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So Feel, With Love.

28/February/2014 | Artist Special, Monthly Special





Hello all!

This is the 1st post without my face and so many face of
someone else!!! Lol, rmb I said I will be heading down to sandy’s
house for a sleep over weekend, Sophie join me for a afternoon
swim! And we did a impromptu shoot along sandy’s condo…


The pics are totally crazily fresh, cos it was taken this afternoon!
Like 6 hours ago!

I m efficient if I wan to be!! Also cos Sophie is a professional model,
so chio and flawless, nothing much to edit. LOL. Yes

Actually it’s a little secret that I’ve started my own photography
career, already done and accepted some projects and cases.
But I nv really go all out to announce this. As currently, my 5days
a week commitment took up so much of my time and plus blogging
I could barely breathe and have anytime on my own. So photography
job is just totally freelance now.

You can follow my photography Instagram account that stores purely
my photography stuff, without my face! Follow my Fairytale
Factory account!

Honestly speaking I m the luckiest photographer in the world, cos
I have so many chio friends who will let me shoot for free, don’t need
to pay models to take pics! U know how much money start up
photographers pay to hire models to expend portfolio?? It’s mad.

So I conclude, life as photographer will be awesome.
















Still at sandy’s house this week, will have so much fun, really love her
company. Think about it, I been sleeping over at her place since…
Like 10 years ago!


Till the next update! I will having a weekend of fun! I earn this ok, been
rushing adverts for tooooooooo LONNNNNGGGGGG. Lol. FML.


-Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest‏

13/May/2013 | A Little More Personal, Advertorial, Artist Special, Weekends



Eoljjang (Korean: 얼짱), also spelled as Ulzzang or
Uljjang (Korean pronunciation: [ʌl.tɕ͈äŋ]), is a popular
South Korean term literally meaning “best face” or
“good-looking”. Originally used as a slang term, this
word in the English lexicon has evolved into
describing a person that follows specific style of

A person desiring eoljjang status would gain
popularity on the internet through entering contests
where their photos are judged and chosen by voters,
though many became well-known eoljjangs from
having popular Cyworld accounts [importance?] or
have gained popularity in school for being attractive.

Many eoljjangs model for popular Korean fashion
websites, and some have entered the Korean
entertainment business and have since risen to

Although the word originated in South Korea, followers
of such trends could be seen in Japan, China, Taiwan,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Europe, the United States and
Canada.[1][clarification needed]

— from Wikipedia


I have a super exciting news for all the Singapore
Ulzzang fans today! Metholatum Acnes is hosting
Singapore’a very own Ulzzang contest!


The Metholatum acnes series are the top selling daily
pimples prevent products in Japan! And for those girls
and guy who crave for perfect complexions like the
ulzzangs! You should always start with metholatum’s
acnes products, they have a full range of products from
factual wash to even facial mask!

Because you will be winning a trip to Korea which worth
1,500 dollars! It’s a dream come true to other Ulzzang
fans, to step on to the land where the ulzzangs
originated from!

Not only that, there’s a YEAR supply of Mentholatum
acnes products too!

Bring your friends to support you at the finals which
will be held in scape, 2 lucky audience walk away
with a samsung galaxy note each.


Me and Miyake are the ambassador of this event, also
the guest judges for the finales! I am so exciting to
meet all this boys and girls of the same interest! Let’s
all camwhore together! So please!

Join us and have a lot of fun!!





Online registration starts this Friday, 3rd May 2013,
you could simply register online thru their
Facebook page:

Also the Metholatum Acne team will be going to run
the streets to scout for the next ultimate ulzzangs
themselves! In which we’ll have male and female
promoters looking for participants to join the contest.
If you liked to be spotted, please take note the tentative
dates and locations are as follows:


15/5 Wednesday Republic Polytechnic
18/5 Saturday Tampines Mall
19/5 Sunday NEX
22/5 Wednesday Nanyang Polytechnic
24/5 Friday Singapore Polytechnic
25/5 Saturday Bugis
31/5 Friday Temasek Polytechnic
(tentative) 8/6 Saturday Outdoor physical voting Scape

(in which the promoters will go around holding voting
boards with the contestants’ faces on it to get random
people on the streets to vote for their favourite Ulzzang
based on the photo; this outdoor voting determines
the Top 20)

If you are selected, a long list of exciting events and
activities awaits you!

Top 20 will proceed to participate in a half day outdoor
camp in mid-June; Running-Man style of games and
activities (camp will be filmed entirely and will be
released as three 10 minute episodes on Acnes’
Facebook page)

Top 10 will be determined by online voting

Top 10 will proceed to the final round of contests
tentatively held at Scape in September

Exciting much? Ok, so no more question, join the fun
and meet ulzzangs all over Singapore!
We are gonna have so much fun!!!




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