--Charms, Treasures and Adventures by SK Jewellery.



Hello!!! I m back!! Very very proud to present You guys a new concept advertorial
that I shot this early this month, it took me quite a while to finish the post-
production, preparation for this shoot and I can tell you this, this set of pictures
wasn’t as easy breezy to shoot as it looks! Shall explain to you guys in details
later in the post!

This time I teamed up with SK Jewellery, I love that SK Jewellery 
 constantly comes up with very Creative and innovative jewellery line and designs!

All the charms are made from 999 Pure Gold at SK Jewellery, something that last forever,
something special that you could add into your personal collection, a good luck charm that
stay with you forever. So tell a unique story of yourself with your own personal selection
of the charms.


Today I m showcasing you guys

The SK Jewellery charms latest addition now includes coloured enamel charms!! They are
extremely cute and Captivating, they give your arm candies even more attitude!!! These
little charms are Super cute and very carefully crafted!

Instead of being who I am, selection for the charms from SK Jewellery’s 999 Pure Gold 
Charms Collection, I picked the charms that fulfil my dreams, I always wanted to be a little
explorer, a little voyager, a boy who travel to places and see the world, even it was kinda
a bit too unrealistic to me when I was younger, as I was quite shy, a very very typical
Taurus, who hate to step out of own comfort zone, but this set of the charms, that I picked,
remind myself of these little dreams I have.


I am a strong believer in The Secret, the law of attraction, in the book, it
says You should always keep something with you that keep you in positive spirit and remind
of you happy things, your dreams, your goals! With a positive vibe, a positive mindset
will always always bring better luck, positive things in life. Trust me on this.
The secret works.

These littles charms are symbols of yourself and anything that actually represents you,
or remind you of who you are, or even who you wannabe, or reminder of things that make
you happy or keep dreaming.


I also personally selected and added my own name with the alphabet charms as well!
You could totally customise a arm candy that fits you perfectly!

The choo choo train charm, and the cute aeroplane charm reminds me to travel when sometimes
it doesn’t make feel very comfortable being in a foreign land that doesn’t really speak my
language, don’t be shy, go to places and see things, explore the world.

The fairytale collection comes in 999 Pure Gold, with a selection of new arrivals available in coloured enamel!

So what’s your story…?


The petite ladybug charm, reminds me to keep in touch with nature. Being in touch with the
nature is a huge part of the Travelling, that actually makes me uncomfortable sometimes.
Being a city boy, mountains, jungles or safari, kinda scares me, but how do I see the world
if I don’t go places like these? Therefore, I hope this petite ladybug charm keep encourage
me to be more adventurous!

If you see carefully there’s also a Twinkle star charm, this reminds me to dream and keep
making wishes, Because if I ever travel back in time and tell the 18 year old yutaki, that
I will travel to do much places and see the world, the old me, wouldn’t believe it and but
to envy, I should keep on dreaming, so much of my dreams and goals came true even thought
It took a while…. but I got here.

There are total of 4 categories of 999 Pure Gold Charms Collection:


999 Pure Gold & Coloured charms (mainly fairytale icons, eg. Castles, crowns,
bunnies, etc.)


999 Pure Gold charms only (this series of charms has a different effect –
parallel lines on the charms to enhance the alphabet.)


999 Pure Gold & Coloured charms (consists of heart-shaped charms, and other symbols
representing love and affection.)


999 Pure Gold charms only (consists of the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac to
boost prosperity to the wearer.)

More info on the different collections can be found here:








Promo code:


$20 off your purchase of 999 Pure Gold Charms at SK Jewellery e-Shop.

Valid till 31 Oct 2017. Not valid with any promotion or discount.
e-Shop link:


Oh my god. One of the most tough shoot I did in a Long Long Long time, you guys have
no deal how much thrones pricked me!!! I got pricked ALL OVER MY BODY for this shoot.
Legs, arms, hands and even my back, no joke, even on my ass. LOL.

I was literally in a battlefield with the cactus. Even when I was SO CAREFULLY AND
SLOWLY moving in between the cactus, I still got stung so bad. Lol.

I Guess this unglamorous and tough part of the shoot you guys don’t ever get to see,
butttttttt after looking at this set of editorial, I could proudly tell myself, the
effort was all worth it. HA!

I am very very proud of this set and they turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be!

If you follow me Long enough, you’ll rmb I used add a dedication to all concept online
mini photobooks, i Guess in time, I got too busy, and stop adding these details to my
works, but this blog post, it is kinda special to me, kinda like a rainbow post after
a thunder storm, thou it might not even be over yet, but I’ve seen so much rainbows
from hundreds of you already, it really melts my heart, this photo post is for you guys,
may you too find that courage to travel the distance to see the greener side.

A little adventure killed nobody.

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-Thank You.


With the recent accusation I’ve kept silent as I’m more grown up compared to the old yutakis who was extremely vocal (if you follow me Long enough! 😂). After confiding with my friends @bongqiuqiu @yankaykay @mykxii @thatericboy, I feel I owe my Long term followers an explanation. 

Today’s Instagram has a lot of the users finding ways to grow, whether as a influencer or not. Many are struggling, I too, am one of them.

Organically u can up your game on photos, content, be more interesting, or know more Friends.

There’s also gray-er ways, like following more people get more exposure, like more photos on explore pic to get noticed and grow on your digits. Comment more and make more online friends, like its name, social media, u need to socialise.

Some host giveaways, use relevant attractive materials/ gadgets to do giveaways, to grow.

Also with the new prompt function on Instagram, u can pay for more exposure and more likelihood of increasing your numbers, impressions, likes, I paid at times, for exposure on giveaways or sponsored posts, to get more people to join. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying for some posts to be “promoted”, it’s like a free value-add to my clients or in some ways a self-promotion tool. Instagram earns from it but if it’s so unethical or not organic, I don’t think they will allow this function? People can see it’s promoted post after all right? 

I personally did a lot giveaways, through the years, mostly skin care, kpop albums, photobook, make up, concert tickets and even gadgets like cameras, I feel I grow the most from such giveaways, I could increase a few hundreds, to even 1k+ per day.

In recent years, while I m losing interest in blogging and being very inactive (I only uploaded 100+ posts in 2016), even lower in 2017. I get alot of people unfollowing, that’s the reason why I host a giveaway every 2-3 weeks. My following typically spikes everytime I post one, and I get tons of unfollows whenever I announce the winner(S) , normally it’s less than 5 winners, and I get 100-600 participants per giveaway.

One of the most significant jumps I had was back then I entered the Indonesian market with AFA, butler cafe, but I only attended one year. That one event day I grew 1-2k. Also once was featured on Indonesian fun fact account @faktanyagoogle, and within that 2 days I jumped 2k followers. These are the most significant jumps I remember.

My figures if you look carefully on the socialblade chart, it varies, it went up and down in between the figure of 60k to 65k followers in between that line, nothing too dramatic, it’s pretty unfair to compare me to people who have so much more followers and much more significant jumps.

For the past 2 years, I was handling depression, as well some internal dramas with my friends, family and building a new relationship. I stopped updating as regularly, and tbh, I understand why people started unfollowing me massively due to the lack of updates and constant quality content.

I m sorry that I wasn’t as hardworking as I once was, and I resort to using constant giveaways to gain followers, but I do have my own personal struggles that I no longer share it online. But I hope you guys could see that I still put in my 100% whenever I update a blog post. Sometimes it takes weeks of preparation, all that is hard work and effort that can’t be bought, and I take pride in them.

I’ve been blogging for 10 years, and some followers followed me for that long. I hope you guys can see my effort in other aspects, other than my figures on a graph, i hope I can still create more good content in future for you guys too. As for right now, my life is in a very good place, much better than how I used to be in 2015-early 2016!!

I rarely open up these days, but I hope you guys would stand by me, at times like this, and vouch for my hard work over the past 10 years. If you have stood by me all this while, I really thank you. 

Thank you so much for keeping good faith in me!


with love.

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-101 Coffee Prince Cafe by ETUDE HOUSE


HELLO!!! I m back my friends!!!

This time I m back to introducing you guys the latest
addition to the ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Stick Contour Duo Line!! The play 101 stick contour
duo is literally a part of everyone’s life… no joke, literally all my friends, own one,
and even friends who are not a crazy fan of etude house also got one. Becos it’s very
convenient, easy to use, blends perfectly and very Affordable!!



This year, ETUDE HOUSE is introducing us 4 New shades to the Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
Line!! This time, they brought shades that are in line with the latest k-beauty trend of

P r i c e :   $ 2 4 . 0 0   |   V o l :     1 .7 g x 2  

Non-touring is the hottest make up trend in k-beauty scene right now! A subtler, less
contrast, more natural based contouring technique compared to the old traditional Contouring

WELL WELL WELL HERE I COME back to introduce this new additions to the ETUDE HOUSE Play
101 Stick Contour Duo Line… As a….. barista!!! The many shades of the contour sticks
reminds me of different types of coffee, and also I was a big fan of the old k-drama “The
1st Shop of Coffee Prince”!!! Couldn’t have more reasons to do a ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee
Prince’ theme shoot to feature the Play 101 Stick Contour Duo Line NEW additions!


I personally been waiting for the this k-beauty trend to arrive sg for a Long Long time,
as much as I love the old contour trend, but trust me, never once, I dare to apply it to
step out of the house, I personally find the heavy contrast look is a bit too “heavy” for
my liking, with the lighter non-touring Play 101 contour Sticks, I no longer have to worry
about looking like, You know, Annabelle. Lol.

The creamy texture of the Play 101 Stick Contour Duo, they are very easy to blend and non
sticky, very matte, I LOVE, I am not suitable for those very greasy ones.

So let, go into details on the 4 New shades! And what they’re targeted on!


Shade #5 and #6 is the essentials for non-touring make up look!! And I totally in love with
shade #5! It’s Super subtle!! Not heavy at all, it looks almost as good as not wearing any
contouring make up! Mind blown yet it is able to make my features much much more define, and
make my nose stand out more, my features looks way more 3D than usual, at the same time not
overdoing to the extend of looking like Annabelle ( u know the horror movie, lol, Google her
and You will know what I am talking about! Lol)

Shade #6 and 5 are almost similar, #6 is just darker, but I suggest boys to pick #5 for a
more natural look!
The top natural/Neutral Light shade is for highlighting, highlighting on the inner corner of
the eyes, nose bridge!

The bottom natural/neutral deep is for deep shading effect on hairline, jawline, chin line!

Shade #3 is made for the those love the strobing make up look, strobing is the make up
technique where it is directly opposite of contouring, it focus on only highlighting of
the features, make facial area to pop out more instead of darken and shading!

The top Gold Pearl shade is for brightening, for areas like T zone, C zone, Cupid’s bow,
smile lines and browbones.

The bottom Pink Pearl Shade is specially made for the highlighting on your Aegyo sal/waterline,
the fleshy area under your eyes, it makes your eyes more define, sparkling, less tired!


Shade #4 is MY FAVOURITE SHADE! It’s a secret weapon to make your self look more healthy
and archive that rosy cheeks!

The Top Coral Pearl could be used to brighten the face, simply apply on Apple zone and
inner areas on the cheeks.

The bottom, Soft Beige, apply this on the Wide area outside the Cheekbones, it provide a
shading effect!
I want give a shout out to the New #4 shade!!! Here’s why is it my Favourite shade:

When comes to make up, It was always a try an Error, I’ve been using the wrong make up
for years, like I was using a bronzer that have heavy simmer/glittery effect, imagine me
reflect every bit of light on my cheeks, for ages I used that (for like 5 years), until I
found there’s a non-shimmer alternative… as a bronzer, it was always a Orange tone, this
shade 4 is a perfect very subtle red, it gives a very healthy blush to my cheeks, nothing
over the top! Best of all, there’s no shimmer/glitter! Totally going to replace my current
bronzer with this!

I suggest all the guys to use this!!! Many times guys who wear only a foundation/BB cream,
they always look very pale/white, as normal person have different shade/flush on their face,
nobody’s face is completely one tone, that’s why people give comments like, “why you make up
so white/ pale ghost face/ too much make up”, but with the help of Play 101 Stick Contour Duo
shade #04, You use this to spread across your cheeks, from cheek to nose to cheeks, after
blending, it gives a very natural suntanned look, I call it as the sunkissed blush look! It
makes you looking healthier and rosy, instead of pale and sickish.

Tip: Like a natural suntan, the common tanned areas on the face are, forehead, cheeks, nose
and Chin! So when you apply the bush, remember to apply on these areas, it will give a illusion
of you just had a Tan!!! Fake that Tan!


P r i c e :   $ 2 4 . 0 0   

Introducing play 101 easy contour brush! It makes blending much easier, before I was introduced
to the brush, to be honest I was actually using fingers to blend….. never try never know,
things was so easy and fast compared to finger blending technique!!!

The triangle shaped contour brush gives a flawless finish, it blends smoothly even on narrow
areas like jawline and hairline!

Tip: After applying the PLAY 101 STICK CONTOUR DUO, spread the product out evenly using the
brush by shading your contour out in circular motions then lightly sweep the boundaries as
a finishing touch!


LOVE IT. I can’t explain how much I love shade #3 and #5!! the fact I could do highlight and
contour at the most possible, subtlest way. ETUDE HOUSE MADE IT POSSIBLE!!

Here’s photo demonstration of what I used on which area of the face.

Tip: Don’t wanna wear eyeshadow and still wanna make your eyes look deep-set and define?
Simply apply a layer of #05 natural Light in between your upper eye lips and brows and blend

And have I mention, I m big fan of stick make ups? Like eyebrow pencil, tube concealers, stick
foundation, highlighting/contouring pencils, they are extremely portable and pocket friendly!!!
As a frequent traveller, it is very important for me!!! Kudos to the convenient packaging!!
Thank you ETUDE HOUSE for making my life so sweet!


The Play 101 Stick Contour Duo Line are available
in island ETUDE HOUSE outlets!






Singapore boutiques are located at:

1. Flagship Store at Wisma Atria #B1-20/21/22

2. 313@Somerset #B2-30

3. Bedok Mall #01-87/88

4. Causeway Point #B1-K02

5. Chinatown Point #01-12

6. Clementi Mall #03-34

7. JEM #02-44

8. Junction 8 #01-48

9. Jurong Point #01-57/58

10. Lot One #01-19

11. NEX #01-63

12. Plaza Singapura #B1-26

13. Tampines 1 #01-17/18

14. Vivocity #B1-03

15. Suntec City #02-601/601A

16. Bugis Junction #01-107 to 108

17. Compass One #01-23

18. JCUBE #01-21


I HAD SL FUN BEING A BARISTA!!!! I was pretty excited to go back to the roots, profession
role play project of ‘boys of ETUDE HOUSE’ the last few months I was focusing more on concept
shoot, not so much on professions!!

The shoot was actually taken outdoors, and I brave it on with the summer heat, I tell you,
almost got a heat stroke but….. for these pics, it was all worth it!


I really loved the pics this time as they look actually very much day to day life, instead of
my precious months, out of this world type of production, this month, I literally turned into
your friendly Neighbourhood Barista! Usually I only post about 10-12 pics with my face in the
Boys of ETUDE HOUSE, this time I posted over 20!! Hope you guys enjoy this blog post as much
As I do!!! Till next post


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-Concept Project: Fantasy Vibes Only.


H E L L O!

This most requested blog post to date. Yes to date, okay maybe as much as
my double eye lids surgery, but still I received like countless, literally
countless DM, asking for a full room tour video/ blog post! Okay here it is!!!

About 4 years ago I just redo my room, a tiny room at my mom’s place, it was a
red, blue and white theme room and…. looking back, I felt I was living in
a kid’s room, I mean like I was younger back then, but it was really a bit
too juvenile for my age, so now that I officially moved to my own my place.
I’ve 2 rooms (out of 4) at my new place, a working space and also a
gaming space!!

This is actually my 2nd decoration/room design project this year, the first
is my old Photography studio, which is no longer open, as we are expanding!
Check out the blog post of the space below this blog post!

Before all these decoration started, I was thinking of a theme, I wanted
space that I could work, play dress up, photoshoot and also relax and feel
comfortable, also most importantly, instagram-worthy in every corner, I was
even that ambitious to posted a Instagram story saying that I want to have
the most Instagram worthy room ever, well, not literal, I mean like maybe most
Instagram worthy room I ever decorated? Lol. Well I did received plenty of
compliments on my room so far, I Guess it’s quite awesome, most importantly….
I LOVE IT. I love it so much I don’t even wanna leave the house. EVERY TIME.


After careful consideration, i decided on a 3 coloured scheme room, as I m
not a big fan of black, I replaced black with grey, it will bring out a more
matured tone, also a tiny touch of red. well, i don’t want a space that is
too matured too, so I Guess it’s just nice to have a mixture of playful decors
and A BIT more matured minimalist tone.

I got most of my furniture/stuff from Ikea, Supreme, MUJI, Norman Copenhagen, Nemo
and TB. Also, I customised a few pieces, which I kinda designed/modified,
like the James Visser Inspired display wardrobe, shelves and self-designed neon light!

Everyone know for a Creative person, you need to be in a space that that inspired you,
give you the biggest room for creativity and constantly be inspired. If I work at somewhere
very messy or unappealing, I kinda get very frustrated easily and mental, idea-block,
that I don’t want. Lol.

As a blogger I always had to scout of locations to take some shoots, I really wanted a
space that I could just shoot at home, yes I could now.

I’ve decided to name my work room as the “Fantasy Vibes Only Studio”

Fantasy Vibes Only:

The reason behind this name, if you are loyal follower I m big fan of magical,
a bit out of this world, fairytales and fantasy photography, work, although it’s
not very popular like how it used to be, with the invasion of the minimalist
hipsters trend, but I still gonna keep a piece of reminder of who I always am,
dreamy, positive, a work room with fantasy vibes only.

I worked up a calligraphy of “fantasy vibes only” and customised it into a neon
light!!! With white wirings that perfectly blend into the white wall!!
It’s the highlight of the room.

I was damn secretive of the neon light sign, ever since it was installed, I
once posted it up anywhere on my social media platform, it thought of keeping it
as surprised when I finally post up about my New room!!


A studio is an artist or worker’s workroom. This can be for the purpose of acting,
architecture, painting, pottery (ceramics), sculpture, origami, woodworking,
scrapbooking, photography, graphic design, filmmaking, animation, industrial design,
radio or television production broadcasting or the making of music.

I’ve always wanted a chandelier, but it’s very easily dirty and kinda not very in trend
now, so I had a really hard looking for a light that is suitable for the room, FINALLY I
found this minimalist, simplified designed chandelier… I was overjoyed!!!!! I instantly
booked it online!!!! So happy with it!!! It perfect for the room, it really add a playful
yet classy touch.

The room is a mixture of really really cheap decorations/stuff and also some quite over
priced stuff, I Guess this is just the way I like my things, save some money on most the
things then splurge on a few expensive things that I Super Super love.

I also turn small balcony area, in my room into a day bed, yes the sea view is breathtaking,
my FVO studio have a sideview of the beach, but other rooms of the house have the full view,
yeah, i m living on the top storey of the condo, so it’s quite a impressive view here!

 For my wardrobe, I actually have 3 wardrobes, two in the my own space, these are more open
concept for display and photo taking purposes! I always wanted a open concept wardrobe!
So eye-gasm, I place all my Favourite buys here for display!

This having 2 rooms I constantly running in between, I made the right choice the get
the Marshall Speaker Bluetooth Killburn, killburn is the one that have inbuilt battery
that u can play up to 20 hours with one charge! I constantly bring it around house, be
in kitchen, the work room, the balconies and gaming room.

I Guess a few pieces in my room is that i m most proud of, one of which is the
skateboard stool… I bought it online and I swear it is so so so so so hard to find,
and even find a suitable Color scheme one, a grey one, not mentioning it’s really
quite pricey, but I seriously love it too much to give it a pass.

The greens, I know it’s kinda not practical and stupid to buy real plants when there’s
so much fake plants options these days, they die pretty easy and I have to keep buying
them, but I kinda enjoy it somehow, it turned into a weekly affair, I will go some florist
to buy greens and flowers, yeah all the greens and plants in my room that u see on my
insta-stories and pics here are all real plants.


My 2nd room!

My play room.

Which Is directly opposite my work room, in between there’s my washroom and a dress up
corner with a sink and mirror, vanity shelf where I store all my skin care and face clean up
stuff, shall blog about it on another post!

This room was initially intended to be a guest room, but I turned into my gaming room
anyway, I got a sofa bed from Ikea, it could magically turn into a guest room whenever my
friends come to visit me, if not most of the time it’s where is i watch Tv series and playing

I customised a stand alone neon light that is actually small skateboard that saying “keep
pushing” in the middle, the motivation quotes in this room, motivates me….. to keep
playing game and don’t give up even I keep dying..? Lol. Yeah that’s about right. Lol

There’s another open concept wardrobe in this room, a day bed, a 45 inch LG inifinia 3D
TV, it means my relaxing time in this room Super Awesome, I love to stay in this room
reading some magazines, watch YouTube videos or just lying around phone stalking. Lol

My life is complete. I totally have whatever I wanted in my rooms, okay maybe I always
wanted a swing or jacuzzi, but that one a bit unrealistic. Lol, so hope you guys like my
full tour of my room at my new place!! Thank you guys for sending so much DMs for
request this, and I could have post it up earlier….

I will pen another blog post, a bit more in depth write up on how’s my life recently,
I was reading my blog a week ago, and I realised as much as I was pretty active online
and in all my p/s section I was always complaining and or saying how unhappy I was, I
Guess the last 2 years was really tough, but my life is finally got a lot improved, I
Guess it was a bit irresponsible when I shared so much when I was down and totally MIA
and diamdiam (stay silent) when I m finally happy.. lol. Okay so stay tune for the next
blog post.

Okay, also will be working on the next heavily requested blog post on my double eye lids
surgery, finishing this Two blog, I think I stop blogging for 2017, LOL. JUST KIDDING.

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-Concept Project: Tricky


As many of you know I opened up a studio for 6 months this year,
Studio Tricky!
It got much positive feedbacks!!! Thank you guys so so so much for the
attention, currently I m trying expand and change direction for the
project space, to more than just a space rental, being the aesthetic
to your home!

I believe it’s the aesthetic of the place that really got everyone’s
attention, as there’s plenty of studios in Singapore, I’ve personally seen
ALOT, I was very extremely stubborn on my art direction, and I took full
control of the decoration, buying, picking up, design from head to toe,
picking every art/poster from each and every frame, to personally draw on
frames with a marker, the positions of each light bulb of the industrial fairy
lights, to every single furniture and even implementing a crazy idea of putting
in a indoor swing, which became the major highlight of the entire space.

I was blessed that it was a INSTANT blast of positive feedbacks, like I didn’t
even hear a single negative feedback of the place. I was working on it for a
good 1 year, taking imaginations and turning it into reality, each neon light,
painting of the doors, window and even white coating the rocking horse which
was originally dusty red or even add in a white painted pushcart, it was all my
aesthetic and imagination, i let my creativity run wild, I wanted a modern
minimalist, monotone, playful, homely interior design, that EVERY single corner
of the place is photoshoot/instagramable!


I m expanding project tricky to other aspects, everyone is privately asking
me where I get this or that, hoping to have a piece of the tricky aesthetic!
I’m working on a new project where could! So stay tune! Project tricky will
go on bigger projects! :)

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