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Delicious Eyes Project: Monthly Dairy / January

12/February/2014 | Advertorial, Monthly Special




Hello, February. its been a while since i last update.

Some little life update:

rmb i said i wanna go for a short getaway? i actually went to
BKK with twinnie miyake, but i didn’t really enjoy the holiday,
i came back even more tired and piled up even more work..
at the end of the trip, i even fall a little sick, as the hot weather
and food in thailand are very humid and heaty. worst, i passed
the flu bugs to baby dash, i swear yanyan wanted to kill me. lol.
now that i m back to sg and with the new workload… well, all i
could say is… why did i getaway again? lol. i have 4 very very
overdue blog advert that i need to rush, this one of them..
i really wanna start going on a more balance of lifestyle, i need
to start workingout and lose weight, i never had been this fat in
my entire life… i need to finish this 4 projects and start swimming
again!!!! wish me luck!


Back to this blog post! this is the 4th post for Eyecandy’s project!!!!
yes, i is has the best contact lens sponsor in the world, just a month
ago, they sent me some really rare and very highly reviewed lens,
the ROYAL VISION lens!!! they.super.comfortable. yes, they are!!!
and their design and diameter are as pretty and as wide as GEO lens,
but the only problem is that, they are always on limited stock,
sometimes, even out of stock! but…. this season, Eyecandy’s just
re-stock all the royal vision lens!!!! its time to buy all the chio lens!!!!!

This month’s featured lens / eyecandy’s look will be the K-pop
super star look which was the most talked about look among the
six, and for the eyecandy’s lens monthly dairy, most of the lens i
wore last month, was all from royal vision!!! look how chio are the
lens!!! me is super love!







Love this pair of super attention grabbing grey lens? its the ultimate
lens that lands all the spot lights on you. the diameter are not too big,
just right, very extremely suitable for boys.

Find this pair of lens here.








I m wearing Royal Vision Creamy Sunset Pink
from Eye Candy’s!

I wore this pair of lens from royal vision, its super
pretty and natural! this is the behind the scene for
one of the overdue upcoming advert, i cant tell you
guys what’s the product, but its suppose to pull off a
very natural and mystrious look, yes, super natural,
and did i mention, super comfortable too? love it!





I m wearing Royal Vision Macaron (Puffy 3 Tones) Gray
from Eye Candy’s!

The only time when i actually dress up and went
out to camwhore in my short getaway trip in BKK!
i pick this pair of grey lens to match my grey top!
if you notice, the diameter of this pair is perfect,
just right size, not too big, totally suitable for boys!





I m wearing Royal Vision Creamy Purplish Red
from Eye Candy’s!i

This pair of lens is maddness!!! can you pls see chio
is this combination of purple and pink?? its a total
stunner lens, i so love it, i wore it out many times,
these behind the scenes pics are for the another
upcoming advert, shall release them soon!! purple
and pink lens is… love!





I m wearing Royal Vision Macaron (Puffy 3 Tones) Blue
from Eye Candy’s!

Magic blue lens from Royal Vision, I m wearing this
pair of lens for another of the upcoming advert shoot,
the theme is galaxy! yes, it’s super matchy with the
theme, and it looks like the entire universe in my eyes.
be lost in my eyes. *blink blink*





I m wearing GEO Cafe Mimi Macchiato Brown
from Eye Candy’s!

Wearing this pair of big diameter and natural color
lens from the princess mimi series, its awesome to
camwhore with, cos it instantly brighten and makes my
eyes look so much bigger! i wore this pair of lens to
shuyin’s house warming last week!






Smile With Your Eyes with Eye Candy’s and Lastly don’t
forget to use coupon code “YUTAKI” to get  free surprise
gifts with purchase!


Find Eye Candy’s at 

Webpage :

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Its feb!! the month of love, the month of valentine’s day!!!
for this month, wonder wad to wear for this month?
eye candy’s had hand picked 7 most romantic lens to
make you the sweetest looking girl for this lover’s season!

click out their valentine’s collection!

beside contact lens, do you girls know that eyecandy’s also
sell the most IN and most popular make up brand from korea?
the super super popular style nanda make up, 3 concept eyes
3CE make ups? stock your make up from eye candy’s now!

click on below poster to shop now!

3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Makeup and Cosmetics



I m so busy!!!! ok, i have to rush to opening of “My Fair Lady”
later, and i have 3 more full length concept advertorial that are
already super overdue!!!! i cfm couldn’t finish on time one.. die!!
i will wear black later, even thou the theme is flora cos i think i
am like super fat recently, ok, fast finish all the work and start
working out already!!


i need another real getaway… lol.


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One thought on “Delicious Eyes Project: Monthly Dairy / January”

Moonangelko | February 14, 2014

You somehow made the Puffy 3 tone blue look ten times better than usual! I almost wanna go swimming in your eyes.

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