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-Diamonds From Love & Co.

29/November/2012 | Review


Miyake and i was invited to Love & Co’s private jewelry
showcase last week, I was really attracted by their latest
collection of LVC Precieux engagement and wedding rings…

It’s the ultimate romance ring. The heart shape ring, that
our blogger queens Qiu qiu and Xiaxue both was proposed to!
It’s a ring that is pretty rare in singapore! Regular jewelry
shops does not carry such heart shape diamonds at all.


It’s pretty crazy that so many bloggers got married this year.
Personally I have 3 friends just got married.

Since many young couples decide to get married recently, and
wedding ring is as important as the wedding itself, it must
be special. If your girlfriend love cutesy stuff. This heart
shape diamond cut is perfect for her! And I checked out the
price… It’s really at affordable price, which majority younger
guys could afford.

And look at those super crazy bokehs of these diamonds!
I swear its not photoshoped! lol.







Miyake and I both were very interested in the heart shape
rings, so we both drop by for the jewelry showcase, and she
swear she already have idea of which ring she wants and will
hint her boyfriend soon! Lol. Days later Sophie was excited
about the rings as well, so I went down with her for the private
jewelry showcase again.






Love & Co provides a wide range of wedding rings, beside the
heart shape rings, they do have the classic cuts, also this really
showy and glamorous unisex ring which i really liked! I swear
it sparkled so brightly that I almost went blind. I want one too!














The staff at love & co were really sweet, they knew we will
be dropping by, they even surprised us with a super delicious
awfully chocolate cake each! Was mad touched!


So if you plan to pop to question or starting to save up for a
diamond ring for your future wife. Or show your boyfriend
my this blog entry, hopefully he could catch the hint and get
this heart shape diamond ring for you soon! lol.

Ok, now you know where to look for the perfect ring.

Love & Co have four different outlets and showrooms:


And check out their website for their other
sparkling jewelry designs:



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2 thoughts on “-Diamonds From Love & Co.”

Vienni | December 1, 2012

Wow! So pretty!! ヾ(^∇^)ー♪
Love your hairstyle too, Yutaki〜 (ノ´∀`*)ノ ♥

Carlyn | December 2, 2012

Those were lovely rings. I think it’s good too that you all got free chocolate cakes as you can go share them with your families.

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