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The Face Diaries! Vol.05

12/January/2016 | Review, Snapchat Diaries, The Face Diaries





Back to share about my chin and nose fillers top up for 2015. If you read my
previous posts about fillers, you would know that fillers normally last for
10-12 months, i actually top it up every year.




Look this these above 4 selfies of me, notice something wrong? Nothing much right?
Well, I didn’t notice anything myself. These selfies were taken RIGHT before
me head down to The Face Aesthetic Clinic for fillers top up on my chin and
nose fillers. But looking and comparing the pictures taken then and the pics
taken 1 month later… THE DIFFERENCE IS SO HUGE. (Later part of the blogpost)

My face appeared to so much shorter, much more rounder and also, i look more
bloated, my face looks way bigger. My face was like a chestnut shape.

To be honest, after topping fillers on my chin and nose for the 3rd year. THIS
IS THE BEST ONE EVER. I never said this before in any of my post, Dr Zhang
followed my instructions, and gave exactly what I wanted!! I have very very
specific ideal of my face shape, and how I want to look. I get extremely
annoyed and pissed if I don’t get what I want, yeah I m stubborn like that,
then again, it’s my that I m talking about.

AND FYI. this review post is NOT paid.

I’ve been blogging my fillers, botox journey for a few years, now,
because its one of the MOST asked topic from you guys, so i guess
it will save the trouble of asking me again. read about my previous
fillers trips here, here and here.

By the way , just in case you guys are wondering, 2 years back i did a Aegyo
Sal fillers, which had some controversy on the internet, i explain myself many
times that i actually did it because its was the Trendy look back then, and it’s
totally reversible, and i wouldn’t be living with forever, yes, i actually went
to remove it 1 year back, if noticed my Aegyo Sal are completely gone, still got
a tiny bit la, that’s my natural one, the one that i m born with. lol.


Come on!
I Rmb you guys were super UPTIGHT like grandmas like this, kpkb non-stop i
shouldn’t have done it, and i look bad with it and sh*t. eh, why so prissy?? r u like 60 
yrs old? and unable to let other to try out new things? HELLO?

Where’s your YOLO spirit?!!




Check out my nose and chin on the side profile after 1 year of not topping
up them, nose was okay, chin was completely out of the same I wanted, it’s
Like a bell curve, I always always wanted a wide U shape shape.




When I got to The Face Aesthetic Clinic, I m very surprised with the Dr Zhang 
Yijun, He is too ikemen (handsome guy) to be a doctor la, the rest of doctors I’ve
met all super look geekishly-Doctor-ish looking, this Dr Zhang doesn’t look
like one, but I was judging too quickly, because right after the consultation,
I m very confident that he will do a good job for me, because, not only he is
very experienced, he understood and gets what I wanted.

I was RIGHT. These pics were taken RIGHT after the fillers. Could you see the
difference was already that huge!! Thank you Juvéderm for making me pretty for
another 2 years! the fillers actually for 2 years!!dots



Here comes the another selfie with the super dapper dr Zhang! He looks cute here, he
is even cuter in person!! He totally proves that handsome face could come with

I highly recommend you guys WHO KNOWS what you want to pay a visit to him for
your fillers job. To be honest, not much doctors out there listen to your
instructions and always have their own input or their eyes for perfection,
when you and your doc can’t agree on the same level for beauty, you will never
get what you want, and worst, you will gonna pay for it.


Dr Zhang is not only experienced and good at giving what I described, he also
very caring and warm, he check up on me a few times personally after the
procedure, if I m doing okay and did I got what I wanted, of cos I did! You
guys have no ideal how happy I was!! For the next 1 year I could look exactly
I always wanted to look.





More info on: The Face Aesthetic Clinic

20 Malacca Street, Malacca Centre #01-00 Singapore 048979

Tel: 6223 6788







i figured how do you guys actually judge the results of my fillers the best…?
videos and GIFs!! well, not a secret that i m damn good camwhoring, capturing
he perfect angle and make myself look 1000000 times better and i photoshop my
photos. so i guess through the 2nd part of the blog post, u guys could judge
the results the best! it is filled with Gifs and even a Snapchat Diaries entry,
exactly 1 month after the fillers, where the results of the fillers is at the




I love love love all the pictures taken that casual day out with my favorite gang,
the (almost as) Dumbwhore (as me) qiuqiu, the soapzilla, the cel***brity (super
inside joke) miya and the kawaii AF Rikeruuu, TOTALLY enjoy hanging them, nobody
is a wet blanket, no one is prudish, no one will call one another to drop the act
and behave ourselves, just us hanging out and being crazy and fun together, love
love love the day that we had!!


And the best part is, thanks to the fillers top up that i did with Dr Zhang, i
didn’t even had to photoshop (much) my pics that day la! there are days i think
i look good, there are days i think i look like a wild boar.. Lol, there are so
many things that could go wrong with my appearance, like flat hair, bad hair,
bloated, water retention, eyebrows super off fleak, puffy eyes, bad double eye
lid glue job, weight gain, bad outfit, bad color coordination. yes see? so much
things. lol, but that particular day was my kinda perfect day, every thing pretty
fallen into places and i look like what i always fancy myself to be, so i HAD to
blog about that day out. lol.





could you guys please check out my nose and chin these two close up pics….?
oh yes, forget to mention, obviously my nose and chin in this ENTIRE POST are
totally not photoshopped. don’t believe? watch the video below, like i always
say, u can’t photoshop videos, or gif!





Actually i didn’t wanna hang that day as i was busy rushing some blog adverts,
but how could i miss the chance to hang with not one but 4 of my fav girls at
one go? so i brought my laptop to the flea and watch them sell their pre-loved
items, while i rush and edit some of the photos of the advertorial.












here’s one short update on the SnapChat Diaries, as much as i love snapchat
for being less pretentious than instagram, but u can’t get keep your stories,
pics and videos online. but u could privately save it. BUT I LOOK GOOD THAT
DAY LA, so i m uploading it to youtube and posting it up on my blog and it
will here…. f o r e v e r. lol.


yeah, catch me live on snapchat so u don’t have to wait for MONTHS for me
to upload the stories on to my youtube. haha. Follow me at:

(username:) yutakis.



b IMG_3186

IMG_3193 IMG_3185

vid border 3

vid border 4

At 0:10, watch me doing a bit of lip sync, well i have a few crazy snapchat
lip-sync snapchat videos posted previously, too bad u guys missed it. i m
thinking of posting them on the next SnapChat Diaries!

At 1:36, check out Rikeruuu’s hot ang moh boyfriend lol!

At 3.15, omg actually thank god that snapchat’s stories are forever online,
becos, the girls took a VERY embarrassing video of me trying to climb on top
of that Hotel Jen’s giant chair…. with the help of the girls, i actually
step on their arms to get on top of it. OLOLOL.

OH, by the way, follow my girls on snapchar at:

Sophie (username: soapzilla),

Miyake (username: ngmiyake),

Qiuqiu (username:therealqiuqiu)


rikeru (username: rikeruuu)

At 3.51, i got it from H&M!

At 4.22, Watch the bongqiuqiu doing my thang… LOL, yes my signture snapchat
video selfie, look left, look right, and then smile. lol. so funny when i
watch her doing it.


IMG_6980   IMG_6979







okay, with all the GIFs and screen shot from the snapchat diaries concludes
the post! i had a fun time doing up this blog post! hope u guys had a good
time reading this post!


For the next post, will be on cameras!



The Face Diaries! Vol.04

12/August/2014 | Advertorial, Review, The Face Diaries


Hello!!! My 1st face diary entry this year! Time really flies!
The previous entry seems not too long ago! But when I
check the date, it was last year September!! almost a year
already! If you are a new reader, the face diaries series of
blog entries are based on vanity, on my face and my body,
anything that is related on how to make myself look better,
I will go ahead and try them, and record the experience!


There will be a few entire coming up, as I quite keen in some
other beauty treatments, face touch ups, so… Watch out for
this series’ updates!

latest images