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Datsumo Labo Black Label Official Opening

12/December/2014 | discovery, Feeling Lucky


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I guessed all you already know that
is here in Singapore!

They have opened their 1st outlet a month ago!!! Let me
tell you again, DATSUMO LABO BLACK LABEL is exclusive
for MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more embarrassing moments of going to
the unisex hair removing salons with the ladies, now guys
have their unique salon for permanent hair remover!
What a mad great news is this?!

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4th of Oct finally arrived!!

Tadah!!!!!!!! Me and myself, 1st time my up close with myself
that and printed out face is bigger than mine in person
comparison… OKAY I LOVE IT! Lol. So I love it means, camho
with it NONE STOP.

Been excited many months before the official salon opening,
as I was told about the opening date but I didn’t really even
dare to announce it or say it out loud. Cos I’m afraid if I did,
it will burst like a bubble, like a dream…

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Not only that I m happy i m the ambassador of DATSUMO
LABO BLACK LABEL, I m also very extremely happy to be
paired up with my close friend Yanyan (xiaxue) for the datsumo
labo family ambassadorship!

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Not only that DATSUMO LABO has the largest number of hair
removing chain store in Japan. They have a total of 80 outlets
WORLDWIDE!!!!! That’s insane! Within a short span of only 4
years! Just in Singapore there are 6 outlets plus the newly open
DATSUMO LABO BLACK LABEL, a total of 7 outlets!!!!!!

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I will be start a new series of blogposts on my journey with
Datsumo Labo next year! Something like my face dairy, but
everything about Datsumo Labo, sharing my progress, tips,
promotions and benefits! Can’t wait to try out their service as
Yanyan, Qiu and Miyake all swear upon it, said it was
absolutely ZERO pain, service was so good and super

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I brought along my 2nd most
loved person in my life, my BFF sandy to see myself on the
wall of DATSUMO LABO BLACK LABEL 1st Singapore outlet!
She is actually as excited as me.

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BFF was super thrilling and happy as she saw my faces all
over the walls, we took so much pictures and she didn’t
complain. Lol.


We even took a bunch funny photos with
my wallster (poster on the wall) ehh too explicit to share. Lol,
the funny thing was both of us showed to our moms. Lol.
Mad kids.

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The current month promotions are absolutely madness, they
have a couple promotion that allow you to save up to 40%
when you quote of your fav bloggers’ name… Omg. I realized
these “your favorite bloggers” names are all my close friends….
*proud* lol. If you refer our bring around a boyfriend/male BFF
along… YOU BOTH GET A 45% off!!!!!! How crazy is that?!

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And… For the ONLY this December promotion is even more
madness. You get a 100% off. Sign up for a 22 areas package,
your 1st month’s treatment is…. FREE. Yes I said that right..
F R E E. It’s crazy. What r you waiting for? HAIRLESS TODAY!

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You guys gotta follow and keep up with DATSUMO LABO
on their social media platforms, they have Promotions


Enquiries & Booking:



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SASA (6)

Okay. You guys might not know how i felt about being the
spokes person and image boy for DATSUMO LABO BLACK
LABEL. I don’t know how to put it in words how I felt about this,
should I totally act cool about it? Or just be honest and tell u
guys that I m insanely happy about this? Lol.


Okay I am insanely
happy indeed. As a just a ordinary person, who isn’t a celebrity,
how many of our face get to be printed that huge on the wall of
the hair removing salon from Japan, and it’s the largest chain
hair removing chain salon? Honestly I never even dream that
one day like that will ever happen Lo. Ok well I did dream it
but didn’t expect it to come true. Lol.

SASA (7)

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