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-T.A.D. Chapter 1

27/June/2008 | A Little More Personal, Diamonds, life 101, Monthly Special, Personal, Personal Thoughts, Truth About Diamonds




Like any other 20 year old guy, who is struggling and growing up in this high tension society. Seeking more than just satisfaction on the material side, also emotionally, every single step I took could make a big difference in the nearly future. Year after year, things changed, just like fashion threat. As like everyone, I had fasten my steps to catch up with time, but on this journey of growing up, it’s not always easy, that is why you need company, a lot of company, company also known as Gretchen .L, Eric. L and Wendy. C.

My name is Yutaki Q, a potential artist who is yet to be, year after year, my 4 single best friends were my salvations,  and as a turn out, my mail tickets. My journal: <<truth about Diamonds>>.


Gretchen is a ‘must have’ friend, just like clothes, you can never get enough of her, even the style and design is always changing, you still needs her. Friends come and go; she’s one who never moved on without me, always somewhere reachable to pass me a hand. Our friendship did not start off easy, but it was way easy to get along. Gretchen made her decision to stand by me despite numerous class mates who tried to stop us from being close. Stab ‘em. Year after year, we changed, from head to toe, from mind to soul, still on the search for our definition of ‘happily ever after’.


Eric is the tough friend, just like a piece of mirror, whom I could reflect myself from. This piece of mirror, were stained with a lot of flaws, year after year, by polishing the surface, made it shine, and of course, the best is yet to be. As the youngest among all of us, his childishness were often hidden under his looks, if maturity could be acted, he had done way better, he’s strong in the surface but have a very sensitive soul, he shut doors, prevent people from walking into his life, his sensitiveness had build walls around him, but he allowed me in, and I felt honored to be. We are like the criminal duo, after robberies, we will be there for each other to share the experiences.


Wendy is the princess Barbie doll I ever had, just like a pair of branded shoes. She will walk you till end of time; she will be there when ever I need her. New shoes always bite, similarly, she’s always unfriendly to new people she met, but after “wearing” her for some time, you will never want to take this pair of gorgeous and comfortable shoes off your feet. Wendy is a love machine, she can’t do without falling in love, her princess physical appearance often gives the audience a wrong idea of who she really is, she’s not the typical beauty who sits at the top the tower waiting for her true love kiss, but she’s the princess who ride horse and fight for her prince charming. Year after year, love after love, even when she fail and fell , she still pick up on her feet, still on the hunt of her perfect love.


As for me, I m seriously neither your guy next door, nor m I someone out of the world, I m a complex animal who is a combination of new age, classic, rock and theater music, unlike any other guys, I m a lazy ass, the last thing on earth, that I would do; is to do the sports thing, alike any other guys, I have my own collect of Japanese AVs and my daily basis of wanking sessions. I hate long pants, to me, it’s a invention for human torture, it makes me wanna scratch my willy all-the-time, I can’t live without hair sprays, the bottles of hair sprays i used in recent years, its uncountable. I hate making new friend, I love to stick to the old ones. Clothes are never enough, dates are never too much, true love is not this fast, and of best of my teenagers years is yet to be.

One city boy or girl reached out to each other, love at 1st sight, date, date  and date, then makes out, proceed to premarital sex. finally, try to make up with some soul to soul exchange programmes, if one party thinks, he or she is on wrong boat. Then mission M.I.A. will take place, which relatively means; missing in action.  No calls, no sms, no email and of cause no presence. This is common scenario in our sin city, which consists of love/sex starving females and males. Hunting day and night for a type of “love” that they fancy but make no effort to make it happen. Welcome to age of un-innocence, love in this new era is never as simple as you think. like it or not, all the single guy and girls, felt low at times, felt that they are SAD at times, or worst for some, felt SAD all the time. SAD is another short form which I invented: Single, Available and Desperate.

Year after year, we diamonds fall in and out of love, with our different perspective towards the great search for our sinful satisfactions in varies aspects from love to cash, from rival to revenge, from friendship to peer pressures, from physical to soul.

Lucky me, with the help and accompany of the “mirror, clothes and shoes”, my journey on the search of my happily ever after is not alone.  This story is not only about me, (mostly, duh~) also about my precious (say it with me, in the Gollum from the lord of the rings’ voice tone.) we are also the victims of the Millennium cupid massacre, and this, just the beginning.


P/s: Other characters’ Name* and events might change to protect our own privacy, But things mention in this forum did actually take place.


End of Chapter one.

Chapter 2 :The <<sex on the 1st date>> curse.



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