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Concept Project: Tricky

19/July/2017 | Concept Project

As many of you know I opened up a studio for 6 months this year,
Studio Tricky!
It got much positive feedbacks!!! Thank you guys so so so much for the
attention, currently I m trying expand and change direction for the
project space, to more than just a space rental, being the aesthetic
to your home!

I believe it’s the aesthetic of the place that really got everyone’s
attention, as there’s plenty of studios in Singapore, I’ve personally seen
ALOT, I was very extremely stubborn on my art direction, and I took full
control of the decoration, buying, picking up, design from head to toe,
picking every art/poster from each and every frame, to personally draw on
frames with a marker, the positions of each light bulb of the industrial fairy
lights, to every single furniture and even implementing a crazy idea of putting
in a indoor swing, which became the major highlight of the entire space.

I was blessed that it was a INSTANT blast of positive feedbacks, like I didn’t
even hear a single negative feedback of the place. I was working on it for a
good 1 year, taking imaginations and turning it into reality, each neon light,
painting of the doors, window and even white coating the rocking horse which
was originally dusty red or even add in a white painted pushcart, it was all my
aesthetic and imagination, i let my creativity run wild, I wanted a modern
minimalist, monotone, playful, homely interior design, that EVERY single corner
of the place is photoshoot/instagramable!


I m expanding project tricky to other aspects, everyone is privately asking
me where I get this or that, hoping to have a piece of the tricky aesthetic!
I’m working on a new project where could! So stay tune! Project tricky will
go on bigger projects! 🙂

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