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Interview By Cosomopolitan

15/January/2014 | discovery, Feeling Lucky, life 101




I’m on this month’s cosmospolitan singapore magazine!
i was interviewed throught email last year novmeber, well, i
guess i was miss-quoted again, i swear i never mention
” i did plastic surgery to look like a kpop star”
lol, nope, here’s the full interview that was completely published
read on!



click the image above to read the full article.




1) How do you define your style?
A mixture and japanese and korean streets fashion.

2) When did you start getting into this Korean culture and how?

all along i’ve been influenced by their culture online but 2 years
back when i traveled to korea, the attraction of the korean culture
got even much more stronger. i so amazed how the way the guys
there dressed, all the guys in korean, in every single age group,
they take effort and pride on dressing.

3) Do you have any style icons or celebs you get inspired by?
How do you emulate them?

Not really, but i do online shop a lot, follow many korean ulzzang style
OOTD ( Outfit Of The Day) instagram accounts, i get most of my
style inspirations from there.





4) What are the defining characteristics or looks of the ulzzang style
for men? (Please include face, hair and clothes)

Most of the them are categorized as the pretty boys. they always love
to camwhore. They have flawless skin, really fair, puppy big/long eyes.
often they have long or heavy bangs/fringe hair styles. most of the
ulzzang men are rather skinny or slim figured, so they love to wear right
fitting or larger size clothes, nothing tight and they love shorts and
skinny jeans.

5) What made you decide to get aegyo sal? Is that the only procedure
you’ve gotten? (please list details of all)

i did fillers on the smiling lines, nose bridge and chin recently. long time
ago, i tried botox on my jaw as well. fillers on the smiling lines helps you
look younger and less tired. i really envy guys who have high nose
bridge, it makes your features more define. and a longer chin makes
my face “skinnier” in proportion. as for the botox basically suppose to
make your face smaller, but didn’t have much effect on me, as my wide
jaw are made up of not muscles, it is facial bones, which can’t be
reduced by botox.




6) Are you planning on getting more work done? Which areas?

Maybe my eyes? i’ve been using double eyelid glue for 7 years now,
a bit sick and tired having to stick it every time when i go out or have

7) What are you planning to achieve with these procedures?

I hope to have that bigger and more expressive eyes whenever i use
double eye lid glue for real.

8) Why do you think the Kpop culture is so influential here and all over
the world? Are there any factors of its success?

They have really unique approach of styling and presentation of the
korean celebrities. Most of them comes as a group, a mixture of
different looking guys/girls, which cast a wider net to capture more




9) What do you like about this culture?

i love the daring fashion approach they have! they set a examples for
guys that they could be daring with things they wear as well, vanity
and fashion are not exclusive to the ladies!

10) What feedback have you received from people around you so far
regarding your style choice?

Friends around me are really supportive, maybe the birds of the same
feathers flock together? all friends around me are really really vain as well.

11) Do you think you’ll stay in this style for long?

Nope, i think ulzzang style are pretty boys, so when you get older,
when you could no longer consider as a “boy”. its time to move on. lol.


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17/February/2012 | Canon style ixus, discovery, Feeling Lucky, life 101, Monthly Special

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