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Camera Talk

05/November/2013 | Camera Talk, Daily Things, discovery, Review, Uncategorized

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The cameras that i used… yes this has been the
most frequent question asked ever, ( beside
wad is my nationality and sexual orientation.
lol). ok, in this post i m gonna tell you guys
what cameras i currently own and which
classic pics on my blog are taken with which


Its no secret, i love self portrait (a better
name for camwhoring) and i m collector of
flip screen cameras. i had a total of 6 flip
screen cameras, and currently 4 cameras
on hand, and all are flip screen cameras.
i guess the only camera i ever truly loved
but didn’t have a flip screen, was lumix LX3.
i bought that camera after xiaxue blogged
about it. i love it like mad, i rmb i saved up
for months for it. sadly, i lost it 2 years ago,
but the camera served me well… i took alot
of amazing photos with it, hope it is happy
with his new owner… lol. frankly speaking,
i lost a fair share of cameras through out
the years, maybe about 4-5 of them…
it sucked.

Essentially i think i need 3 cameras, one
compact, one semi pro and one dslr. and
now i have them all! let’s go into details to
explain you guys why i need these three.

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A compact camera is all i need if i m just
going out to have fun, like shopping, just
hanging out, nothing important… this Casio
TR150 is the perfect compact, as tiny as an
iphone, yet the strongest camwhoring tool
i ever own. it’s super wide lens, and have
high tolerance of low light photography, and
most importantly, this flip camera make
everyone look ultra good and skinny. lol.
how not to love it?


to share with you guys a secret.. one of the
most well-liked look from my 3rd photobook
< A Flower Boy’s Tale> is actually taken
solely with this Casio TR150… the
<Pink Rose Bath> is actually taken with this
casio TR150!!!!!!!! insane right?! no one
actually guess this, as the <Pink Rose Bath>
set looks very professionally taken and
quality of the picture looks as good as
dslr quality.

i honestly think this Casio TR150 is a must
have for every single camwhore.


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The Polaroid camera is a toy camera. a camera
that is ‘must have’ as its super fun. i love Polaroid
photography, if you noticed, every single
online photobook i produced always have the
presence of Polaroid photos. cos its really
pretty and fun to play with. i m using the instax
mini 25 currently! previously was using
instax mini 7s.



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The semi-pro. will be need if i m invited to
some events that i need some higher quality
pictures yet, i need to dress up, so if i ever
dress up, i hate to carry something bulky
like my dslr, for the longest time i search for
 the perfect semi-pro, i have given up hope..
as the previous semi pros i had tried, the
samsung Ex1, lumix G1 and Casio ZR1000
all these flip screens semi pros, wasn’t perfect..


The samsung ex1 is the only one i kept. sold the rest.
I bought EX1 3 years back… it pretty much okay,
the pictures are fine, but i always find the pics
a bit grainy and a too dark.. so i cold storage
it for the longest time ever since i got the
Casio TR150.



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Was on searching for the prefect
semi-pro, pocket friendly size, dslr quality
pics, pics must not be grainy and dark,
flip screen is a mandatory…before i’ve
given up hope again, thou there are a few options
like the olympas and the newer version of the
samsung EX1 that i’ve got, the Samsung EX2F.
but didn’t really like them… until i met the
new pretty little white Sony NEX5T….


i casually tried it in a camera shop, i took a
few pics of miyake and sophie… i was immedate
sold. it was really awesome, the pics are as
good as dslr quality and also as bright as Casio


i wanted the camera badly, i swear.
2 weeks later, i was super lucky enuff to be semi
sponsored with the camera by SONY, i paid for this
camera at a discounted price. i was overjoyed!
i super love it! haven’t really have anything
presentable photos taken with yet! but once
i do i will sure blog about it! wait for it!


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The ulitmate DSLR… my baby canon 60D. this is
the camera that shoot all my 3 volumes online
photobooks, without this camera, who will i
be today? lol. i think wad makes this camera
really special is that it was one of the first dslr
that have a flip screen! i kinda reluctant to buy
this dslr initially, as i not a fan of bulky and ugly
cameras.. look, how pretty are the rest of my
cameras collection?! lol. a month before i am
travelling to paris to shoot my 1st volume
photobook, 3 years back, all my friends was
telling me to get a more professional camera
as i will wasting my precious trip to europe
without a proper professional camera..
i tot, ok lo BUY!. lol. i bought this canon 60D
introduced by miyake.



I never regret a day after buying it.
look at how much pictures i taken with it?
becos of this camera, i was crowned as
the king of camwhore ever since. so i suggest
all of you who ever wanna be a blogger,
cameras are really a investment you will have
to make, just think about the pretty pics u will
get, use those pretty pics to build your blog
up, and investors and paid advertorials will
come in your way, look wad you will be
exchange for the future… it’s all worth it!



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Another New camera… the awesome TR15!!!
the much improved version of the TR150 that
i super super love! everything are better,
the speed, the functions and even it have wifi
function!!! its maddness pls. gonna take more
pretty pics with this and blog them soon!!






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2nd post of the week!


Still trying out my new Sony NEX5T, if i have
the time i wanna shoot a mini photobook for it,
just like how i did for Casio TR15 and
Casio ZR1000!

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2 thoughts on “Camera Talk”

viic | November 5, 2013

This was really helpful! I’ve always been reluctant with getting a DSLR but now I’m getting one for sure.

Carol Akioka | November 17, 2013

oh, love it! I really need a new camera ㅠㅠ

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