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I didn’t really go out much recently, I put almost everything
on hold. Didn’t really take up much jobs or even try to finish
up my old overdue work. Just because I m taking a break…
Lol. But Chinese New Year is over now, I think it’s time that
I end my “holiday” and kick start on work.

Let me sum it with recent outings, as I didn’t go out much,
maybe these are that few times that I actually went out. There
pics are all taken with my selfie camera CASIO TR150, the
ones that taken with my iPhone 6 will be posted over my dayre

Been a while i update my life what-abouts on my blog space..
so here’s life update post!




I was very honoured to be invited as a special guest to MDIS’s
series of Open House events! One of which is the fashion
design workshop one month ago! Will be attending their official Open
House next week on 7 March too!


Being in a workshop like this actually strongly inspired me to
share with you guys some studies experience of my own…




Being part in the fashion design workshop inspired me a lot, also
made me reflect on my journey as a student. Back in my secondary
school days, due to a series of unfortunate events I made a huge a
mistake of enrolling into a course that wasn’t of my choice, I had
zero interest in course, it was industrial related engineering course,
I swear I suffered for 4.5 years, I retained 1 and a half year… That is
how horrifying it was, if you make the wrong decision your major/course
in tertiary studies.




Therefore I urge all of you, whoever is reading my post right now, and
you at the crossroads of deciding which school and which course to
take… MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. Or else you will end up like me. Lol.




I always wanted to be in the design, arts and creative scene, there’s where
my true heart belongs. I have a blogger friend, Linda Hao, the creator of
YESAH. I always super love her, her fashion design capabilities, she
has an indie fashion sense and best of all things and places she is exposed to.




Becoming a fashion student at MDIS will bring you there… You also get
to be in fashion show backstage, like… Audi Fashion Festival!! Get to
meet the big designers and top models!!





All the exposure that MDIS has offered in the past years is magnificent.
Fashion design course is not just held in the school, the students are brought
out to the industry and experience real life fashion activities that will give them
maximum possibilities to showcase their talents.
Dr. Anna Lottersberger, Head of School of Fashion and Design, showed us that
MDIS has collaborated with many events and exhibitions that displayed the
student designs. Students got to work with many industry partners and went
overseas for field trips to learn about international markets and meet famous
designers (one of which is to Hong Kong to the Asian HQ of D&G)!!




The workshop was very useful for all those who want to learn how to build
their own fashion portfolio! I got hands on and made a short one myself! It’s
not as hard as you think and it’s actually very fun, like a scrap book/
lookbook of styles and fashion ideas that we have! We got to interact with
the lecturers and could ask them questions as we were curious about the course!!



For those who are interested in a career in fashion! Why not considering MDIS?
Find out more at their upcoming Open House which again I will be attending
as a special guest!!! I hope to see you guys in person and remember pick
the right course!!! Don’t make the same mistake as I did!!






That’s me trying on one of the masterpieces designed by a degree student! LOVE IT!
They made these awesome pieces themselves!! Can i bring this home?!

And if you hold A level or local Poly diploma,
you can gain direct entry to the 2 degree programmes.




The Open House will on 7th March! I will be there! Join me
if you are interested in fashion! also will be participating in
LIVE styling session at 3-4pm!! join me!

Simply register: here.


During the Open House on 7th March there will be another Fashion
workshop at the Fashion Studio, which I will be visiting as a special guest!!!
This is the kind of activity that I am personally very interested in!!! Seen those
youtube videos where fashion gurus show off those DIY tricks to reconstruct
their plain t-shirts into something totally one of a kind and unique?!


YES! This is what we will do there, some sort of “T-shirt manipulation”!
Everyone attending the workshop will be given one polo tee to restyle!
Cut, tear, color together and
design a totally original wearable artwork!

The studio will be open all day to create your original design
from a plain t-shirt. I will be there from 3 to 4pm for a super
special styling session. The students of the school will help
me make over your look! thanks to the latest collections offered by
Pull&Bear, Bershka & Stradivarious and of cos, the original
creations of the students, I’ve seen a few and even tried some
of them during the workshop!! and I wanted to take them home!






MDIS Fashion Studio, Block F, MDIS Campus
(501 Stirling Road, Singapore 148951).
Call 62479 1111/ 6372 1000 or email for more details.



I met up the girls for movie that other night… QIU IS SOOOOO
HUGE NOW….! Like real huge. I always having mixed feelings
about her getting pregger, for sure I m super happy for her, but
on the other hand I felt a tiny little bit insecure as she is gonna
be real busy with the new addition to her family, Meredith, she
is actually one of the most on and very free friend I have. A lot
of time when I need to count on her to spill my emo stuff or
need a advise I will always privately turn to her, she is always
very supportive and at the same time know how to “handle” me
…. I really love her as a friend.

These days I don’t come online and blah blah blah and tell it all
over the Internet how much I love my friends than I used to.
Like maybe 3 years ago, I was super the ‘public display of
affection’ type of blogger, I guess in these three years I grow up
a lot, i started to use my actions to show love towards my friends





At this point of my life, when I have such horrendous luck
relationship, I can’t be more thankful for these three friends,
Yanyan, Sophie and Qiu. I love you three deep Deep! Lol. ( YES.
I do have other close friends. I don’t see the need to thank a full
list of friends whenever I mention my close friends.)

That other night the 4 of us went for movies! We watched the
Mortdecai! What a weird name, I can’t even pronounce it.
(Okay la, a lot of words I also can’t pronounce. lol.) It was okay…

With Sophie flying job half of the month she is practically not in sg.
Qiu is getting bigger and bigger, due to her safety, her Don’t
hang out that late like last time anymore. (we used to hang
overnight last time) Trying to fix a date that all 4 of us are all free
is harder than it used to…

But we are all emotionally stick together close, our group chat,
we talk in there none stop, everyday. Lol. It’s my current most
active Whatsapp group chat room. Lol.

Here’s our spam of camho pics!








The boys!!! I know Nich and Hellven like 4 years back! Hellven is
the head butler of atelier royale! And Nich was one of the butlers
too!! The recent 2 years actually I getting more and more attached
to them both, whenever I need boys talk, they are always there
to hear me out! I very much love the both of them as we are on
the same frequency it makes hanging out much more fun!

That other day I jio the both of them to go shopping, just nice it
was before CNY, it accidentally become a CNY shopping outing.
Lol. The both of them also super vain and love to shop!







Sadly Nich is going to Shanghai soon for a year for studies! I will
really miss him!! Shall meet them up as often as I could before he
fly off!!

Here’s all the selfies we took during the shopping trip. Everytime
we go shopping we love to dig for super cheap clothes at the
popular brand shops like H&M, ZARA and TOPMAN, that day I
actually only spent less than 500, and I got a lot of stuff!! I shall
share my haul on dayre!!







Attended the media launch event for press & bloggers for the
latest selfie camera Sony KW11!! Even months before this camera
is officially launched it had already created so much hype online.
Like everyone was complimenting the super pretty outlook of it, when
Yanyan ask me if I wanna join her to the media launch, I was thrilled!
As I really really wanna try out the camera to see quality of the pics
and does this new ultimate selfie cam live up its expectations!




I had really high expectations on the camera, and the function and
design wise was really flawless, it’s super pretty from every angle, it’s
easy to use, the user friendly wifi files transfer, the wide angle lens!

Okay coming to the most important part of the camera. Are the
selfies good…? Okay, how do I put it.. Lol. It’s actually good but not
fantastic. I’ve using the same selfie camera TR150 for 2 years now,
there’s a reason why to it. The lastest TR cameras like TR15 and
TR35 are newly improved series, they did a revolutionary changes to
the photo quality… And they are good but just not as good as TR150,
this is something I stood by firmly.

I personally did a lot research on these selfie cameras, as i m huge
tech fan of such vanity gadgets, i privately asked one of the china
blogger yummy on her personal views on New and old Tr series!
she told me that quality wise still none of new models could beat
TR15, she bought the newest models of TR because of their
appearance! check out yummy’s instagram page for her super
pretty selfies, mostly taken by TR150!

I was sponsored by Casio for TR150, and they gave me a media
discount to get TR15 when it was out. I took home and tried for 2
weeks…. I sold it off.. Lol. Because it wasn’t as good as TR150.

I’ve exploring flip screen cameras since the day it was invented! Lol.
And my verdict is, TR150 is still the ultimate best compact camera

As for the latest TR50, I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on
them, so I couldn’t give a verdict as for now, but when I do I sure will
update you guys!

You may think I m actually going out of topic as I m going on and on
about CASIO’s TR series, but not giving a concrete conclusion of the
sony’s KW11. I wasn’t, I m just getting to my point. The KW 11 is as
good as TR15/TR35. BUT not as good as TR150. That’s my verdict!!!!

002334778 (1)

Overall Ratings:

SONY KW11: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR150: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR15/35: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star

SONY KW11: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR150: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR15/35: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star

SONY KW11: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR150: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR15/35: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star

SONY KW11: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR150: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white starMedium white star
CASIO TR15/35: Medium white starMedium white starMedium white star





If you had tried and satisfied with TR15/TR35, I guess you will love
KW11 just as much!!

For more info:


So far I m pretty sincere and honest on my reviews of cameras online!!
As I wish all you don’t waste money on getting the wrong cameras like
I did (MANY TIMES BEFORE) just get the one that is truly awesome.
And I m currently looking for a perfect semi pro selfie cam. Miyake is
using the Olympus LITE E-PL7, I saw really photos of taken with the
new SONY Cyber Shot RX100 III! Well, now it’s your turn to help me
out! Let me know which flip screen semi pro camera is worth buying!
My budget is below 1.5k!

Here’s camwhore spam with yanyan!










For the last few times I went out shopping, I tried to shop some real
cool iPhone 6 phone cases…. I was utterly disappointed. All not
nice one…!! Where are all the chio cases?! Not been made yet?

Since I have alllllll the time in the world right now I m actually thinking
of doing side online business…. Like selling iPhone cases!!!! I for one
super love iPhone cases, I hope I could change as much cases as
possible, sometimes to even match my outfit. Counting the cases
that I got… Many!! Maybe for the beginning I shall do pre-order 1st,
just to see which are the popular cases that sellable!


But I m pretty excited about this, cos I change iPhone cases and I
will shop for everyone at the same time, like bring in those cases
that I personally love, best of all, I could make some money!

Till the next update yo!



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