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My Little Blue Room

10/February/2015 | Advertorial, Love-ing, Photobook, Vanity Vain, Welcome To My World

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First blog post in 2015….!!!!! Not the 1st blog post technically,

but 1st blog post WITH MY FACE IN IT!!! Lol. Recently my blog
is flood with all SOPHIE’S FACE..! Not that I don’t love Sophie’s
face, it’s just in my 8 years of blogging history, not once my
blog is flood with someone’s else face… Feeling insecure about
this space being taken over, I need to flood this post with my
own face to take back my SPACE! Lol. Okay indeed I did, cos
this post have a lot of my face, CLOSE UP, somemore!


All the photos in this MLBR post are all taken with Nikon Df (except
where mentioned)!

MLBR (84)

MLBR (1-)

MLBR (1--)

MLBR (1---)

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MLBR (3)

MLBR (7)

MLBR (83)

MLBR (77-)

This [My Little Blue Room] concept advertorial photobook as it’s
name says it all, it’s about my new room!! if you follow me on
dayre, you would know recently Revamped my entire room, i
throw almost all the furnitures in my room, changed the color
theme, even D.I.Y some room deco myself. And finally it is
ready to be seen!

The theme I was going for was actually red, blue and white
color theme. But sadly I couldn’t find much red furnitures that
is suitable for my room… So it become 60% blue, 30% white
and 10% red… Which turns out not bad, personally I’m very
much in love with my own cosy little room! Too cosy that for
the past one month, I slept in for the entire month! I didn’t really
go out much maybe only less than 7 times for the past month!!
I have a new title now… OTAKU!! Hurray! lol.


MLBR (84)

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MLBR (18)MLBR (19)MLBR (20)

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MLBR (29)MLBR (86)

MLBR (30)MLBR (86)

MLBR (84)

MLBR (78)

Other than letting my readers to have a mini tour of my LBR
(little blue room), this post is also to show off my new DSLR!! 
The Nikon Df!!! It is the MOST stylish professional dslr I’ve EVER
seen. It looks like a vintage collector’s dslr form the 70s!

MLBR (87)

My Df is the special Edition pack, AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. The camera  
body only weight at only 710 grams!!! He is the Lightest and SMALLEST
in Nikon’s FX format DSLR collection!!!

Don’t be fooled by it’s light weight and size, it’s actually a full
frame digital integrated DSLR!!! The camera features a 16.2-
megapixel FX CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 3 image processing
engine with an ISO range of 100 – 12800!

MLBR (85)

MLBR (31)MLBR (86)

 MLBR (84)

When I went down to Nikon’s office and they presented to me
the Df… I was instantly blew away. It is so chio!!!

It’s very compact in size as compared to all other professional
DSLRs, not only i find it easy to carry it out, it’s also super stylish,
I don’t mind hanging it on my neck or shoulders all the time,
it could even match almost all my outfits!


Not only its chio, It can take wonderful pictures too!! The team
from nikon showed me a world of wonders of what Df could do.
One of which was it could take really awesome photos in low
lights conditions, I was so impressed.

MLBR (84)

MLBR (32)MLBR (86)

MLBR (85)

The Df is actually have a class it’s own. Which is a combination
of the top full frame and mid class of nikon’s dslr family. The
professionals, the advanced amateurs and photo enthusiasts!
This nikon dslr open me brand new door, as a fresh photographer
wannabe, i want to go back to basics of photography, down to
every single button of the camera, I wan to know how do I use

Nikon Df will take me there, their slogan for this camera is actually
“Pure Photography” for those who want to master taking photos
without boundaries and able to take all sorts of photos. I can’t
wait to explore the wonder of pure photography with the magical Df.

I told nikon that I m very interested in learning more on the camera,
I want to attend their classes to learn more on photography and
how to master Nikon Df! Can’t wait to share with you guys more
photos taken by Df!!

MLBR (83)

MLBR (33)MLBR (86)

MLBR (34)MLBR (86)

MLBR (35)

MLBR (84)

MLBR (79)

If you are a faithful reader. You might noticed that for the past 3
years my room was in yellow and white theme!

In the recent 2 years I realized most of the things I m attracted to
are all in red, blue and white. That’s when I decide on this 3 major
color elements on my new room!


It took me a week, spent over 4k on the revamp, most of the
furnitures are bought from ikea, Star Living, Muji and some of the
decor stuff I actually personally D.I.Y. them.

MLBR (83)

MLBR (36)

MLBR (37)

MLBR (38)

MLBR (39)

MLBR (40)

MLBR (41)

MLBR (42)

MLBR (43)

MLBR (85)

There’s a embarrassing story that pushed me to execute the project
of revamping my room… NOT GONNA TELL YOU GUYS WHAT
WENT DOWN… Lol, I m already a huge laughing stock for my
friends IRL, not gonna be one across social media. LOLOLOL.


It was actually a good thing because I m someone who always love
to pushback and procrastinate, the incident that happen in my room,
“forced” me to do it. like. right. Now. So I did it, and it actually gave
me a fresh start for year 2015! Ever since I revamp my room, I love
staying in, enjoying every tiny bit of my cosy little room that I build.

MLBR (84)

MLBR (44)

MLBR (45)

MLBR (46)

MLBR (47)

MLBR (48)

MLBR (49)

MLBR (50)

MLBR (51)

MLBR (84)

The walls are actually painted by myself. I have to surrender to the
fact that I have aged a lot. The yellow room walls were painted by
myself, I rmb it was a piece of cake… But painting 3 years later….
It wasn’t a cake anymore, it’s more like eating a entire cow. LOL.


The completely blue walls were initially painted in a darker shade of
blue which I didn’t fancy much after I painted it myself. But i was too
tired to repaint so I called my close friend Rikeru!!! Who is a design
consultant!! Her family company ZhuangJia handle all sorts of interior
design and construction projects! She send me a painter the very
next day to save my life!!!!!!!!!!!

The Painter was professional and finish the job within a hour… When
I took more than 30 hours to finish painting my entire room leh.
He is so pro la!!


Check out ZhangJia’s latest interior design project promotion! Next
time when I get my own place, I know who to find!! Their portfolios are
so so so chio one!! Check it out their website:





MLBR (83)

MLBR (52)

MLBR (53)

MLBR (54)

MLBR (55)

MLBR (56)

MLBR (85)

MLBR (80)

Introducing Bluey! My little fighting fish in a vodka bottle. There’s a
reason why she is inside a Vodka bottle, I bought a total of 4 fighting
fish, 1 male, 3 females, 2 of them jump out of the fish tank and die…!!
Then the last two who left in the tank, they fought till one is dead,
only left with bluey who survived till this date. Lol. I put her into a vodka
bottle so that she wouldn’t jump out of container, it’s almost impossible
to jump out of it.

In order to capture of a perfect shot of t Bluey is almost impossible
as she is constantly moving,
All thanks to Df’s 39-point Autofocus (AF) System! It also Feature a
variety of AF-area modes such as Single point AF, Dynamic-area AF,
3D tracking and Auto-area AF, it ensures quick focusing all the way,
even on fast moving subjects like bluey!

MLBR (84)

MLBR (57)

MLBR (58)

MLBR (59)MLBR (86)

 MLBR (84)

In this MLBR post, I will also take you to closer look of my everyday
hobby, aside from sleeping, eating, watching TV dramas and
camwhoring/blogging… I actually a closet planner nerd. I like to doodle,
draw, craft, collect washi tapes… Okay I think my addiction is still pretty
mild, not crazy or excessive. Cos I could keep all my crafty nerdy stuff
within a box. Lol.


Here’s how my working space looks like…

All thanks to the 50mm special edition lens, the With low aperture
value of F.1.8 I m able to capture pretty bokeh and blurry effect on
close up food, stationary and how my working table looks like whenever
I m crafting or doodling on my dairy. Yes there are a lot of food as I love
to snack as I work. Lol.

MLBR (83)

MLBR (60)

MLBR (61)

MLBR (62)

MLBR (63)

MLBR (64-)

MLBR (66)

MLBR (67)

MLBR (85)

All the photos in this MLBR post are all taken with Nikon Df (except
where mentioned)! Nikon singapore is very generous and awesome,
I told them I want to take a self-portrait photography photobook style
blog post, they even sent me two other wide angle Lens and their
Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a!

The WU-1a is awesome tool for self-photoshoots, great for our
selfie generation! it can be wifi-connected to our smart phone!!!
You can use your phone to view LIVE what are you shooting from
your phone while taking photos!!! And also use your phone as a
remote control, you could also download your photos from the
DSLR instantly to your mobile phone!!!! Awesome much??!

MLBR (83)

MLBR (65)

MLBR (84)

The two wide angle lens that nikon loan me to shoot for this MLBR
post are the 18 – 35mm and 20mm lens!

AF-S NIKKOR 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G EG
AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED

Me personally love the
20 mm lens,It can produce MAXIMUM Bokeh (background blurry
effect) and has a VERY wide angle, I could capture a lot of

MLBR (85)

MLBR (68)

MLBR (69)

MLBR (70)

MLBR (71)

MLBR (72)

MLBR (73)

MLBR (74)

MLBR (84)



Find out more info on the Nikon Df & other awesome products!

Nikon Df:




MLBR (83)

MLBR (75)MLBR (86)

MLBR (84)

MLBR (81)

Okay ending this entry with a satisfactory feeling of successfully reclaim
this blog space, by flooding it with my face… LOLOLOLOL. It’s been a
while since I started on my blog work, my last camho shoot was my
xmas post, that was already 2 months ago!! I m currently pigging out
as I finished my 730 days engagement… Most guys take abt 1-6
months holiday after their engagement, well, this is my 5th month
holiday… Lol. I think when I fully recharged, I will get back on my game.
I will be going all way out to earn Mon-neeey!!!


On the next post,

I will be doing a mash up post on what is happening during my holiday,
actually it wasn’t much, I think I went out less than 7 days last month.
I stay home most of the days. I AM SUCH A OTAKU. Lol. Till the next

MLBR (82)

MLBR (84)

MLBR (76)


21/August/2014 | discovery, Feeling Lucky, Love-ing, Personal Thoughts, Vanity Vain




Hello hello hello!!!!

It’s been a LONNNNNG time since I m this excited to blog an
entry! I just checked, the last non-advert proper post was 2
months back…! I have abandon my blog for a long time. Ever
since last year June until this year April, my blog was crazily
active, as I accepted too many adverts, for about a year, I was
rushing them…finally I finished them all before my birthday, then
I took a long break till now. Haven’t accept any adverts ever
since June.. And now I m starting to slowly taking them up again,
some clients are very nice to wait and postpone the ads for me,
wait for me till I m less busy and more ready. I guess I had break


In this post I shall update you guys wad have I done for the past
2 months;

During this break, I wasn’t doing nothing actually, I went to Japan
for a wedding shoot (just finished editing them!). I also did yanyan’s
wedding shoot which I m still working on it, will be publishing the
entire online photobook on my blog!!! I m pretty excited to share it
as many of u actually ask to see the entire spread ( yes! A lot of
dashiel’s face in it ) also I went to attend AFA ID 2014!


The rest of the time I was just at home being an otaku,
photoshopping pics all night long, luckily for me, I have a bunch
of friends who share the same timezone as me, yanyan (xx), shuyin,
qiu and Sophie was I always get to chat and hang out with them
during ungodly hours.










This set of camwhore pics were taken when I was bored at home,
just for the sake of camwhore, not for any adverts!! I don’t rmb the
last time I actually dress up just to take pics for no reasons, these
days the only chance that I will actually dress up to take pics will
be for events, shoots or adverts…. Camwhoring used to be a
hobby.. LOL yeah, I know right, a shallow and self obsessed hobby.

I m was very happy to actually take a set of pics not for any adverts,
made me feel like 18 again. I used spent a lot of time to dress up
just to take useless selfies when I was that age.

You could actually take a peak of how my room looks like. I m
gonna share a ‘life changing’ news with you guys, this year end I
will be moving out… Yes, moving out and stay on my own.


The thought of it, the uncertainty actually scares and haunt me for
quite a long time… Due to some personal reasons I’ve decided not
to stay with my step dad and mum anymore, I don’t wanna go too
deep into the reason behind the decision.. ( guess why bloggers
these days don’t really share too much personal info anymore?
Haters always make use our honesty against us, I hate to say this,
we are unable to pour our true feelings online anymore.)

This room, this space, I build from scratch, everything in this room
I bought myself. I even repaint the room yellow myself… As time
draws to year end closer, the more sentimental I get, as much I
love moving out and live on myself, but this is the place where I
grow up… I haven’t start house searching yet, will start to do that
at the month of oct/nov.

I guess I will do a room tour blog post before I move out. I wanna
remember this space that i had so much memories in… Shit, I m
about to sob and get all emo again. OKAY, let’s talk about OTHER
things now. Lol.







Starting from September, I m again starting to taking blog adverts,
a few blog projects I have already took them up, all scheduled to
kick start in that month! At the same time I m taking up photography
projects too, well, the hardworking me had to pay rent now, more
reasons to be hardworking. ( this also address to the stupid rumors
of me being manwhore… HOW I WISH!!! Lol. If I m one why the eff I
still work so hard for?? I should be constantly shopping expensive
shit and going overseas for holidays, the last two times I went
overseas were all for work! )


Currently I m trying to save up as much as I could, every dollar I spent,
I will save 2. This is so unlike me. I used to spent 2 dollars for every
dollar I earn. Lol. Now I always rush to ATMs to bank in my pay once
I’m being paid. I shop much much much lesser, like once every 2
months, it used to be every other week… Lol.

I wanted to blog about some back dated post, but realized I have too
many back dated post, like, I wanted to blog AFA ID, and realized I
have not even blog about AFA SG 2013, AFA SG 2011.. I wanted to
blog about my 2014 Japan work trip… Then I realized I haven’t even
blog about my 2013 and 2012 Japan trips…. How huh. They got so
backdated and I don’t know is to blog about the newer post or the
older one 1st. Any suggestions?








Anyway AFA ID was FUN!!! I think it was 50% tiring and 50% fun. I felt
really old as i think couldn’t physically cope with the long ass working
hours, little hours of sleep… As much I love AFA, it’s a huge a chance
for me to meet all of my readers. But I getting too physically too old for
such events, maybe a few hours, it’s fine, But 11 hours/3 days
straight event… I don’t think I could anymore…. I guess I will have think
twice to work with AFA the next time round…





This blog post is also featuring my current obsession…
The Daniel Wellington, I m very happy that I’ve been sponsored directly
from the DW, they flew me their latest grace collection! Also I have two
of their wristbands, the Classic Cardiff and Classic Cambridge! The
inter-change wristbands able to let me to blend it with my outfit of the

The Grace Collection

I deeply in love with the vintage and sleek design that is very versatile,
matches with most of my outfits. I really really love their latest grace
collection, it’s simply a combi of the classic nato and leather straps!
Best of both worlds!

U sure will be seeing a lot of DW watches in camwhore pics on my
Instagram!! Ha!

if you guys really love DW watches like i do! i have great
news for u guys, you can simply type this special discount
code: “yutakis15” to get a 15% off!!! and get their super
awesome watches at:










There are many things in my life I m thankful for, I guess till this very
date I count myself extremely lucky to whatever I have in my life. I very
hopeful for what’s in stores for me until the end of the year, hopefully
it will be a great start for a new life after I’ve moved and a smooth
journey when I start moving!


As it’s kinda big deal for me. Lol.
Till the next update!



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