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Buy Everything On Gumtree

07/December/2015 | Advertorial, discovery, Give-aways, Uncategorized





H E L L O!!

I’m back to share with you guys an awesome app that I got pretty obsessed
with lately, want to buy and sell stuff at no fuss? I used to hate to selling
things online, I had to post the items on my blog or Facebook, then gotta
wait for enquires through emails or private messages, but GUMTREE came to rescue,
not only you get to be your own boss, you get to shop till you drop! Now you
can shop for an awesome Christmas present without having to walk up and
down to search something perfect in town!


Gumtree is Singapore’s number 1 FREE online classified. Be your own boss
without having to pay shop rental. The Gumtree App is super easy-to-use tool
that allows you find what you might be looking for at a snap of your finger, even
though I was super noob with technologies, it took me less than 30 mins to learn
how to play with the app. Lol. I bet you could do better than me.


You can find… E V E R Y T H I N G on Gumtree. Literally everything, you
can find Unique stuff that is already off the market, way cheaper than the
market price, a job, car, a flat, a place to stay, machine, house hold items,
camera, phone, a nanny and even a tutor!




Here are some highlighted things that you could find on Gumtree:

• electric scooter • bicycle • wardrobe • part time maid •electric bicycle
•part time jobs

There are plenty of exclusive deals on Gumtree that ONLY Gumtree users get to 
enjoy! Like exclusive promotional price, discounts and even value add services!

Watch the video below to check out how simple it is to post an ad, edit the
appearance of your profile, how to discover ads and users!

It took me only 3 mins to post an ad! With that much of an ease, it makes selling

With the private messaging function, you can skip all the email drama, you
can have a LIVE chat with the buyers without giving out your private information
such as phone number or even private email address!

One thing that I would love to highlight would be the discover ads page, It’s
awesome, it has this intelligence to show all the similar/ closely related
things that you recently searched, and you can find out how much
others are selling for at similar items category, and make sure you get the 
best bargains on the app!

Not forgetting the Discover User page will have a list of Gumtree Exclusive
sellers which offers exclusive discounts/items only on Gumtree!! Do not miss
all those crazy discounts that you will get at NOWHERE.


TADAH. The newest featured user… ME!! Lol. Super proud to be on top of this




This also lead me to letting you guys know that I will be having me own little
shop on Gumtree!!


find me on Gumtree at:

or… you know, find me on top of Discover-User Page. lol.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.23.59 am

As you guys know I’m big fan of iPhone casings, and it’s been almost half a year
I have been hand picking cute and quirky phone cases and doing pre-orders on 
Instagram, it wasn’t easy…. And that’s why I decided to open my 
iPhone pre-order shop on gumtree!

With the ALL IN ONE service platform, it will be saving me so much time jumping
from app to app just to reply enquires and update info.


Yes, as an exclusive seller on Gumtree, here’s my exclusive offer… I handpicked
10 of my favorite cases from the past 4 collections and bring them to Gumtree,
but these cases on Gumtree with 2 dollars off!!! YES YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS




Here, let me know showcase all the super cute cases that I will be selling on

All of new addition cases from collection 4 will be one sale on Gumtree at 2
bucks off! Here are some pics showcasing the cases from @The.Nut.Case from
my recent trips and shoots!


















Yes! What are you waiting for! I’m also giving doing a mini giveaway on
my Gumtree profile! A CASE OF YOUR CHIOCE! ANY CASE! Read below
for the simple 2 steps giveaway! Additionally if you don’t already have one
check out Gumtree iPhone category to snap up your very own iPhone 6 or 6S
on Gumtree.


Step 01:

Download the Gumtree Sg App!

From App Store/Play Store

Step 02:

Follow me on Gumtree!

(username: Yutakis)

find me on top of Discover-User Page!



Winner(s) Will be picked at random!

This giveaway is Locally only.

Closing date of the giveaway is at
21st Dec 2015 11:59pm!

Winners will be notified Direct Message on Gumtree!

Good luck!



Shop for your Christmas gifts on gumtree now!

More info:


Search for ‘Gumtree Sg’ on App Store and Play Store




i’ve been updating pretty regularly huh. and i m pretty impressed with the
amount of views of my previous locked up post, i could see the number of views
of that post.. lol. i sounds pretty desperate and depressed, its not just
something i wanna let EVERYONE reads, maybe just those who bothers a bit more
than the rest, actually its not a zero effort thing to read it, u need to know/
remember to my DOB or have to google it. lol

i m not usually this dark, and its not a side of me that i m proud of. i want to
be the yutaki that i used to be, the fun, full of shit, bag of sunshine, always
burst out of laughter and always fun to be with. i need to be happy again. it
will be my biggest resolution for 2016, and yes, be freakishly vain again. being
vain is my game. I OWN THAT. lol.


till next post, i have a few drafts that are not been worded, the pics are all
done, just need my texts, they are not advertorial related. need to post them up,
before 2015 is over…

2015, is almost over, i never really post my traveling post yet leh…. this is why
i said, 2016 I M SO LOOKING FORWARD FOR YOU, yettttttt…. not really ready.


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4 thoughts on “Buy Everything On Gumtree”

susan | December 7, 2015

dear yutaki

glad that you are getting back on track to the fullest.

keep fighting.

be back as an awesome yutaki.

take care.

Clifton | November 2, 2018

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