks to cheesie who blog about her trip to hui tan bosch … i was BLOOOOWNNNNN away by her blog post, how come this place i never even heard before?!! or not even famous?! i die die wanna go there before i go ns, that’s why i plan this last-minute trip to japan… hope to take the most prettiest pictures there…. shall update more!


oh yeah, back to my fever, i just got home for a entire night gossipy supper with wendy, soap, kaykay and alaric. i guess i m pretty recovered, but still gotta still sleep now already, can’t drag this blog post any further, BABY CAFE PICS GOTTA TO BE SEE THE DAY LIGHT! ( literally, going to 7 am in a few mins… lol) good night!




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8 thoughts on “-Baby Café”

shyr | July 30, 2012

The desserts look awesome!!! specially the pink foamy one.
I’m looking forward for for your next photo book.
and feel better soon!!!!!

yutakis | August 1, 2012

Hey hey, this time, it will be taken in many countries, ^^ I m quite sexcited too! ^^

fannymsh | August 2, 2012

LOL yutaa, you sound so cute when you get excited talking about angela baby XD

so many angela baby pics in the cafe! you must be super happy 🙂

one thing, i hate that headband you wear >.< no offense, i still love you <3

HitomiNeko | August 22, 2012

the whole experience seems really nice with your pictures. Makes me want to check it out too ^^~ ( if am I ever in HK) ha ~

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Aj | August 24, 2012

DANG! I obviously am doomed for living in the wrong country!
How does Asia get all those adorable&delicious cafes/restaurants?
You’re blog makes me wanna spent all my fortune, steal a G6 and
fly right over there to be a fatty and have some cake at that cafe.

Love the pics you took – and I see someone is using kakaotalk? 😀

Stay fly sir.

Joanna | August 30, 2012

Your blogging style is fascinating. It really captivates. You make your content very interesting with the pictures which were nicely taken and edited. Really sees your effort in blogging. I really like the way you comment neutrally and being real.

Have a wonderful trip around! Expecting your lastest post of BBK and Jap. =)

yutakis | August 30, 2012

Wah! Super love!!!!

analí | September 4, 2012

You’re so handsome!! and nice blog..:)

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